●Happy Birthday,Baby (fiction)

happy-birthday-baby-title      a story with a little D/s flavor          ©Quinn 2014


happy birthday baby illustrration originall b-w sm 144200 Today is Avery’s birthday and  I’ve told him one of his gifts is a night of hot sex doing whatever he wants — anything. I want to make him happy.  At his house we have drinks and make out with  music on and  the lights low.
‘Your gift of doing whatever I want–-I love it, love you for that, honey.’ he said.

I’m turned on already, with the kissing and his hands to my breasts and pussy, now with my clothing half-off. We’ve done some different things at times but I don’t know what he has in mind, and I can hardly wait to find out !

He stood, pulling me to my feet, fondling my ass under my panties.  I’m ready for this, right now !
‘I’ll be right back, honey.’ he said, as he pressed his thumb to tease my clit. He quickly returned with the special vibrator he got for me on my birthday–it’s quite powerful!  He makes me keep it at his house.‘

‘What I want  tonight is for you to strip naked and  make yourself have an orgasm with this vibrator while I watch you.  That’s what I want for my birthday, sweetie.’
He sipped from his drink as he  settled into his club chair  with a big grin.

I felt kind of self-conscious, no one has ever watched me before, but the drinks and my growing arousal made my shyness momentary. The thought excited me, and
I want to make him happy for his birthday. I’d removed my shoes and top when his best friend, our neighbor Zack, suddenly came in and sat on the sofa facing me –what’s he doing here ?

 Avery said  ‘You’re going to put on a show for both of us. This is what I want for my birthday gift.  No backing out now, honey!’
‘No, no backing out.  Whatever you want, Avery – it’s your day.’

I quickly evaluated the situation. I had promised to do whatever he wanted, and I’ve always liked Zack, he’s a great guy.  I can do this, it’s not a problem. Zack was grinning ear to ear. Avery handed me his drink, telling me to gulp down the remainder. I did so,  feeling warm and ‘sparkly’, really getting into it now,  feeling pretty sexy and ‘bad’.

‘Ok, let’s’ go. . drop your skirt, then the bra, squeeze your boobs for us. Now come up here close to us and drop those panties, baby,  spread your legs. . oh yeah, yeah!’
I was naked except for my black thigh-highs-–he wanted those to stay on. I was getting more aroused by the minute, and both of them had obvious hard-ons. Zack now had custody of the vibrator and  I approached  to get it  from him.

‘Pay attention, honey.” Avery said. ‘I’ll be giving you  directions of what  to do for me, for us. First, stay where you are, close in front of Zack, that lucky so-and-so. Just let him look at you for a minute.’  Avery unzipped to free his cock in an impressive throbbing  erection.  I adore his cock!
‘Sure, whatever you say, it’s your day’ I said. My pussy was throbbing and I haven’t even started yet.

Zack squeezed my boobs, then trailed his hands down to my hips and down, then up my inner thighs, lingering.  Oh  good lord ! Then he unzipped as well, his cock throbbing as it pointed to me.
‘You like this?’ You want this?  Oh yeah, you do !’ he said with a laugh.                    .
Good god!  I had no idea he was so huge, and thick too. Wow!  Both men began stroking their erections.  I could cum right now, seeing those 2 cocks just for me !

Avery instructed me  ‘Ok, do it for us–get busy, as they say. One more thing—don’t cum for 5 minutes.  We want a good show.  So come on,  get nasty for us!‘
When I touched the buzzing vibrator to myself…oh sweet lord! I doubted if I could last even one minute.

‘Oh baby, that’s real nice, aren’t you nasty, yeah ..now switch it off.  Look at Zack, see how much his cock wants you. I know you want him too, it’s only natural.  Now switch it back on, show us you’re  a nasty  slut– get down and dirty.’
(oh god yes I do want his cock, yes!   I wanna be so nasty for him, I want him to fuck me ! I want them both !)

‘Switch it off.  Now  I want you  to give my man  Zack  a lap dance,  make it good. ’
He laughed as we both turned to him with puzzled looks, but Zack quickly turned me around, pulling me to a sitting position on him. I could feel his throbbing cock growing even bigger under me, with its head near its natural target. I was visibly trembling from excitement.

‘Grind him,  you’re a dirty-girl,  do a dirty-girl lap dance for him, baby.  Do it.’
I couldn’t even think straight anymore. As I ground and pressed into his cock, frantic with desire, he slid a couple fingers into me from below. I was a nasty girl, a dirty nasty girl, and  I liked it !  It felt so good and natural.

‘Keep that thing buzzing, baby. Go ahead, Zack, go for it!  Take it–-fuck her good !’
But Zack was already pushing that huge cock into me. He whispered – ’I’ve been dying to fuck you since the first time I saw you,  and  I know you want me too.  You want it bad,  you need it,  you need this‘– as  he  claimed  me  with  a  force  hard. and  deep.  (yes!  oh god– yes, yes!)

Avery was now standing close watching with a big smile, still stroking his cock. He took control of the vibrator, applying it with his expert touch, and within just seconds a tidal wave overtook me. My head was spinning and I screamed and shuddered as Zack shot his hot load with great force, his hands holding me down tightly. I’ve never had an orgasm so intense!

‘Oh yeah, just perfect, cumming for us like a big ole nasty whore!’ Avery said. ‘Now open up and stick out your tongue, you  slut.‘
I was weak and shaky, coming down, as Avery gave my tongue a long sensual, sexy lick. Then he slid his cock along my tongue, deep to the back of my throat and held it there, making me gag.  He’d never made me gag on purpose before, but this is ‘his day, his way’.  It clearly excited him.
Actually, it excited me too, even while I struggled for air.  I liked him telling me what to do to please him and then doing what he wanted, doing whatever he told me to do, feeling his power over me.  It was a new feeling  and I  liked it.  I liked it a lot!

Avery stopped fucking my throat and told Zack to keep me in position, to hold my legs opened and not allow me to move. His cock was still twitching inside me–it didn’t want to leave yet! Avery skillfully applied the vibrator on target.
It was now uncomfortable, somewhat painful, but he didn’t let up. He knew me, knew if he persisted another orgasm wasn’t far behind.  It worked its quick magic — he saw the signs and said ‘come on, baby, cum for us again!’

It didn’t matter what he said, it was happening anyway. I couldn’t move and was reduced to moaning like an animal, helpless —cumming a second, then third time. ‘Forced’ is the term for it, I think. . I was their fucktoy.

Immediately Avery put his cock to my mouth again, vigorously pushing it down my throat. He began thrusting hard, then harder, more fiercely into my throat than ever before, grunting and mumbling to himself.  I didn’t know he had that in him, and his strength and power really excited me, as I struggled for breath again.  I pulled him close, then closer, tighter, with my hands to his ass.

‘What a nasty girl,  2 cocks and you want more ! You’re a cock-whore,  that’s what you are’, he said.  Zack slid a finger into my ass, twirling it, while whispering ’cock-whore’ and ’dirty slut’ in my ear. That made me so damn hot for his huge cock again!  So yes, it seems that I am indeed a cock-whore!

Avery vigorously shot his load into my throat, grunting happily. It seemed to just keep on flowing and he pulled out quickly to squirt the remainder onto my boobs and belly. He likes to watch his cum squirting onto me, marking me as his. I am his.
I love his cum dripping all over me, sticky and sweet!

‘Happy Birthday, baby!’

‘It’s still my day and I want something more now. Anything that I wanted, you promised. What I want now is for you to tell Zack to come back over here tomorrow, and any other time he wishes, so I can watch him fuck you again, and again.  And one more thing…’

He whispered to me the additional requirement. His words made me flush with a sudden new excitement.  I repeated to Zack— ‘I want you to come back tomorrow  and any other day you wish, to fuck me in front of Avery.’ He could not stop smiling !

I repeated Avery’s whispered words – ‘and tomorrow and any other day you wish,  you are to bring another man with you  to fuck me after you fuck me.’

‘Oh yeah ! Sure thing, baby–you bet! See you and your hungry pussy tomorrow. I’m gonna fuck you until you scream for mercy, but no mercy!  I do what I want, I don’t stop.  When I finally let you loose, my buddy will  fuck that  pussy long and  hard too.  We are gonna use you up, girl ! How does that sound to you, Avery?  You are one twisted dude–but gotta love it!’
‘Yes, yes–great ! That’s just what I want. I can hardly wait.! Thanks, Zack, thanks so much for making my birthday so memorable.  See ya tomorrow.’

I was sitting on the floor now, resting against the wall after my intense workout.

Avery put his cock to my mouth, demanding it be licked clean. When he did that once before,  I didn’t like it then, and still don’t–but he wants it,  so I do it. I promised whatever  he wanted, for his birthday. I want nothing more than to make him happy.
I love him !

He told me to fetch a beer, and we rested for a while sitting against the wall, sharing the bottle. I saw that his cock was waking up and growing.  He told me to spread my legs open so he could see my pussy, dripping with Zack’s cum. He dipped his fingers in the slippery cum and teased my clit.

‘How’s my Good Girl doing? The night isn’t over yet, it’s still my birthday. Now turn around for me, sweetness. I need to fuck my dirty little slut, doggy style–you know, like you’re a dog.  So get on your hands and knees with your sweet little ass up high—my Good Girl  cock-whore.’

I did as told-–whatever he tells me to do, I do. There was something about him saying ‘Good Girl’ that had an effect, making me tremble and feel floaty and dizzy, with the butterflies. I don’t know why. It was a new and strange feeling, one intensely powerful… like  a ‘high’  that  I  never  wanted  to  come  down  from.

With his hands gripping my pelvis, lifting it, he plowed his hot cock into me with a force I’d never known. The ‘doggy-style’ feels so primal to me, raw and animalistic, just pure fucking.  I love him just taking me like that, being his fuck-hole. That’s what he wants now and I want it too, to make him happy this way.  As he shot his cum deep into me, he pulled out to watch the remainder splatter my ass and back,  ‘marking me’ as his.

‘You’re mine.  All  MINE.’  he said.  ‘Happy birthday to me !’

‘But Wait–there’s more!’  as they say. . A continuation in ‘‘Later That Same Day,
a  long  sequel-in-progress,  with  a  darker  tone  evolving.