●Emergence Into Submission.

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● When They Met {fiction – a cautionary tale}

  ● When They Met       a cautionary tale text                          July2011

The day of the much anticipated meeting  had  finally arrived. They had met in an odd circumstance, to some – he answered her personal ad for a Dominant Master, a necessary commander for  her submissive heart.

With her heart and soul shattered by her last Master, in a way cold and cruel, she was still emotionally  fragile and injured; damaged. She felt fortune had favored her at last  in bringing him to heal her from the assault and injury to her faith and trust.  They quickly fell into an easy alliance of shared understanding and purpose.

She waited  for him now  in the darkened  hotel room,  giddy in a sustained arousal from his ongoing, well-aimed seduction, telling of how he would  delight her sexually,  down in that deep  hidden place only a skilled  Master can touch.

They had laughed when she promised  to be the nastiest slutty whore he would ever hope to see !– at his touch for whatever primitive manner he may wish to take his dirty pleasures from her.  His every pleasure was to be at his whim– however, whenever, and whatever it might be.  It was to her great delight  and  a full heart  that she connected to him, which he recognized. He understood and knew that aspect of her–perhaps better than she herself did.

A skilled Dominant knows his submissive beyond her surface  personality — he sees into her heart, to know her fears and concerns; her secrets.  He knows how to access them, to hold them in his hands and manipulate them; to use them to reveal her strengths in the freedom beyond the fears.  His experiences in success had grown his knowledge and abilities, and created his growing reputation as a trusted guide through the thick darkness of a submissive’s fears. 

He knew as well how to stroke a submissive’s driving need to please and to serve, in the  pursuit of fulfillment in honoring him in the highest ways she knows.  He had seen a number of subs who appeared to have the deep drive, but faltered, falling in pieces when tested for their truth. He knew immediately she was not one of them.

In knowing he could see into her soul, able to reach in and touch any part of it at will , he was aware of the exquisite feeling of his power gathering and expanding in and around him.  This is what he lived for, why he is Master. He could drive it in any direction, to anywhere he wished,  in his confidence. . . a justified  confidence bordering on arrogance, perhaps.

As directed she was dressed in a slutty manner, for his pleasure, of course. It excited her as well, really making her look, and feel, like a dirty whore. The door to the room was ajar for him, and not knowing in what  moment he will  slip through made her more nervous than she would have imagined.  She made an effort to relax, assuming the position on the bed that he had directed– legs spread widest, her short skirt barely covering her naked pussy. He ordered that she wear no top but a black lace bra, although he had promised it would not remain on for long. The required cuffs and blindfold were ready at hand, along with lube, and a single sub’s best friend–her powerful vibrator.

He stated his requirement that she be totally prepared for him on his arrival, and this included being wet for him.  She poured a bit of lube right on her clit. . . mmm yes. . . then applied the buzzing tip of the vibrator. She had to be vigilant to restrain her desire now,  she could not cum before he even arrived!  He had assured her as absolute fact that he would be taking her upon arrival,  as his given right.  It would displease him if she were not prepared to be fucked, but it would happen, as his right, ready or not, he had told her.  Recalling that made her hotter… god– she craved  him now!
She turned off the vibrator… too tempting …and distracted herself by thinking about what led her to be here now.

There had been frequent discussions with exploration of personalities, their particular desires and expectations, finding that there was a growing compatibility as time passed, and a certain easy affection that they agreed was necessary for a successful D/s.
She trusted him completely. She knew that some said — one never knows for sure until the moment comes– but she already knew, she was sure of it.

She especially respected that he made it known he would not violate her boundaries– after all, they both desired a mutually beneficial, enjoyable experience.  He told her that he was proud of his self-control as a Dominant, a Master–something so many of the posers were lacking. 

‘How can I expect a willing submission to me as the Master if I do not have character?  My self-control is a sign of respect to you as my submissive, and in addition you will be safe to be totally free with me’, he had said,  ‘and I never need to use force or violence to get what I want from anyone. No true Dom or Master would ever behave this way.

‘I do like it rough sometimes–it heightens my pleasure, and submissive’s pleasure as well, but that right is given, never taken.  If submission is not offered and given freely,  there can be no mutual experience of pleasure  and connection.

‘Violent force is a betrayal of the beauty  and the bond of spirituality between Master and submissive.  Anything mean-spirited or violent against an unwilling submissive   is plain abuse and the ultimate betrayal of her fundamental loving trust.’  

She was quite moved by that–how lucky am I !!  she thought. She knew he understood what needs drove her,  how she thought and felt as a submissive. She knew that at this first meeting as Master and submissive, he  would encourage her blossoming in the manifestation of the bond already in place, and  that he wished to verify the quality of her submission.  She felt so safe and warm with him already, in her head — he was so strong and wise and she knew innately  that he would gently guide her, to teach her to  be his perfect submissive — and love her greatly as such–and she had not even  been with him physically yet !

Just thinking of him in this way made her crazy to demonstrate her pure submission to him this instant–so badly that she felt she may cry.

He slipped through the opened door quietly and stopped. She had not heard him, deep in her happy thoughts of him.  And suddenly he was next to her, and she turned her smiling face to him he leaned to kiss her with a passion she had forgotten existed.  She felt herself getting wetter, her body silently calling him. He stood up, extracting items from his bag to the foot of the bed.                  .
‘Greetings, my little whore – you have me at last !’ he said,  smiling.

‘Thank you, Master, for taking me as your submissive–really, I am so grateful, and very excited too!’ she giggled  nervously.

‘As well you should be, my dear. I will take you places which you never knew existed, experience emotions and feelings strange to you in this journey of perfect ecstasy.  An unforgettable experience, be assured.’
As he spoke he placed a slip-knotted rope on her ankle, then secured the end to the bed corner, and repeated the process for her other leg. He stared at her exposed pussy, reaching over to trail his hand from bottom to top, just barely touching.  That flared her arousal, her pelvis raising involuntarily to his touch, craving more, please more. . . but he left her hungry, pushing her widened legs wider still, and adjusted the ropes. 

He told her to lock the handcuffs on her own wrists,  hands in front, then he roped the chain, pulling it tight to a knot on the headboard.
“How does it feel to be helpless, whore?’ he chuckled.  ‘You realize, don’t you,  that you are at my total mercy now– do you trust me ??’

‘Master, of course I trust you !  I wouldn’t be here if I did not.  Sir– I  am so excited  I  can barely  breathe.  I  want you so much!’

‘I know you want me, of course you do. You want my cock, you crave my fuck, but what you want is inconsequential.  I am your Master, the Master,  hence it is only about what
I want,  you do understand that, slut.’ 
He said it in a warm, even tone and half-smile, his eyes holding hers in a lock.  She knew she dared not look away, nor wanted to.

‘Yes, Master.’ This was not exactly as she pictured their beginning, but he was correct, as Master, it is about him and what he wants.  He is very intense, she noted, intent on making a big show of dramatically establishing his dominance right away. 

He watched her intently, squirming in place, excited and smiling, as he removed his clothing.  There was nothing like a restrained and willing submissive to fire his core of domination — a most glorious sight!  The fresh new subs, such as she, so very earnest in their desires for his approval,  were the sweetest to consume !

He now stood beside her,  his fine rigid cock pointing in her direction, as she looked with eyes bright. He delighted in her obvious lust but expected nothing less from her.

‘Master, may I speak please?’  ‘Yes, speak to me.’

‘I thank you again for accepting me as your submissive,  I am a most willing student to be your perfect submissive, under your guidance. I will perform as you wish to that goal, with my total energies devoted to pleasing and serving you, with respect and honor.
I want to make you happy and pleased with me, Master.’

’What a lovely little speech, my dear–and it sounds phony as can be.  Do you think you are dealing with  an idiot?’

She was stunned.  ‘No, Master!  I mean every word. I only want to please you and  do all you desire me to do to serve you. Please.’ She appeared about to cry.  
He did enjoy making them cry in his power. It amused him how quickly some crumbled, so earnest in their denials of deceit.

‘Very well then, whore. Prove it for me, that you will do all and everything I want  from you for my pleasure.’
He was leaning  over her face, smiling, now with a hand in a tight grip to her throat.
A panicked look came to her face momentarily, which she erased  with intention and replaced with a  forced smile.  His free hand went to her pussy, teasing with his fingers as he studied her face. Then with the heel of his hand he pressed into her pussy with a force that took her breath in pain.  He laughed.

 ‘I like that….it pleases me. ..do you like that, slut?’ Then he pinched  her clit so hard she jumped. ‘I like that too.’  He pinched again. ‘This pleases me– that you  are mine to do whatever I want to, with, on, or in.   You want to be fucked, yes? I shall fuck you allright,     as you have never been fucked. You exist only for my use. You belong to me, you cum-bucket skanky whore.’  He kept his grip at her throat, reducing her ability to breathe, as he climbed over her to straddle her chest..

‘Open !’ he demanded, roughly shoving his throbbing cock to her mouth.
‘Keep your fucking mouth open for me, you cunt, if you know what’s good for you’.. releasing his grip to punch her in the throat, before beginning to vigorously fuck it. 

She was having trouble catching a breath, now with  his cock blocking her throat, in addition to the trauma to her windpipe. She coughed, and gagged in panic of suffocation.

‘Ah yes, you whore, cough again for my cock. My cock likes it. Do it !

She began to feel very dizzy  and concentrated on not passing out as he continued his pounding,  hard and deep as it comes.   She recalled thinking earlier how much she wanted to suck his cock to please him.This is not what she  imagined at all !  She tried to relax as much as possible, just waiting for him to finish and stop.

He pulled out, his cock wet with her drool, and shot his load  onto her face, his  back arched as he yelled  ’Yes!  Oh fuck– yes! !’’   She had told him that was a definite boundary of hers, she despised it to no end. When the sounds of his orgasm subsided, he said ‘Good girl. I am pleased with you.. good job, slut.’
‘Thank you, Master.’.  She was  numbed.

The sweet high of a pure submission had yet to visit her.Why was he acting this way?  She was not feeling that beautiful bond they had talked about !   Maybe I’m not a good enough sub for him that I don’t feel the loving honor I’m supposed to feel, she thought.

Although he had unloaded copiously on her face, his cock was still hard, as he had taken Viagra. He dismounted, staring at her pussy, then her slimed face. He extracted something from his bag but she couldn’t see what it was.

‘You like having your cunt out for men to see, don’t you, whore?’
‘Yes. Sir.’ . . .  ‘What did you say??’
‘Yes, Master. Thank you, Master, for correcting me.’

He  knelt between her spread legs and pinched her sharply on her clit. It hurt like fucking hell, not at all erotic although he seemed to think so. He smiled strangely and continued assaulting her with the pinches.

He was supposed to be guiding her with his expertise, shaping her to become his best submissive, serious and reverent in her desires to please and honor him. It wasn’t happening, not like he’d said it would be, so beautiful and loving.  He wasn’t sweet and seductive like he was in the email before,  with the promises of ecstasy,  both physical and emotional.

Her attention was drawn suddenly by a shiny movement in his hand –he held a knife with a five-inch blade ! God-almighty, she thought… what the FUCK!   He leaned over her.
‘Master…’   ’Shut up’,  he snapped at her.

He was frightening her now, most definitely.. she was shaking with adrenaline.  A big knife is not something a restrained person wants to see near !  The cool blade now lay flat on her skin,  before yanking upward.  He had sliced her bra loose,  making more cuts to free the straps.  He snatched it off of her, then lightly traced the blade tip around her nipples, a disturbed frown on his face.

Now the pieces were falling into place to form the picture, one that terrified her as reality settled in. Her new Master, the wonderful man she knew and respected, admired for character and ideals–trusted –was nothing but a brute, and apparently rather unstable  mentally.

And here she was, entirely vulnerable in restraint, at the whim of his mercy. She couldn’t believe she had  actually wanted to be at his whim of taking his sexual pleasures from her. What was erotic and thrilling to imagine only minutes ago was now perverted poison in a  waking nightmare.  With great despair she realized there was nothing whatsoever she could  do except wait for him to release her. He could just as well  torture and kill her.  She had to watch her reactions so as not to upset him.  She was helpless. 

Now he grabbed a breast in each hand, squeezing as hard as possible. She involuntarily screamed at the intense pain like none other.
‘Good girl.. you please me !’ he whispered, as he continued his torture. Without letting go he expertly aimed his still-stiff cock to her pussy. There was no sensual finesse of introduction and entry, just a straight assault of ugly brute force.  He slammed into her so violently that the  pain was beyond any tears– a huge bright white pain of total assault.

He continued the forceful pounding of her, grunting. ‘You will not cum unless I tell you to’,  he said.
Oh, that’s original– don’t worry, she said to herself.  This is not pleasure for me, you crazy shit.

She felt like the biggest stupid fool, giving her trust and soul too quickly to him.  Anyone can be anything in email, she had seen that several times before– men with convincing claims to be this way, or that thing, but when put to the proof, had failed with a thud.  Even online it was apparent this Dom enjoyed the power she had given him although it wasn’t really an online D/s, but she enjoyed it equally in her hunger for a strong presence and control.  She hadn’t realized that  her obvious hunger is just like catnip to the  posers and predators.

He was still ramming  good and hard, she was torn up inside. Having just shot a good load on her face a few minutes ago, she guessed he was unable to cum yet.  He was shouting ‘whore-whore-whore-whore’ on each pounding stroke, in his own dark world.  But shortly he stopped the brutal assault of her pussy and laid down beside her, breathing hard.

She was silently screaming down in the flood of pain he had put into her. It felt like she had been run down by a dozen trucks. Her peripheral vision was dimming, and her thoughts seemed to be stuck in mud.

He reached over and stroked her hair and face tenderly, then he fetched a damp washcloth to wipe away the slimy globs of his cum from her face. He freed her  from  the overhead restraint and unlocked the cuffs, then let her loose from the ankle restraints as well, with a massage to each ankle where the rope had burned her skin in friction. She did not move from the position she had been locked into for his abuse — she could not move.

He leaned over and sweetly kissed her with subdued passion. Then he spoke in a low voice, almost a whisper–
‘My dearest Good Girl– I am so very pleased with you in your submission. I have no doubt of its truth and sincerity.  I know how eager you were to show me that, to serve me,  to please me, to honor my dominance as your true  Master. You have more than succeeded ! We are destined to be joined together forever in this certain love we have for one another.  You knew this even before today–I know you feel it too, my sweet little slut.’

She could not believe what she was hearing, he must be truly deranged!  She said nothing , and still could not move.  He continued —

’As Master part of my responsibility is guiding you through this foreign territory — to teach you what you need to know–for example- choosing  and first meeting someone from cyber.  You are sure you know someone well but there is always a danger possible. Tonight was a lesson you needed  to learn as a submissive, especially one with little experience, my dear. You gave away your  heart and your precious trust– too easily.  I think I have illustrated what  ‘could have been’  for you, my sweet, if I were not your protector and Master.;

Still frozen in her shocked pain she heard the incredible statements he made.
She was too ravaged and exhausted to form whole thoughts, then smiled inwardly  as she sunk down into a dreamless gray sleep with her Master holding her tenderly.

 note: intentionally ambiguous ending.

●Consider This – {fiction}

   Consider This           {as imagined from the male point  of view}     2010                                            

The two of us are together at last in your apartment. I am totally dressed,  seated on your couch. You have been ordered to strip naked in front of me. Piece by piece you disrobe.
I then order you to bring me a drink and to dim the lights and turn on some soft music. 

When you have done all that and you are totally naked I have you stand before me so I can inspect you. . I start with your head, your hair, your eyes, then your lips, your mouth and tongue, as if you are livestock.
You must subject yourself to my every command. I make you jiggle your tits for me, squeeze them, then I make you kiss and suck on your own nipples. I then make you put your hands above your head and spread your legs wide,  thrusting your bare pussy forward towards me     as  I sit comfortably on your couch sipping my wine. 

I make you hold that position for what must seem like forever. You are not allowed to speak unless spoken to. The longer you stand there the further you push your pussy towards me, silently begging me to touch you there.  I just sit back and enjoy you exposing your precious pussy to a man, like a whore.. 

Just when you don’t think you can stand it any longer, I reach out and touch and rub your soft skin.  I slide my fingers down over your clit to your pussy lips and find your pussy wet–soaking actually.  I whisper loud enough for you to hear “My slut loves this doesn’t she,  she loves being controlled, she loves putting her pussy on display for a man, she loves the feeling of total vulnerability, she loves the release that comes with letting go and being  the slut. And what a slut you are !”

I slide a couple of fingers into you one at a time…you moan. The faster I put them in,  the more you moan, the more pressure I apply the louder you become. Too loud. I  put a ball gag in your mouth–and then blindfold you. I leave you standing there like that for 10 minutes. You can’t see anything but you hear me moving around.  

Then I whisper in your ear  that I have brought with me a video camera and have filmed the pictures of you on your wall and filmed you in your present condition, including extreme close ups of your wet dripping pussy.  I tell you that if you do everything I say for the rest of the day, the video will remain with you when I leave, but if you do not follow my commands then the video goes with me and what I choose to do with it, whom I chose to show it to is my decision.  I tell you that there will be no question among anybody who sees the video  that the naked, blindfolded and gagged slut is you.

 I ask you if you understand what I have told you.  You nod and mumble through the ball gag what seems to be a “yes sir.” I ask you if you shall be doing everything I ask of you today–your response was a quick “yes sir”.  

I then remove the blindfold and ball gag. I slide my fingers back into your pussy. I ask you to tell the camera if you are wet. You look at the camera and tell it your are wet. I make you tell the camera why you are wet and you do, as embarrassing as it is for you.

 You tell the camera how bad you wanted and craved this–to be treated like the slut you have always known you were, to be forced to comply with all of a man’s desires, no matter what they are, or at what cost it comes to you. And it is you knowing and hoping that that when all is said and done today,  your wet pussy gets fucked long and hard and filled with cum. 

  I then slide my wet fingers from your pussy around to your ass and rest my fingers on your asshole. You look into my eyes wondering what next, how far will I go with this.    

I untie you and tell  you to turn around and bend over.  I order you to reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart. Your ass is just inches from my face, and the camera lens. There is no part of you or your body that I or the camera has not seen. 

I order you to look back at me through your legs.  You bend over as far as you can without losing your balance.  I tell you to look directly into the camera lens. Then  I press my finger against your asshole and slowly apply pressure as I violate your ass.  I push my finger inside you. You moan of pleasure despite the awkwardness, the embarrassment of being so exposed to another person and to whomever may see this video.  As I push my finger in, then two, in and out of your ass, I look into your eyes and ask you if you have something to say to me.

You respond  “Thank you Sir for fucking my ass.”                                                                               .        “You are welcome my slut.”

Then – I bind your hands together above your head and to a hook in the ceiling. Your ankles are bound to the leg posts on your bed. I insert remote controlled vibrating  bullets in both your pussy and your ass. Then I tease your clit with your vibrator. Your whole body feels like it is on fire, vibrating out of control.  As you near orgasm I back off letting the coming orgasm subside a bit…then start teasing all over again.  When you are almost there I back off again and this time apply a good hard spanking..

 You are not supposed to speak but you can’t help it. “Fuck Me please Fuck  me.” 
I continue to tease you for 30 more minutes–bringing you to the edge then backing off, sometimes with pain – like slapping your ass or your swollen clit. 

Finally you can’t take it anymore…tears have fallen down your cheeks– not because of the pain but   because of the humiliation and embarrassment of being filmed,  being exposed  and  tormented by a fully dressed man.  A man who has  brought you to the point of tears, begging  like a wanton whore  to be fucked hard, fast, and long,  for no other reason that  you crave it.  It is what your very soul needs  to make you complete. 

Through the tears  you beg me over and over to let you cum.   I tell you that before I finish using you  that you will  need to look into the camera and tell whomever may watch  this video exactly who you are and that this is of your own free will. Tell them what it is you want done to you, in detailed and graphic terms, and if your description pleases me I will allow you to cum.   If it does not, it will be a very long night. 

And I  tell you to “open wide”- so that I can shove my  big fat cock  down your throat. . .                  for starters .    Good Girl.                                                                                                      ………………………………………………