●Later That Same Day (fiction)

 Later  That  Same  Day   {fiction}                        ©Quinn  July 2015
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Later That Same Day intro WP

 a deep look into the planned, methodical seduction of a woman in love
 into  absolute  submissive  servitude  to the man  she thought she knew...

Avery handed me a glass of orange juice and a towel as I recuperated from our intense session of  ‘birthday sex’. I gave him  a  long  kiss and said–
‘Happy Birthday, honey.  I  love you,  Avery.’

‘Love you too, my sweet little slut.  Drink your juice.  Thank you for giving yourself over to me tonight, the perfect gift !  It showed me that you have the necessary ability as well as the desire to make me  happy– to please me. The ability is so important ! You enjoy pleasing me, don’t you?
’Yes,  I  do.  Very much.’

‘Of course you do. Tomorrow when Zack and his friend come over to fuck you for my entertainment, I will be always close, supervising and directing the activity.  No one will harm you–it’s all  good.  But you shall do whatever the guys want,  to entertain me, that will please me.  And you want to please me, you want this,  don’t you !  I can see it.
A whore at heart’,   he laughed.
‘Yes, Avery.’

I had already been picturing tomorrow’s fuck-fest. I’ve never fucked more  than one  man on any day, before tonight.  The thing of Avery wanting to watch someone else fuck me and being right there close–I don’t  really understand it, but it made me hot when it happened. And tomorrow Zack will fuck me again, with his big hot cock,  then his friend will fuck me.. . . anonymous slut whore sex with the other two men watching. Thinking of this had me excited and aroused again. So I suppose  that did make me a whore at heart. His  whore.

‘Go  make me a  drink, baby.  Make  one  for  yourself  too, and make ’em strong.’
‘Sure,  Avery.  Anything  for  you.’

When I returned he had a small velvet bag that I’d never seen before. He quickly drained his whiskey, staring at me as I drank about half of my orange juice and vodka.  Something about the look on his face told  me to finish my drink although I didn’t really want  all of  it.
‘Good, very  good.   Do you have to use the bathroom ?’

I did, and headed that way.  When I turned to shut the door, there was Avery, keeping it open with  his body wedged by the door and wall.

‘I’m  going  to  watch.  You  need  to  piss,  so  go  ahead  and  piss. ‘

‘Come on  Avery,  how about a little privacy ?
‘N o-–you don’t need privacy from me. I want to watch you piss and I will, even though you are embarrassed. Anything  I wanted,  you said.  Do  it. Do it now.’

True, I was embarrassed  but I badly needed to piss. There was something about doing as ordered that gave me an unfamiliar excited feeling, like an accomplishment, that I was making  him  happy.
‘Very good,  that’s my good girl.  Now come choose some music.’
I chose some Dire Straits and Santana.  Avery pulled an Ozzy Osbourne CD and started the play. He motioned me to join him on the sofa,  and  I noticed the unfamiliar velvet bag was next to him. He kissed me with a high level of passion that quickly awoke my pussy .

‘Take off your robe, honey, I want you naked except for those thigh-highs.  Close your eyes and  keep them closed,  understand ?’
I agreed.  He spread my legs open and began to finger-fuck me, slowly, sensually. Oh god yes, I wanted it!  But he stopped, and I heard him moving around and I wondered  what was  happening. Suddenly he put something on my face, an eye-mask blindfold.  He spoke close to my ear in a slow, deliberate tone.

‘Listen to me.  You gave me the gift of complete freedom in whatever I wanted tonight—the best gift ever!  I am in charge, always. You will continue to do everything I tell  you to do, because you want to please me and make me happy. True?’                    
 I nodded.
‘That  desire  to please  me  is  stronger  in  you  than  you  knew,   isn’t  it ?’
I nodded. ‘’Yes, Avery.”                                      .
‘Yes, it is.  In  fact  you can think of nothing else but that now, isn’t that right ?

He took me by the wrist to pull me up from the sofa, and spun me around, pulling my arms back to quickly snap handcuffs on me.  What the hell !  Then he led me across the room and positioned me, cuffed,  backed against the wall.
‘Do not  move until I tell you to.’  His tone said he was serious.  
’Yes, Avery.’

I was a little  scared now, with the direction the night had taken, but also keenly excited by his taking charge of me. He had planned this, obviously. Still, he is correct, I so much wanted to please him–that was my one and only thought  now.

‘Tonight your sexual horizon was expanded, wouldn’t you say? The whole time it was under my direction, if you recall. I didn’t tell you to do anything you couldn’t handle. You went places you’d never gone before, and it was all good. Do you agree with this statement ?’
‘Yes, Avery. Yes.’

‘From this  moment on I am taking control of you  sexually. I know how to  give  you what you need, what you secretly crave. And you will give me what I need  from you. You want  to earn my approval and satisfaction — you  need   it.
‘Yes, Avery,  ok.’
‘Repeating– Understand that I am in control of you now. You will respect my authority  absolutely, and you will obey me–not from fear but because you  want  to obey me.’

I didn’t care for that word–obey–it was like I was a dog. I giggled, remembering ‘South Park’ and Eric Cartman–‘respect-mah-ah-thor-itay’.  I  was a  little drunk from the vodka.

Avery wrapped a length of my hair around his hand and pulled me to him. His voice had  a deadly serious tone I’d never heard before.
‘Is there something funny about what I told  you ?’
‘No,  no !  I  was  reminded  of  a  funny  thing  on  South  Park.’
‘I  require your full attention, slut.’ He emphasized his point by pressing his knuckles into the small of my back, pushing  me forward to him. ‘Are you hearing me ?’
‘I’m  sorry,  yes  Avery.’
‘The first thing you  will  give me is respect. Respect and obedience, always.’
‘Yes,  Avery.’
‘A  correct  form  of   respectful  address  is “Sir.’
A  pause hung in the air. Oh I see, he wanted  me  to say it, to call  him  Sir. . ok.

‘Yes, Sir.’
‘Good Girl ! When you please me, you may –or may not– be rewarded, at my discretion, of course.’  He grinned slyly as he expertly twirled his finger on my clit.

(oh god yes!  I’ll  be so good and obedient !  Yes, yes, Sir !  Yessiree!  yes-sir-ee-bob! I was sure feeling that vodka now, all floaty and giddy–and  horny. I want  his fat juicy cock in me  Right Now!) 

‘Oh  my  slut  is  horny !  She  wants cock.  Isn’t  that  right, slut ?
Yes, Sir.’   I  couldn’t  help  my  smile.
‘Yes, Sir — what ?  Say it.’ 
‘Yes, Sir,   I  want  your  cock.  Sir.’
‘Say it again,  louder.’
‘I  want  your  cock, Sir.’
‘Why do you want my cock ?… whore.’
‘Sir,  I need you to fuck me with your cock.’
‘Which is it, do you want it, or do you need it ?
‘I need it, Sir!’

“Yes,  you  do. .  and  what  will you  do for  me,  to  get  it ?’
‘Anything.  Sir.’
‘What was that again?’
‘I  will  do  anything  you  want,  Sir.’
‘Good Girl ! –anything  I  want, yes ! Always  the  correct  answer !’
‘Yes, Sir.’

There was something about him saying ‘Good Girl’ that made me tremble, and I had sudden butterflies–that strange weakened feeling, the powerful high I’d felt earlier. He removed the blindfold  and  kissed me passionately, his arms circling my waist, pulling me to him so that I could feel his stiff cock– oh good god please just fuck me now!

‘What I want now is for you to look into your heart for the truth– do you  wish to be Mine,  truly Mine ? and to know that no harm will come to you at my  protection, ever.
I will provide the environment for you to blossom, both sexually and personally, under my guidance and control.  I know what you need,  perhaps more than you yourself know,  and I will provide it to you.  Do you wish to give  yourself to me totally? Do you?’
He  pressed his cock lightly against my pussy…god  I wanted it!

“Yes.  Yes, Sir!  I need you, your guidance, and want so much to make you happy.’
‘Understand  that this is no joke,  this is not some frivolous game. This is Real. Are you really ready for it?  I’ll give you a day to think it over, because once you take that  step forward there is no going  back, understood?’  
 He pressed his cock against me, harder.  . . I was throbbing, hungry for it.

‘Yes, Sir,   but I don’t need to think it over.’
‘Tell me,  slut.’
‘Sir, I  want very much to be  yours  and  under your control.  I  need  it. I  didn’t  know that until I felt your power over me tonight. There was a certain feeling that I didn’t understand until you put light on it, my strong desire for loving service to you.  I  need  that,  Sir.’

‘It is called submission, the capital S  Surrender and Submission, the complete and total giving-over of yourself, physically and mentally.   Are you  sure?’
‘Yes, Sir.’ 
‘Good Girl– tell me.’  He ran his ‘fuck finger’ down the division of my ass  while teasing  me with the wet tip of his cock . . . oh dam. . .please!

‘Oh Sir,  yes, yes! – I  will  submit  totally  to  you,  and  you  will  take  care of  me.  I will  try  to  do  my  very  best  to  always  obey  you,  and  to  please  you.’
‘Excellent, my good little slut– except for your mistake.’  He withdrew his cock away from me.

‘Sir?’  My heart was thumping, my stomach tightened.
‘You do  not  ‘try’ to do your best  to obey. That  presumes  possible  failure.  You will obey me, period. Without question and without fear, and certainly without failure.
Am I clear?‘
‘Yes, Sir, thank you  for the correction.  I need  the obedience.  I need you.’

‘Yes, you do. And  now–-you  are  Mine.  Mine.  I own you–you  are now my  property, by  your consent. Your one purpose is to please and serve me, for anything I want.  Anything.’
He lifted the blindfold. ‘Now look at  me,  your  Master!’   He twirled his finger on my clit.

I was beaming. .”Yes, Sir,  what may I do for you, to please you now?’
‘Good Girl!’… and he just stood there, close, holding an intense eye contact  to the point where I wanted to look away,  but sensed correctly that I should  not.

‘My sweet Good Girl. You will now address me as ‘Master’. ‘Sir’ is also acceptable. Know that the need to make decisions is over for you now. The last decision that you shall make is your submission, and it is defined by my having that sole power. There cannot be two in power at the same time.  It  is  always me,  and  only  me.’
‘Yes, Sir.  Master.’

‘In submitting completely to my control, to my natural Dominance, you will know a freedom from the confusion and stress of  decision-making.  This freedom will allow you to fully experience your sexual self, so far beyond what you now feel to be your limitations.  This freedom will also enable you to experience  your deepest need for me– how to  best please and serve me  in what I want at any given time.

You shall feel the incredible joy that  your submissive service will bring to you.  The intensity of your joy will derive from the strength of  your submission, the purity and perfection of your devotion to me.
I know that you feel an unfamiliar ‘high’ now, better than any drug, but it’s nothing compared to the intense high you will know from the glorious joy of submission in the purest love for your Master–and his glorious love for you ! You can’t fully grasp these concepts  now–but  you will  see,  you  will.

He did not tell her that the ‘submissive high’, the joy referred to–a consequence of  the ‘submissive frenzy’ in new submissives–was of benefit to him, vital in  binding her to him emotionally, mentally,  and physically.

‘Yes, Sir,  yes,  I want that !  Thank you.  Master.’’
‘You are welcome, My lovely Good Girl. My slut, my whore.  However, what you want is irrelevant. It is what I want.  It is Me–always ME.  Everything done or required is for the purpose of  my satisfaction and therefore, my pleasure.   What I want is a submissive who understands and embraces submission for what it truly means, and you shall when you trust me in my guidance.  You already know and trust me.

Did I steer you wrong with Zack ? No. Did I push you? Yes–to new experiences and feelings, and it was all good. I would never put a demand on you that you could not handle. As your understanding of submission expands, what you can handle will likewise expand.  Onward and upward!
‘Yes, Master.’  

That all sounded fine and good, but I wondered what he would require of me in the future. It made me a little nervous–scared, actually. But I love him and have  always  trusted  him  and  he’s  never betrayed  that before.

Avery had recognized the undiscovered submissive in her, and that was the reason she was his girlfriend. Her birthday gift offer of whatever-you-want was a delightful surprize, telling him it was time to proceed with her submersion into submission:
she  was  ripe  and ready.

He knew how to direct a submissive to the endless road of unquestioned service and devotion to him. There were things that could be done to mold his submissive to the perfect obedience and worship he required. Some of the common techniques had been applied already, with the expected success– the alcohol, the toying with her sexual arousal, the constant statements of his rightful dominance–and there were others to be used as deemed necessary.

He thoroughly reveled in the results of his manipulations, predictable as they were, then pushed his control further, higher. He loved that this girl–the whore… as well as each previous whore–would so quickly and willingly surrender herself with her body, as well as her mind–to be his playthings. Coaxing them to the point of subjugation was not difficult; he had chosen each because he knew they would go down easy,  and this one was  no exception.  They were all the same to him,  just whores.

It was now, at the beginning of the journey, that the necessary ‘guidance’–the mind control and humiliation–was crucial for establishing the tone and color of the girl’s mindset, so that she would think of nothing else but the required obedient service and worship of  him,  Master of her soul.

He replaced the blindfold.  I was still in position against the wall.
‘Can you follow directions, slut ?’
‘Yes, Sir. Master.’
‘Very good. Now spread your legs and  shove  your  pussy  as far  forward  as  you  can, and  hold that position.’
‘Yes, Master ‘’ I did as ordered, and heard a repeating camera shutter–he was taking pictures.  That made me feel weird  and  I wondered  what he was  going to do with them.
‘A lovely pose for a whore.  You  are  a whore, aren’t you ?’
‘Yes, Master.’ 

Tonight was the first time he called me slut and whore, and I couldn’t help smiling.I took it as a sign of special  affection,  I could  tell  that’s how he  meant it.

I was jolted by a sudden sharp pain as he pinched my clit.   I winced but said nothing.
He continued his sharp pinches and I was determined to ‘tough it out’.  Then I was startled by another sensation–his tongue twirling around my clit . . oh yes . . yes ! . then more pinches, followed by more tongue,  then just his tongue.  I was close to cumming  and he knew it.

‘Oh  by  the  way—you  may  not  cum  without  my  permission,  slut. Understand?’
 (What ? !   Oh hell !)  . . ‘Yes,  Master.’
‘But my dear horny little  whore—I am not an unreasonable man.  I take care of my precious slut.  If  you need to cum for me,  you may do so now.’
He twirled his tongue again, and as I reached the point of no return he simultaneously applied his tongue and a hard pinch to my clit. Oh good god !  I exploded in a huge orgasm–it  surprized  the hell  out of me,  the  pain  boosting  the pleasure part. . . wow.    

‘Did I not tell you that I know what you need?’   He chuckled, then whispered close to my ear–  ‘Pain  and  pleasure  mingle  into  one.’
‘Yes, Master, thank you,  thank you,  Sir!’
‘Very well, slut.’

He removed the blindfold and led me to his study, to his computer.  I was still handcuffed.  He typed something on the computer then turned on the video camera connected to it.  The area of its aim had a small tarp on the floor covered with towels. It had been planned and done beforehand — apparently he’d been sure of my agreement to submission.  

‘You’re going to put on a little show now, for my entertainment. ‘ He directed me where to stand, with my legs spread and my pussy thrust out as before. He gave my nipples a very sharp  pinch, and held it for a time.
‘Tell the camera your name  and what you are.’
I said my name and said I was his property.
‘True, you are that–and what else did we learn tonight ?’

“Sir, I am a dirty slut cockwhore.’  I smiled.
‘You are indeed—and we wouldn’t want it any other way! And you are my—?’
‘I am your submissive, Sir.’
‘And, again you are—?’
‘I am your property,  Sir.’
‘Yes, you are.. . and that makes me—?’
‘My Master. You are my Master.’
‘Say it again.’
‘You are my Master.’
‘Well done, Good Girl!’  He pulled my head back by my hair and licked my neck as he teased my pussy.

‘Tell the men watching us now on  live cam  what we will be doing tomorrow.’
“Sir, tomorrow our friend Zack will come here with a buddy and they will each fuck me while you watch.’   Saying it to people I didn’t know was  embarrassing.
“I’ll bet the men watching you now on the live cam wish they could come over too and fuck  a slut whore.’
‘Yes, Sir.’ I didn’t know what else to say to that. I was so very tired from my strenuous night, which didn’t seem to be ending any time soon.

‘Ok,  now  that  it  has  been established  what you  are : my property,  my submissive,   and a cock-whore slut,  it’s Showtime!  Turn to your left,  sideways to the camera.’
He pulled up on the handcuff chain to bend me down, and whispered that if I loved his cock,  to say it for the camera.
‘Sir, I love your cock, please fuck me.’

He laughed. . ‘Ain’t she great, guys?  She loves my cock and  begs me to fuck her!   Do you need me to fuck you, slut?  Tell  me  and everyone watching.’
“Yes, Sir,  please, Master,  yes – fuck me.’

My voice was flat from the overwhelming fatigue–it had been a very long and strenuous night, sexually, and emotionally as well– and now   I could  barely keep my eyes open.  A sudden funny thought—I should tell him,  do whatever you’re going to do, knock yourself out, then wake me when you’re done,  I’ll be grabbing a nap.

‘Here goes, guys–fucking it for the first time as a declared submissive–just signed up tonight!’
He held the handcuff chain firmly and grasped my hair with his other hand to help steady me. He eased his thick cock into me from the rear– standing doggy–pulling out all the way before re-entry. Dam, that felt  great, and I love him fucking me from the rear, it gets me  so incredibly hot–it’s just so primal, animalistic.
As he picked up the pace, fucking me deeper and faster, he said  in a low voice –‘Now that you have surrendered to me, this–(a slap to my ass)-is Mine. Whenever I want it,
I take it.’
‘Yes,  Master.’  

I wasn’t entirely happy with that statement, but the wheels of that train were  already rolling  . . . and  did  he  just refer to  me  as  ‘it’ ??
I’d agreed to this while I was a little drunk, but that was irrelevant, because I said – yes I’m sure – and declined  the cooling off period of considering my decision.  Now it was permanent, on whatever terms and conditions struck  his fancy.  But I do have the strong  desire, a driving need really,  to submit to his whims because it pleases him.
I really loved pleasing him earlier tonight as his birthday present ! My focus now and forward, is to always, always, always please him in my obedience, doing everything he wants of me.  I need  him to see how well.I obey,  to show him how much I love him !

He let go the handcuff chain and steadied me with a hand to my abdomen. He started fucking me even harder and deeper, pounding me,  grunting like an animal.
It hurt a little, he was so rough.
‘How y’all like what you see,  me fucking my cockwhore?’  he said for the camera.

I thought that was creepy, making a narrated performance for the camera and the unknown, invisible audience. It could have been one guy, or 286 guys, who knows?
I imagined him thinking that he wanted his cam audience to see me cum from his glorious fucking. He’s pretty narcissistic. But I was right–he trailed his fingers through the accumulation of cum on me from earlier and slid his fingers around on my clit. The slick lubrication  perked me up  quick–shit,  that felt  so good,  I could cum so easy now.  

He moved his hand down to my pussy and did some fancy fingerwork on my clit.
‘Who’s a slut?’—-    “I am, Sir.’
‘Who’s a whore– a cock-whore?’—    ‘I am, Sir.’
‘Yes, you are a slut and cock-whore, no question about it. And you’re so good at it–you cannot deny your true nature!’ I didn’t know if he was kidding around or serious.

‘Don’t you just love being the center of attention on the webcam?  Men from all over the globe are watching you get fucked like a whore! The US of course, and Russia. Brazil. Philippines. Australia. Slovinia. England. Italy. South Africa. Iceland. Saudi Arabia. Portugal.  Poland.  Malaysia. Denmark . . and more. They don’t all understand English but they all understand a man fucking his woman whenever he wants to. Spread your legs a little more, honey.’

He put both of his hands on my inner thighs, near my pussy.  He held my legs spread  as he vigorously pounded me, hard and deep, rougher than before, with a hostile force, it seemed–it hurt.
‘Bitch’,  he said in a low voice for only me to hear. ‘My Bitch. My fucking whore, cock-sucking  fuck-hole Bitch.’

Then he smiled brightly for the camera:
‘Tell us how many men are gonna fuck you tomorrow?’   
‘Three.  You, our friend  Zack, and Zack’s friend.  Three, Master.’
‘Such a whore you are.’  He did some more fancy fingerwork at my pussy to boost my arousal  and I felt the need to cum growing  very quickly–I was teetering on the edge of urgency.
‘Master please– permission to cum ?’

He laughed loudly. “Ah yes– there it is.  Yes. Yes !  Cum for your Master. Cum!’
I dissolved in a wonderful sparkly swirling ecstasy of orgasm, weakened to his power over me. It seemed to go deliciously on and on.  If he hadn’t been holding me steady
I would not have been able to stand.

‘See what I did there, guys?’  he said to the camera. ‘Got it all worked both physically and mentally, reminding her what a whore she is. They love that ! And through her desperate need, she still obeyed my order to ask permission.  Fellas, this is your example of what your submissive should be if she’s worth anything.’
As he spoke he continued to expertly tease my clit, his cock still filling me. I felt another round inching up on me quickly–I always have at least two. I badly wanted his hot cum erupting in me, but he didn’t give it up; he’d always had great control in that. 

Then  he  stopped, withdrew.  Oh hell.
He finished his drink in a long gulp.  His erect cock bounced around as he spoke and  he gazed upon it lovingly,  slick and shiny with my cum, stroking it at times.
‘Sit down, knees up, legs spread.’  He looped a short bungee cord through the handcuff chain and around the leg of the desk.
‘Listen to me, listen well.’ 

He has  talked  non-stop  through this whole thing, and he keeps saying the  same things  over, and over, and over.  I try to pay really close attention but I’m so tired  now that it’s a  struggle, and  I  don’t want  him to see that.   

‘Whenever you need to cum — you know to ask my permission,  if  I have  not  already  told you to cum for Master. Good Girl. I  am a  fair and generous man and  Master  when  I  am  pleased. want  you  to  cum with  my  big  hot  cock  fucking  you,  it  honors me,  the  Master–who caused you to cum.  You  have  to  cum for me,  you must,  it is beyond your control.  You  surrender  to  me,  man and Master, my power, because  you  must.  You  have relinquished your free will  and surrender  all  to me,  you  are Mine — it’s  just  that simple.  I like a strong will in a submissive, as long as she understands it is no longer her own, but mine in her submission to me.

What man doesn’t like to see his bitch -or any bitch- having an orgasm? Am  I right, guys? Yes–we see the pure pleasure that the man’s cock gives her as he claims his pleasure from her. Or the man’s tongue- it is the Man who grants and allows her pleasure. Vibrators can be useful tools for him, as they can speed things up towards his goal of the woman’s physical and mental surrender to him, the Man. 

That super-strong one I got you as a gift, whore — you told me it was so strong  that you can cum in 10 seconds if you choose.  However, as you know, that choice is no longer yours, but mine.  I  am  the  Man,  and  more  importantly  above that,  I  am  your  Master, the  source of  all  that  is  good  and  wonderful  for  you  now.   So  hear  this–

You  are  forbidden to pleasure  yourself.  You will not, unless I demand  it, and at times
I will demand it, like earlier tonight. I will watch you, and perhaps share the performance,  as I did  tonight with Zack. . .or maybe on the live cam, at my whim. The other men love to see that  while they jack off  at the computer!

And  know  this–at  times the permission to cum may be denied,  but  always for a reason, a  purpose.  That purpose could be to strengthen your submission, because that’s what you need  at the moment,  or  it could be to  allow for a  much  bigger and  longer  orgasm when I do  at last permit it.  Or it might be just for my amusement–just because I can, in my control of you.’
 He chuckled in a way that sounded a  bit  deranged; it  was  unsettling.

He knelt in front of me, to bring his cock level  to my face.
‘Open  your  mouth, whore,  suck  my  cock  the  way  I  like  it.  Suck  my  cock!’

I obeyed him;  I like sucking his thick, hot, juicy cock,  the one that  fucks me and shoots its cumload in me. I love his cock . . I really do. He grabbed my head and quickly made it a vigorous throat-fuck, hard and rough,  that had me  gagging again like earlier tonight.  But I liked it, because he liked it–for demonstrating his power over me. He held a position deep in my throat to the point where I couldn’t fully get my breath. I started to feel a bit dizzy.

‘You  love  it, bitch,  you  love  my  cock  any old  way  you can get it.’  I made sounds meant to be ‘Yes, Master.  Then he  pulled  out  nearly all the way, ordering  that I not let my mouth off his cock.  That entailed me grabbing it with my mouth and really sucking, trying to  keep it as he pulled away.  

He soon prevailed, saying ‘Oh–no cumload for you, then!’ and shifted his position towards the camera while he shot and squirted his cum for his audience,  then milked his cock for any remaining.  That was  just weird.
Then he made me lick his slimy cum off his cock,  as he resumed  his lecture.
verything is under my decision and control, and my whims. Every decision, every minute of every day– is  always  all  about  me.  This  knowledge  should  be automatic to you now, into your bones and DNA.  I see  your  powerful desire  and  need to  please  me,  which  will  serve  you  well,  and  of  course  serve  me  well!     ( the weird laughter again. )

‘Because you crave obedience to me, to my demands,  I am confident that we have a strong understanding and agreement regarding your future behavior. However, there is the possibility that discipline may be necessary at some point.
Discipline is not a punishment– it is a re-focusing of your purpose and goal by various means, for your reflection on the sincerity of your submission.  
Perhaps you may be denied permission to speak, a blindfold might be used to eliminate distractions, or your movement could be restricted to ‘corner-time’, a time-out for reflection. You might be denied sleep, or made to do something that you don’t like sexually–or even a household chore such as oven-cleaning.  Perhaps I  may withhold my attention from you for a period  of  time, including  attention  from my cock, which should certainly focus your attention.

If these methods are unsuccessful, or in the case of repeated  violations, the next step to rectify the wrong thinking and  behavior would  indeed  be  physical punishment. I don’t envision punishment often, if at all. I don’t ever want to hurt you, but that may be required and necessary at some point, for re-focusing your purpose. Correction of any deficiencies  or failures requires a  strong and memorable lesson.

Yes, pain would  be  the method used to correct you of your deficiency, the flaw that made you forget or disregard the lessons of discipline. Pain is quite effective for this, as it delivers its message with an immediate yet lasting impression. These things must be seriously and  promptly addressed,  to kill  the bad seed  quickly .

If you earn  discipline or a  punishment  you  will  always  be told  exactly what it’s for.
All punishments,  should they be required, will be appropriate to the offense. I am nothing if not fair. This is all towards the purpose of strengthening your submission  and perfecting you  for  fulfillment of  my  requirements. 

Reasons for physical punishment include willful disobedience, the failure to do as told.  Disregard of established rules. Disrespect–challenging my absolute authority, sassiness or backtalk.
Of course it is by my  decision, always, when – or IF -you  are  permitted  to cum. You will not know when that may occur–as I said, it may be my pure whim., simply because
I am Master of you.  But a situation with denied permission could be part of a punishment, if you had displeased or disobeyed me. Maybe you’re wondering—how is it that a punishment  situation  has  sex,  that  seems to make no sense.  Yes,  it does seem strange, doesn’t it ? 

If you cannot or will not control your need to cum against my orders  within a punishment situation as well,  severe correctional  penalties  would  be  necessary– a double  violation is  how  I see  it.  I  will  tell  you  now  that  you  would  not  enjoy  finding  yourself  in that situation.
A  severe  penalty’s effect and outcome  would  be  akin to the  old  story of  the toddler putting  her  hand  on the stove.  She’s  told  No,  but  does  it  anyway,  and  it  hurts like fucking  hell,  her body is shocked,  she’s screaming, crying — but  she learns that  critical  lesson–   ‘I won’t  put my hand  on the  stove  again.’
And  she  doesn’t.

 Do you have any questions?   Do you fully  understand this?’
‘Yes, Master, I understand.’
‘Do you ?’
‘Yes, Master, I understand.’

‘Yes, Master, I understand.’

oh  wow,  he’s  given  a  lot  of  thought  to  maybe  hurting  me–what have I gotten myself into ?? I’ve been obedient to everything he’s required, he’s been pleased, so I’m wondering–where’s this  ‘incredible   joy’  from service  that  he said  I would  have ?


‘You’ve been so attentive to me today, past the fact it was my birthday.  You have obeyed every demand  I’ve required of you. Good Girl ! And  now you have submitted your will to mine, surrendered your very self  in your driving need and desire to serve and honor me. A great day, it is !   Now don’t go anywhere, whore, I shall return shortly.’  He went to the kitchen to make himself a drink.

So here I am, restrained to the desk with that stupid camera rolling. Oh that’s why  he laughed when he said- don’t go anywhere. . I’m so dam tired- exhausted, really, that  my brain is slow now, I can’t concentrate anymore.  I closed my eyes and quickly sank into a fitful sleep,  more a half sleep, half awake  state.

‘What’s this ! asleep on the job ? You may sleep later–we’re not done here yet.’
He put his drink to my mouth and told me to swallow. It was really strong with whiskey– it did not go down smoothly at all.  After 6 swallows he took back his drink.
I felt it right away, on my empty stomach and exhausted state. But I was feeling better.
I think he planned out even this little detail.

He was staring at my pussy and smiling. ‘Spread your knees further, show me your hole’.  Even with him saying that crude word that I hated,  my pussy was waking up, beginning to throb. I suddenly wanted him to ram his cock into me as hard as he could.  I was unaware   that I giggled.

‘Tell me what’s funny, whore’.
‘I was just imaging your big hard cock fucking my pussy and that made me happy.’

He released the bungee restraint. ‘Of course it made you happy!  You know it would please me to fuck the living hell from your pussy, taking you any way I wanted., and that is exactly what I will do. Pleasing me is your only thought or concern now.  Well done, my dear little subby.’

Oh, he was good at this, shaping my words into something I was not even thinking when spoken.  Yes, for him it IS  all about him, and only him. I’m only a player in  his ongoing drama. . .Oh I’m so fuckn tired.  But I do want him to fuck me, good and hard !

‘Keep your position, be right back’ and he returned within the minute,  bringing my super-strong vibrator used earlier.  He plugged it in, and gulped down most of his whiskey drink.

”I want you to stand up now, sideways to the camera as before and spread your legs more.’  From under his desk he pulled out two standard bricks and directed me  to stand on them.  This equalized our height more,  and he could work his pelvis in under me, for leverage in thrusting deep. He resumed his energetic fucking of me, and I felt a rush of fresh energy, my exhaustion gone somehow. I felt really, really great–in fact, ready for anything !

I later came to realize that he was on drugs, and in fact that he’d secretly drugged me with speed or whatever in his drink.

I like it that there’s strange men watching me get fucked on videocam.  They wanna see a horny slut taking a big fat cock.  They wanna be the man fucking me.   I like that !  This is new to me,  enjoying other men watching me do sexual things–something I didn’t know was in me until tonight.  It is Master who unveiled that for me.  It’s true, he knows what  I  need  more  than I myself  know.

‘How do you like this‘, he growled, ramming his cock upwards in me from behind and  below me.  The force was great enough  to lift me to my  tiptoes,  He repeated it  several times..

 “My cock is like a King, and you’re the king’s sex whore.  They had those, ya know.   King wanted to fuck, one of his many whores was summoned and used as his fuck-hole, there were hundreds of fuck-hole whores to use.  Whatever he wanted, he would have—whenever he fucking wanted it— he was fucking King.   And  I am your fucking King — your King and Master.  I  get whatever  I want– but  I  don’t  need to  take it,  because it  will  all  be  given  freely  by  you,  with  love.  You love me.’

‘Yes, Master, of course.’

“Yes, of course!’  he laughed.  He lightly bit my neck,  with one hand to my throat  as he shot  his cumload  into me.  Mixing with the  night’s previous deposits, most of it slid down my legs. He scooped some with his fingers and striped my  face with the  slimy substance, then scooped more which he put to my mouth,  ordering me to suck his cum from  his fingers.  I  obeyed  his  demand,  trying  hard  to  love  it.  My need to obey and please  is  always foremost in my mind,  it is the force and energy that  sustains me  — my opinion is not a part of it. .

‘Oh Good Girl, you dirty Good Girl! You want so much to please me, you need so badly to please me, don’t you?’
‘Yes  I  do,  of course,  Master, yes.’
“Squat right here over this towel and piss for me–piss for the camera. Be nasty-do it now.’

Oh good lord, all those men around the world watching me piss, how embarrassing. But I did as ordered, I will never disobey Master.
‘Good Girl, Good Girl.  Now stand up and look at me.  You want me to piss on you,  don’t  you,  whore ?’

I  said  nothing,  because  I  did  not  want  to  say  ‘no’  to  him.   Ever.  

What the fuck,  are you fucking joking ! . . hell no. . I said to myself.  I was trying to process the meaning of his statement. He wants to PISS on me like I’m a toilet or garbage.  Am I garbage ? It’s degrading and even hostile, I don’t understand why people think it’s erotic, it’s disgusting. Especially piss on the face or mouth,  disgusting beyond words.

His statement alarmed me– and I  knew  then and  there he would  be pissing on me,  no  matter  what  I  said.  I  knew I had  no  say  about it. He seemed to know what I was feeling and the reason for my silence.

He turned the vibrator’s motor on Low, and applied the tip directly to my clit.  I was at his mercy, instantly weakened  by the immediate urge to cum. I’d learned from past  situations and incidents, that moments like this today, with my will evaporating quickly and  my self-control overpowered–are the most dangerous for me.
I would agree to anything in those moments,  helpless, at times using poor judgment in the urgency of extreme arousal— just as it sometimes is for men, with their cocks doing the thinking and making the decisions.   It  didn’t help  that  I  was  high  from  the drink.

He told me that he knew deep down that I wanted him to  piss on  me.  He  said that  I  would  be craving his piss, begging him to piss on me, and  mean it.  He reminded me  that  he  knew what I needed more than I myself knew,  and  that  all decisions were  his now,  which I’d  agreed to in  my  voluntarily submission.
I  consciously kept my face neutral  so  he  wouldn’t  see  evidence  of  what  I  was  thinking.

“Know that this is not a ‘request’– understand this absolutely!  If – or when – I want it,
will do it,  and  at  any time  I  wish.  That  is  a fact.
What is at issue now is the fact that you will  want  for me to piss  on you,  that  you will absolutely crave it,  ache for it,  and beg  me for it ! And  you  will  tell  me  such,  in  total  honesty and  truth.’

He used the vibrator as an effective tool of  seduction of my arousal while stating—
‘You want  me to piss on you. You want it, you know you do.  You need it.  You need me.  You need to please your Master. You want nothing more at this moment than to please me, to serve my desires. You  are consumed by the need to please me.’                                                    .
Then  he withdrew the buzzing vibrator. . (Hey- I  want the vibrator !  Please. I need it !)
He repeated his tease, taking expert aim at the perfect spot, telling me:

‘You want me to piss on you,  don’t you?.  You do. . . you want it so badly.  This  is  my gift to you,  you have earned this high honor by  giving  yourself  over to  me.  My piss  is  your  reward  for  giving  yourself over to me, for  pleasing  me.  You  want  so  very  much to  please  me,  to  surrender  to  me.  You  love  your  Master.  You love me — show me.’

 And  again using  the power of the vibrator to  tease me:
‘You need me to piss on you, as proof that I want you. . You hunger for it,  you crave it.  You crave to know the honor of my piss on you.  You want  that love so badly- so hot and   seductive on  your hungry naked  body, from the same cock that you crave for the fuck. . . you want  my piss all over you,  the strongest  mark  that  you are  all  mine,  my sweet  dirty  little  whore.’ 
He withdrew the vibrator, then  teased me with a brief touch  before withdrawing again.

Grinning broadly at my helpless condition,  he positioned himself in front of me so that  the head of his cock grazed my pussy, at a deliberate distance. He slid 2 fingers in and began a slow finger-fuck,  and continued using the vibrator’s lure to snare me further.                                   .
 In an intimate tone he said:  ‘You want to see the gold flow from my cock onto you,  the precious gold, hot and wet.  You crave me to piss on you. You want it. You need it. You need it -simply because you’re a fucking  whore — my whore.  All my whores crave my piss.  You need it so much. you can barely  stand it.  You crave it so much that  it hurts –you must  have it. . Be my Good Girl  and go Low  for  me. Tell me.’

He  stepped back to take in the effects of his actions, his plan.   I was breathing heavier and squirming under the  effects of my  high arousal.
He gave a small laugh and touched the vibrator tip to me once again –leaving  it there.

‘You will feel my strength and power in my piss.  You crave my hot piss claiming  you  in  your debauchery.  You can no longer deny it.  It’s very simple. You  will  give me  what I  want,  no  matter what  it is,  and  I  shall give  you what  you  need.  Tell  me.  Now.’

‘Oh god  yes, YES ! PLEASE,  Master–piss on me.   Please!  I  do  want  it. ! YES !’
‘Tell  me  again’  he said,  his  face  just  inches  from  mine.

I was startled by the sudden realization that I secretly yearned for this demonstration  of his dominance.  I  wanted  him  to  piss on me now,  I  really did !–for him to dominate me in that way.  I felt the stomach butterflies in this revelation of  my true  desire and  drive to submit  totally to his  dominance and control. I  did  need it,  and want it,  and craved  it beyond reason.

‘You were right, Sir.  YES!  I  do  want it,  I want it so bad ! I need to have you do this.  I need you to piss on me,  to please your dark desires.  Please, please, I  need it so much it hurts.    Please  give  me  your  piss,  Master. Please !’ I  was  near  tears  in  my  emotional  sincerity. . the truth  —  and urgency.
‘Master PLEASE- permission ??

‘Oh yes, there it is, my best Good Girl. You may cum for me now.  Cum for Master.’

Oh shit, that was close, I’m surprised I could hold back cumming so long. He leaves that strong vibrator on me and expects me not to cum until he gives fucking permission ?  or maybe he doesn’t ?  fuck that shit!  Plus he’s gonna   piss on me.
I was coerced into saying I wanted it, but he’s gonna do it anyway,  even if I didn’t say yes.  But  now  I do  want it,  I actually  really  do want it, because he does.  I want to be as nasty as he wants me to be.    

He was chuckling in that weird  twisted way again.    This whole process was not new to him,  and the submissive’s reactions and acceptance were predictable–he’d done this before. They all crumbled at his feet, begging him to piss on them. Some were after degradation, and others believed his sweet talk  telling of the pure glory of it. They  were  all  so  easy;  still,  he got a deep pleasure from the dance,  messing with their minds.  The timed orgasm tied to their acquiescence was a highly successful tool, cementing their frenzied agreement to be his piss-whore.

‘Good Girl, you went Low for me easy, easier than I thought it would be.  I am quite pleased.  I knew you would crave my piss all over you, to make you all mine,  in submission to my rightful domination.  I’ve told you that I  know what you need more than you yourself.   You dirty  whore,  going  Low on  the first day. .  Maybe  I  shall  demand  that you  drink  it,   drink  my  gold  inside  you,  to  be  in  your  blood.’  .

Just as he’d said I would, I had told him that I wanted him to piss on me, and meant it . . . then  pleaded  with  him  for his  piss. . . all  for  real.

He expertly manipulated my arousal and emotions until I became weakened in my vulnerabilities,  helpless — then went in for the sure conquest. .  I recognized his method,  his plan,  to get what he wanted  from me,  but he is  much stronger than me. He  shined   his light on  it  and  I  really  and  truly  wanted  his  piss  now.
I so badly want to please him by welcoming his piss on me,  just because  he wants to do this thing considered taboo.  I  think  he  wants  to see how deep  I will go in debauchery for him.  He’s shown he has an appetite for it,  that’s for  sure.  He’s made me face  my  own depravity, to befriend it, and  now we may know the depths of our depravity  together.

‘I  am  yours,  Master, and  I  would   drink  your  golden  piss  to  please  you.’  I felt a  high I’d never known before.  He was right, of course, all along and I did  ache for it,  just  as he’d said.

‘Good Girl,  Good Girl,  you went Low for me quick,  and that pleases me very much !   Low means someone who will wallow in intense debauchery, a depraved individual who will do basically anything.  Anything, no  matter how disgusting.  Kneel to me,  now.’

I  obeyed, dropping  down to the common submissive position,  and reached for his cock  with  my  mouth, keeping my eyes locked to his.  It was already hard–my submission to being pissed on, telling him so,  had  excited him–and his cock– and me as well.

‘This  wasn’t  in  the  plan but  I  will  allow you to suck my cock. . suck the  King’s  cock.’   I’d forgotten the videocam was still broadcasting until he said :
‘Hey guys–did ya hear- she begged me to piss on her,  begged me,  and never been wet  before either. Then she kneels down to me to suck it. The perfect personal whore – does ANYTHING  I say.  She’s a keeper !’ He laughed.

All this time I was still handcuffed,  I think he forgot about that.  He withdrew his cock from  my mouth and loudly ordered me to lay down on my back, legs open. 

The first splash of his piss to my clit almost had me cumming. . my god -it was  glorious, with an intensity I’d never known !  He kept his aim to my pussy briefly,  then up my body to my throat, then returned to my pussy.   It just kept on coming, hot  and  golden  and  glorious.                           . 
I was in ecstasy. It felt so fucking good, in that taboo way and equally for what it meant – a demonstration of his absolute domination and  owning my total submission to his power.  How did he know I truly needed this !
He called me dirty whore, smiling as he bestowed his gift. That made it even more intensely hot.   I wanted it to go on and on forever !  I was in a state of rapture almost, like a holy experience, that’s how intense  it was.  I love him as my  Master, and first loved him as my man.   I love him so much !

I accept as unquestionable fact that my obedience and  service to pleasing him  is the most  important  part of  my  life now, requiring  all  my focus  and energies.
I feel so good and happy – complete– when I please him, and  euphoric  beyond words when he calls me  Good Girl  and says he is pleased with me.   My internal doubts from this  being  unknown and scary territory have disappeared.  
I know he is making this beginning an extreme experience on purpose, to drop me into the deep end and start swimming– to ‘break me’ as they say.  But he knows best–he is Master.         

 I think it’s around  2am  now, and apparently the day still  isn’t over yet for him.  

He began administering this important ritualized step – his favorite – in his indoctrination of submissives–urinating on their willing bodies. In his manipulations, both verbal and sexual, he always convinced them that this was what they truly wanted, as part of the  ‘please me, your Master’ approach. This one went for the  ‘glory of my golden piss’  approach, while he saw her as  just another depraved whore drenched in his urine.  He loved it for the dark power over the woman,  that she would so debase herself  for him.  It thrilled him like nothing else.

What a great racket I’ve found,  this depraved trickery and evil scam, he frequently told himself.  He had the radar to scope out an undeclared  or newbie  submissive to possess,  as he had  with this one, when he had grown bored with the previous conquest.  He  was sure of his ability  to get what he wanted, willing to put in the time by being their boyfriend and subtly  placing bait, invisibly pulling them along to a point where he could initiate his process to consume them, heart  and  soul.  He was thrilled  when she offered herself totally as his birthday gift,  as  it  saved him  the time  and  effort of  getting  her  there himself.

Then came their first submissive fucking, a holy experience for the girl, high in her fresh submersion. He greatly enjoyed the free reign of behavior the girls – women – willingly enabled— behind his closed door there were no constraints to acting on his every dark impulse. By their consent  to submission  he could,  and did,  take it  however  he wanted–perhaps sweetly loving at first, to capture their  love for him– then raw and rough, brutally– because he could.
Sometimes they cried, but they always said—thank you, Master! That greatly amused him, and also endeared  them to him.  He loved each one in his own dark way.

A favorite part of the indoctrination was when they agreed to give all control in all matters over to him.  He didn’t need to take it,  they all agreed  to it and surrendered it  at the start — the  I-totally-submit-to-your-wise-dominance trick. They easily gave up their free will, their freedom, their dignity, and usually any good judgment, believing he would  take care of everything for them in his protective love for them,  because this is what he told them.
His success in collecting  these conquests  was in his dark  talent  for  the ability  to seem normal and sincere, the real deal, as do a large percentage of psychopaths.
He instinctively knew  exactly what each needed to hear, what their lonely souls ached for–what words and actions would most quickly trap her heart and mind, capturing her in  subjugation  to  depraved  sexual servitude,  disguised as love.  He especially enjoyed  discovering in what particular ways he could humiliate each of them—which of her  buttons to push and what methods to use to weaken her, to demoralize, then eventually  destroy,  her pride and  essence as a woman, and human being– to possess and own her.

They always accepted it  as  his  right  as their  overlord, agreeing with him  when he stated as  fact  that  they needed, and wanted, to be humiliated– that  he  knew what they needed more than they ever could.  The more extremely he humiliated and degraded  them, the more they seemed to love him ! That  always amazed him, and he took full advantage of this mysterious quality in  the women.  But he  gave attention to making  them feel  special and  loved,  as well, to trap their hearts  in  absolute adoration of  him.  

That part was easy–they looked upon him as god-like,  and all  he really needed  to do was say ‘Good Girl’,  or ‘you have pleased me’,  give them an occasional orgasm,  and they were insanely happy and thankful.  They had become simple, like small children, or pets, in their quest for receiving praise, and their reactions to it.
Each woman always thanked him, constantly, for everything, without ever being told—for a surprize orgasm generously bestowed perhaps, but also for the ongoing incidents of humiliation or degradation. That is what made their gratefulness so sweet for him, the steady flow of  ‘Thank you,  Sir. Thank you,  Master ’ – they  couldn’t  thank  him enough for treating  them  like  dirty whores, it seemed !   He really  liked  that.

He made a mental note to devise fresh ways in which to humiliate his whore. Although he already knew the end result—the whore thanking him for her soul-sucking episode of degrading humiliation–he wanted to enjoy watching her go down in new ways, making her ever smaller, out of the grasp of any remaining traces of outside influences and thought.  For her to exist for Master, and  Master only.

But in his own dark and twisted way, he did love each and every one, for their total surrender and fiercely loyal worship of him. He’d created them as such, so he could  possess and own them,  their heads filled only with pure endless  adoration  of him and his cock. But he expected, and accepted, nothing less–until the day came that  he would suddenly tire of  his toy, requiring his finding a fresh challenge and  another soul to conquer.


Daylight was beginning to glow outside.                                              .
‘Stand up.’  He removed the handcuffs at last, my arms and shoulders had passed pain, to numbness. “Show yourself to everyone on camera.  Face it, your legs spread and pussy pushed out like before.’

I did as told, wet and dripping his cum and load of piss into a puddle around my feet.
I had wanted it so badly I couldn’t bear it.  Now I  know  I can do anything he wants  or  demands of me. He’d pulled me through that door to darkness, there’s no going back now. 

He has shown me my true purpose in life—serving  my Master in total loving submission.
I can’t control my thoughts yet as well as I need to, but Master told me that  will  happen soon.  He keeps me focused on my service to his pleasure, so  I  don’t need to think about  anything but that.  It doesn’t matter what  I think anyway, if it isn’t concerning my service and love of Master.  I love him.

“Now I want you to speak with your global audience—tell them about being pissed on for the  first time.  Tell them what it means to you to be owned by me, to serve and pleasure me in your devotion.  I’ll be on the phone,  but I will be listening to you.   When you’ve spoken for 2 minutes you may stop talking.’. 

‘I feel like the luckiest girl alive!  I love my Master and he loves me. He showed me this, and all of you watching us, by giving me the golden glory of his beautiful piss !  I have been blessed in his glory !  I am so happy I feel like I will burst ! You Dominant men out there will have a grateful and eternally devoted submissive if you give her this, I know it!   See me, and see your own sub, ecstatic in submissive happiness to the Master.’

‘Excellent!  Well done, my Good Girl ! Now lie down again in my piss puddle- you have earned a reward.’ He placed two plastic sacks on either side of my legs, then kneeled and said ‘Say what I want to hear’.

‘Please Master, please fuck me, I beg of you, Master.’                                                            .
‘Oh yes, that’s it, my little piss-whore !  and he proceeded to fuck me– hard, fast and rough.  He pushed down on my breasts with both hands, so hard it really hurt. But I liked it, because he liked it.  My purpose is to provide whatever he wants of me.

‘Guys—see this? My whore is insatiable!’
He laughed loudly, withdrawing his cock to unload his cum on my face. I don’t like that– but it’s irrelevant. He gets off on it, so it shall be.

‘Now you are to clean up your mess, take the towels and tarp to the patio and rinse them with the hose. Then wait outside for me on the patio. I’ll be watching you.’
I did as ordered, happily.  I love Master ! But I felt weird being naked outside, neighbors could see me if they happened to look that way.  I was glad it was a warm day.

He came outside, directing me to sit on a patio chair, and handed me an orange and a drink.  I don’t even like to drink much and didn’t want it, but pushed the thought from my head.  He wanted me to drink it, so it was done. My function is to do as he wishes, always. I felt another giddy rush of energy, like I’d had from the earlier drink.       

It was then I realized he was drugging me with speed. 

I didn’t like that !…then instantly felt ashamed for failing within myself in my pure trust and obedience to his desires.  He wanted it, so it would be done.  He knows best.

Master’s phone call was to Zack and as planned, he appeared in the new summer’s morning, bringing another man with him.  Zack had thought of nothing but this since Avery’s birthday last night.  It had been an unexpected yet thrilling surprize when Avery had invited him over to fuck his girlfriend as he watched, and more so, the standing invitation for the same whenever Avery felt the urge to watch ! He still could hardly believe it.

The second man was a heavy, somewhat sloppy looking fellow, When he saw me naked he said  ‘Holy fucking shit!’                                                  .
He was practically salivating at this golden opportunity of a free fuck on a slut.

Zack said ‘Hey darlin’, how ya doing?’ and leaned down to give me a quick kiss. He was already hard.
Avery pulled the two aside to discuss details. First, the guys were to remove their pants, shirts optional, then I was to be hosed down to wash off the piss and cum.  

Zack had the honor of squirting me with the hose. He sprayed me thoroughly, then finished off with a direct shot to my pussy.  I was ready to cum yet again, seeing Zack’s delicious cock standing straight up, hungry to claim me !

Avery told me to lie down on the lawn and do whatever Zack wanted.  Fine by me !!
I liked it that strangers might be seeing me as well as Avery and Zack’s friend watching Zack fuck me.  Once again I felt like the nasty bad girl I had discovered only last night.  I liked her a lot, almost as much as the men did !

Zack had already placed his order, so to speak. He wanted me restrained, spread-eagled, and flipped, ass up. Avery told the other guy to hold down an ankle and a wrist, as he held the other ankle and wrist.  He laughed as Zack teased my pussy from the rear, sliding the tip of his cock in the right places until I was moaning. Then he pushed in, slow and steady,  then withdrew, repeating several times.  Then he increased speed and intensity, fucking my  whore hole until  quickly I was  frantic. . . more,  harder,  more !

‘Please ‘Master, may I cum?  Please !’
Zack was whispering—‘give it to me, give it up, baby, show me!’ I simply could not hold it back and was already falling when Avery said  
‘Cum for us, whore.’

I can’t even describe the ecstasy in cumming from Zack fucking me. . . he sure knows how to drive that truck !  Last night with him was one of the most equisitely intense  fuck experiences I’ve ever had, and this morning only re-enforced that.

Zack whispered  “Baby,  know this–if you need me to be, I’ll be your man.’

‘What was that ? said Avery, seemingly on high alert.
“I told her that any time you say, Avery, I’d fill her whore fuck-hole for you,’

‘Yeah, yeah,  I love watching her get fucked !  He caressed his erect cock.
‘It don’t even matter who, she does it because I want it, because I want to watch.  And that brings us to you, dude’, pointing  to Zack’s buddy. ‘Your turn, have at it !’

The sweaty, overweight man said he wanted me face up, but still pinned down; he was accomodated. He plowed into my pussy without finesse,  just pounding away, muttering under his breath ‘whore.. whore..whore’.  It meant nothing to me other than knowing that I was pleasing Master.
And Master was thoroughly enjoying the show, stroking his cock with increasing determination. As the man was close to climax, he withdrew, spraying his load of sour cum on my face.  I  was  numb, waiting for it to end.

‘Good Girl ! Good Girl.’
‘Thank you. Thank you, Master.’

He pushed the man aside , then straddled me,  shoving his fat throbbing cock into my mouth. After a vigorous throat-fuck he unloaded into me, shouting ’Yes ! Yes !’Yes!’
The fact that he was being watched excited him immensely, considering his particular use of the whore to be  victorious–superior and most dominant.

‘Hey Zack, thanks for coming over and bringing your guy. Remember, you are welcome anytime,  anytime at all,  to come fuck her while I watch.’

Zack was still having trouble wrapping his head around this situation and invitation, but said  ‘Right on, man, anytime ! Glad to be of service !’ The two men put on their pants, with lingering looks at me, naked and spread-eagled with my face covered in cum as they departed, laughing.

‘Good Girl ! You have pleased me, fulfilling my desires. This you knew was coming, but your further compliance incidents and situations will not be known beforehand. That is irrelevant. . .  because as you understand now—whatever I  may want, or require of you,
I  shall  have.’

‘Yes, Master.’
‘Say again.’
‘Yes, Master.’

He told me I  would now live with him in his house as a ’24-7’ submissive.
‘I’ll take care of everything, so we will be together in our love. Leave everything to me.’
I felt a thrilling excitement to serve  him,  all day and all night, every  day!

He moved me from my apartment, putting my belongings in storage but for a few items of clothing and hygiene items.  He had me quit my job over the telephone.
I surrendered my cellphone to him, and my carkeys.

‘You won’t be needing these’  he said. ‘I will take care of everything, You don’t have to worry about anything anymore, I will take care of you, my sweet Good Girl.’

He made a list of rules for me, encompassing my behavior, both while he was absent for his work, as well  my expected behavior while he was home.

..I was not to use or answer the telephone, nor ever answer the door, should someone knock.

..I was to prepare the meals and keep the house clean, to his exact specifications, subject to inspection, with appropriate disciplinary actions when necessary.

..I was to keep a daily submissive’s journal, subject to his inspection and approval, in which I would express my feelings of devotional love for the Master, as well as anything that might be troubling or confusing me, for review and resolution by him.

..I was to be naked at all times when he was at home, and  ready to fulfill his sexual whims at all times—any time, day or night.

I  was a bit apprehensive of these rules. Although I loved him with all my heart, the thought of not being able to talk to or see my friends  or family bothered me.   When he saw this in my journal, we discussed it.

‘They could never understand the special love we have and all it means to us. What we have, they can never understand.  These are the people who will try to confuse and poison your mind against our glorious love.  Talking with them will only bring you emotional pain, with their negativity.  You have me, your Master, who loves you and knows what is best for you, always.’
’‘Yes, Master.’

Discipline :: meals not prepared to his satisfaction:: corner time, 20 minutes
Dishes not stacked properly in dishwasher:: more corner time, 30 minutes
Faucet handles and sink in bathroom not shined :: blinfolded, corner time,  1 hour
Hair not styled to his liking:: banished to garage, 2 hours.

I  know I can do better, I’m trying so hard to please and obey him.

When he comes home from work he needs my sexual love right away.  Sometimes he wants his cock sucked, with cum swallowed. Other times I bend over for him to fuck me from the rear, or sometimes in the ass.  It may be  to lay on the floor as he fucks me hard and rough. I am not to get up until told… in case he wants another fuck with his before-dinner drinks.  And of course, I am not to cum without permission.

This  requirement and restriction is the most difficult for me. I love his cock and the natural reaction  when being fucked is to show my love in ecstasy. But he is especially strict about this rule.  Because he had lectured me before about ths, and reminded me several times along the way, and  when I first failed his rule, he considered it a willful disobedience.

‘Since you are behaving like a disobedient child, you will be treated as such.  Fetch my flogger, then face the wall with your arms above your head  and legs spread. You need to learn your lesson of obedience.’
‘Yes, Master.’

With a flogger, there is the erotic strike, and there is the punishing strike. The latter is what he gave me…15 strikes on my back, 15 strikes on my ass, and 15 on my thighs.  It hurt like hell, and I could not control my tears of pain.

When he was done, he took me in his arms and kissed me, telling me he loved me and it had been for my own good, to strengthen my obedience in submission to him.
I understood.  
‘I love you, Master.’
‘I love you too, my Good Girl. Now face the wall again.’

He used the flogger again, but this time in delicate tickles on my inner thighs.. then pressed his hard cock into me..  first gently, then forcefully.
‘Cum for me now, cum for me ! Cum for me now!’  Cum !
And man, did I ever !. it was one of the most intense episodes I’ve ever had !

‘Ah, baby,  that’s my best Good Girl.’
‘Thank you, thank you, Master !’

 Thus it continued, for weeks, then months.  I could tell my folks and friends were phoning him, asking about me, and each time he told them he didn’t know where I’d gone, that I’d just suddenly left one day.  After a time, the calls stopped.

And after a time, he began to change, subtley at first.   He would not acknowledge me when he came home from work, other than to silently fuck me, hard and rough, then go get his drink.  Once when I wasn’t ready to be fucked as soon as he came  home, he hit me across the face, hard.

‘What have I told you? You are to have your fuck-hole ready for me at all tmes, whore !
I will not tolerate disrepect or disobedience !’
‘Yes Master, I’m sorry, Master.’
‘Yes, you are sorry, just a dirty, sorry-ass whore.’
‘Yes, Master.’

‘Get in the backyard and lie face down, ass up,  wait for me.’
‘Yes, Master.’

That time I laid there for around an hour. Then I heard laughter from inside the house.
He’d called Zack to come over and fuck me.. but  this time as ‘sloppy seconds’ after him.

Avery was ferocious, brutal in his attack, it hurt like hell.  After he satisfied himself, he told Zack to ‘fuck the whore’  while he made drinks for the both of them.

Zack  had seen what was happening. He’d always been confused, and a bit disturbed, about what Avery was all about, his violence, and  wanting other men to fuck his girl, and getting off on  watching it. But being a guy with the opportunity, he did fuck me as directed.. but in a gentle, caring way.   I knew he care about me as a person.

With Avery inside, out of earshot, Zack asked me if I was alright. I couldn’t speak.. just starting sobbing.  He whispered  ‘Sweetie, this situation is not normal, it’s not good for you. He has you brainwashed  for servitude of him, it’s not right.’
 I couldn’t respond,  mostly from fear Master would hear me.

Zack coninued..’Honey, this is just wrong,, he treats you so bad.  I can help you get away, just say the word, baby.’
I couldn’t say anything. I felt beaten down and frightened,  but confused about my love for Master. He knows what’s best for me… he loves me !  He is my Master.

Avery appeared with drinks for Zack and himself, then told me to get in the house and lay down in the living room, spread-eageled, so they could look at my wet pussy as they drank their whisky.

‘Hey, whore, we have a special day tomorrow, you’re gonna love it.  A few friends of mine are coming over for a party.. a fuck-party !  It’ll be fun !’
‘Yes, Master.’
‘They don’t believe me when I tell them I have my own personal sex-slave, who will do anything I want.  So—you shall show them your love for Master in servicing them. They have to see  for themselves  that I’m right, that I own you.’
‘Yes, Master.’

‘Zack, she loves giving it up, can’t help it ! Go lick that pussy until she’s powerless to you.  go make her cum for you now,  she’ll do it for you because I  tell her to…. and because she’s a fucking cock-whore.  Isn’t that right, whore?’’
‘Yes, Master.’

‘Damn right, you fucking slut.’

 ‘Hey, dude, I gotta go.’
‘Hey, come on now,  you gonna pass up the chance of having the pussy surrender to you ?’
‘Well no, I guess not.’
So he lifted my ass from the floor, twirling and finessing his tongue until I was quivering.
Avery knelt down, watching intently until I was almost beyond control, then finally commanded me to cum for Zack.  It was wonderfully  glorious… he sure had the touch!

Then Avery told Zack to back off, and stradled me to force-feed his cock down my throat,  in a violent throat-fuck.
‘Yes, yes, you fucking whore, who’s your fucking Master !’
“You are my Master, my Master, you are.’
‘Fucking right I am.

He rose from the floor, telling me to stay down, as he saw Zack to the door.  I caught Zack’s eye for a moment as he was leaving, and I knew what it meant, somehow.

………………………….. ©2015 Quinn _____ a continuation to conclusion  is forthcoming.

● Pavillion {fiction}


 A dedicated submissive’s love of  ‘watersports’                               ………………………………………………..                                                              concord pavillion

We’re on our way to the Concord Pavillion for the George Thorogood concert. I’m so excited about it, practically bouncing in my seat. You’ve been smiling to yourself,  as if  enjoying a private joke.

‘Thank you Sir, for bringing me’.
‘You’re welcome, whore.. now raise your skirt to your hips and spread your legs, and stay that way until it’s time to get out of my truck’.
‘Yes, Sir, as you wish’.

 After all our time together I still get such  a thrill from you looking at me as a nasty sexual object — I love to know that  I am your whore.  Yours,  and only yours.

At a red light, you reach over and quickly finger-fuck me, hard and fast.
‘Thank you, Master!’
‘You are with me for my use and pleasure, and my pleasure is in using you,don’t forget it!’
‘Yes Master. Your pleasure is my pleasure.’

After you have parked in a far end of the venue’s lot, you command me to suck your cock before we head to the concert. You pop open a beer and take a few good slugs and lean back towards your open window, waiting.
You say nothing.  I know the drill– I pull up my top, scooting over to unzip you. Your most glorious cock pops out, already pointing up, as I lower my mouth to it. I love your cock and  feel privileged that it is mine to pleasure, whenever you demand it—which is often.

I tease the head lightly with my tongue, swirling it around and licking your cum hole until the drop appears. You are moaning, starting to thrust. I slide my tongue all the way down and back up, slowly, then stop. You hook your free hand under my chin, raising my face so I am looking in your eyes.

‘Whore–sit up a moment.’
When I do you tell me to chug the rest of your beer without stopping. I do as told then belch, just like a guy, giggling. You pop another cold one, pinching  my exposed nipples as I chug down most of the beer. You finish off the can then shove my head down, back to my duty.  I’m feeling floaty and giddy.. I want to climb onto your cock!

‘Suck it, slut. .  .do your job!’
I’ve positioned myself so I can take you deeper without much gagging.. I squeeze the base of your cock while intentionally coughing a few times, to constrict on the head. You quickly pull me off and squirt your cum vigorously over my bare breasts, so hot and gooey, while vocalizing loudly.
‘Leave my cum as it is–do not clean yourself off– I want you marked as my property.’
‘Yes Sir.’

I hear laughter close by. I see we have an audience! Three young men walking  into the concert had observed our activity, happily looking on from a prime vantage point on a slight rise above the front of the truck.
‘Hey man, can I be next.. . my buddies too?’  More laughter…but they were not leaving.   Two  of them were rubbing their crotches.

‘Yeah, she’d love it, she’s a whore alright–but she’s mine. I own her ass. Isn’t that right, slut?‘
‘Yes Master’.

The men appeared to be in awe of what they had heard.  They seemed displaced, looking at one another for a moment before ducking behind some trees to relieve their obvious arousal, one stroking his exposed cock before even reaching privacy . We both laughed.
You spit on your finger and tease my clit — I instantly raise myself to your hand. But you stop the tease, giving me ‘the look’. I know that look and quickly set to licking your cock clean.

‘Good Girl ! Such a good whore.’
‘Thank you, Master !’

We quickly make history of  another beer, then you tell me to cover up my slut ass,  and order me to exit the truck by crawling hands-and-knees over you.
Once inside the Pavillion you get us each of us a beer  and we locate a spot at the front edge of the far right end of the lawn– so far over that we have a partial view into the backstage wing. I think I see George Thorogood !
The beer drunk in the truck has caught up with me.

‘Sir, I need to piss.’ You don’t respond,  but just  smile.
‘Master  please, permission to piss?’   I begin to stand.

‘Raise up your skirt and piss where you are sitting, here on the grass.  Do it.’

‘Thank you Master, for permission.’  Instantly I realize you had planned this.  Actually I am embarrassed, mortified.. but I have to go!   We watch my copious piss roll down the grass, some  of it pooling on the concrete edging of the lawn.   It is almost dark and those closest to us have their attention elsewhere.
And now you have to piss as well.  You get to your knees and lean in like you are going to kiss me…a cover for you aiming your hot piss directly to my pussy.

‘You deserve to be pissed on, whore!’ you  whisper, and lightly bite my neck as your cock streams your beautiful hot piss on me.
I’m going to need to cum, and real soon ! 
‘Oh god, thank you Master, thank you!’
I whisper.
‘Now drink down that beer, slut, because you will be pissing for me again.’                                                 ————————————————————–

The concert is underway at last. As the lights are dimmed and  George Thorogood is spotlit  to near-deafening cheers– you command that I suck your cock. I wish you would allow me to simply enjoy the music–you know how much I like George.  {Maybe you forgot the saying. . .  ‘a happy sub makes a happy Master’}

But you are Master and my function and joyful duty is to please and pleasure you, in whatever ways you may want or demand at any time. I unzip over your bulge and free your cock again, your impressive beautiful cock.  Our location provides a reasonable privacy, although should someone look over,  they could likely see what is happening. That is not my concern.

You’re going to be a busy little whore tonight—I took a Viagra.  So suck it good  to get me off  again, and  hurry  up  about it.  Do  as  you’re  told.  Now.’
‘Yes Sir, Master—thank you for your cock, Master.’
‘Get busy.  That’s what you’re here for, do your job.’

I set to my task. I love your cock beyond words, and I can hear the music even if I can’t see George at the moment. I tease the head  as you like, then deep throat you and hold it. You hold my head and begin to thrust in an enthusiastic mouthfuck.  Then you push me off quickly, so that you can watch your cum shoot out in an impressive arc.

You have always been fascinated with seeing your cum, and why not? It is lovely to see, certainly, and there is plenty of it !  You have more cum than any man I’ve ever fucked or blown!  You have such a smile, watching it.  It is my reward to know that  I made you cum, that  I have brought you pleasure!  I get to work  finishing up,  licking your cock clean.
‘Good Girl, good job, slut.  Now get back to work, suck me off again.’

‘Yes Master.” {Geez Louise, this is going to be a long night !}
After  that  round of cocksucking, no cum this time,  I advise you that I need to piss again from the beer, and ask your permission. You say nothing, but you need  to let it loose  as well, and you grasp my wrist, leading me up the grass hill to the concourse level where the restrooms are.
The building is at the far end, directly above where we had been sitting. I’m  ordered to the side of it,  a  space about  five feet wide with a chain-link fence at the property border.

‘Lift your skirt and squat, whore. Piss for me here. Now.’
I’m buzzed enough to not give reign to my embarrassment like before, and
I really have to go bad. I do as  I’m told.

‘Good Girl. Such an obedient whore! You like to be humiliated, you need it, don’t you?’

‘Yes, Sir’, I mumble.   
I don’t like to think of myself like that, but he is right, of course. He is my Master and knows what I need– which might not always be the same things as what I may want.
‘You  please me in taking your humiliation like a big girl, you want nothing more than to please me with your total obedient submission to  whatever I want. Good!   You know  I’d never demand that you serve me in any way that would harm you– because how would that benefit me?’

‘Thank you, Master!’  I feel warm and sparkly inside, that he said he was pleased.
I know that  I please him with any service I give to him, but he doesn’t say it a lot. I think it is because he wants to  keep me on my toes, so that I will continue to strive for  perfection in my submissive service to him.

‘Now my fun  starts. Assume the position.’
I face the wall with head bowed, waiting to be handcuffed. After cuffing one wrist you pull me back to the chain link fence, securing the other cuff to it, in addition to my wrist.  I am ordered to spread my legs as you raise my skirt to my waist, exposing me naked.

‘Yes, now my fun begins, such  fun to use and humiliate you in public, where anyone might see you,  like the dirty whore you are.  I think you want to be seen. You will thank me for it.’
‘Yes, Master,  anything to please you, Master.’
You free your still-erect cock and stand close in front of me, pissing onto my exposed pussy.. The hot  liquid  running down my legs feels glorious. . oh  god  god  yes, yes, yes. 
‘Cum for me. Now. Cum!’

You know me so well, certain that would push me to the edge, and I am thankful your whim was not to deny me, as I don’t think verbal denial could have stopped me !  I moan in heavenly ecstasy of cumming as you continue to piss, then leave me dripping.
‘Now don’t go anywhere!’ you say, laughing, and disappear around the building’s corner.
You duck into the men’s restroom, scanning the room to find what you want. Your target is spotted, a handsome young man beginning to unzip his fly at a urinal. You quickly state your unusual proposition, to which he enthusiastically agrees.  His two buddies  have overheard and want in as well–-all the better, you tell them. The group  exits the room and rounds the corner where I am handcuffed to the fence, exposed, wet,  my skirt bunched at the waist.

The three men are highly excited at what they see and what it means for them—they can hardly believe their right-time-right-place  good fortune !  I was  very  excited  as  well as I quickly  realized  what  their  presence  meant.
‘There she is–my piss-whore. She gets off on men pissing on her, so go for it, guys!’

One man was already pissing on my legs and pussy, with the second man joining in quickly, muttering ‘oh  yeah, yeah,  shit  yeah’.
Their piss was strong and copious after serious beer-drinking and the sounds they made were animalistic grunts, like sounds made when cumming; they were deep in their debauchery. I  loved watching  their cocks unload on me–the sight of piss from any cock  just gets me so hot!   No man other than Master had ever pissed on me,  but Master knows my heart,  he knows that I would revel in any man’s piss in my own debauchery.

So  yes, I  am  a  piss-whore !

The man first approached was standing back, waiting for his friends to finish up. When they were done, he came at me with his cock out and ready, positioning himself very close, directly in front of me.  He whispered ‘Who’s your daddy, who’s the best?’ as he aimed his cock to my pussy and flew a vigorous stream of hot piss right to my clit. Oh my god. . I looked over to you, observing from a short distance. You gave me a nod of approval, signaling that it was permissible for me to cum.

And  . .did I ever ! That really excited the man and he whispered intimately –’I’d love to piss on you every day, then fuck you endlessly…you’d be begging me for my cock and piss ! You would beg me, on your knees!’. ..{yes, I bet I would !}
You could hear what he said and as soon as his piss was spent you told him —‘ok, you’re done here, time to go.’  The three men were still animated, excited, reluctant to put their cocks back behind zippers, laughing among themselves as they headed out.  I heard one of them refer to me as  ‘the whore’.

The one who considered himself the best  held back from the exit, and held my gaze as he stroked his stiff cock to jack off his load into the dark corner.. He smiled at me and winked,  then stared at my wet pussy  as he finally tucked his glory back into his pants and left.  He had a  good bragging tale  now  to  tell  other guys, who  most likely would not believe him.

You were laughing as you unlatched the handcuffs from the fence  and refastened them behind my back to guide me to the darkest far back corner of the space. You positioned me against the wall, ordering me to spread my legs. You slid your cock up and down my pussy, still slick with piss, giving attention to pausing at my clit. I was trembling.

‘You’ve been a Good Girl tonight, a very Good Girl for me, and here is your reward, whore.  Now tell me what I want to hear… ‘ as you shoved your hot  stiff cock deep in to me,  with the force and authority that is your right as Master.

‘Thank you, thank you, Master. I love your cock,  I need your cock,  I want your cock, thank you for your cock, Master.’
‘And. . . ?’ {You are fucking me.}
 ‘May I have your cum, Sir? Please ! I want it, I need it ! Thank you for your cock, Master !’

‘And. . . ? What are you, say  what  I want to hear..’ . .You continue to fuck me deep, now harder and faster.
‘I am your piss-whore  and  your cock-whore, Master.’

‘Yes,  you are, and  you’re  all mine.  My  fuckhole whore.’
Your hands are on my ass for leverage as you fuck me hard and fast, ferociously fucking your piss-covered whore  until your hot  sweet  load erupts  in me, spilling out from the copious amount.
I can’t wait for permission to cum, I am beyond control, helpless, trembling and shaking, and my pussy grabs your cock as tight as a fist as I feel my gush.  I’m in heaven! 

‘Good Girl,  Good Girl–my  best  nasty Good Girl.’
‘Thank you, Master !’

As I came back to earth, I saw that a group of about 9 or 10 men had gathered by the entrance to the side space, quietly staring in disbelief at what they had just witnessed.


…… ⇒ ⇒  The following story  “Boy’s Night Out’  is a sequel to ‘Pavillion 

●Boys’ Night Out {fiction.}

Boys Night Out new title snapo ring picture

You have me blindfolded and naked outside at night and I don’t know where I am.  It  has been  a  long day  of intense  play  for me,  for us,  at the  Pavillion  concert,  and I’m exhausted.  You  push  me  against  a wall,  kissing my neck,  squeezing my boobs.  You  tell  me  we  are  at  your  friend’s  house.

‘You did great tonight,  worshipping my cock and doing all that was demanded of you. I’m very, very pleased  with my slut, and you  have earned your reward.’
‘Thank you, Sir. Your pleasure is my pleasure !’ 

As I spoke you forced  my legs  apart with your knee.  I feel your massive hard-on through your pants as you press into me.  Then you grind your thumb on my clit, and shove three fingers into me for a slow finger-fuck.  Oh. . god!
“You like that, don’t you?  You love it that your fucked pussy is still full of my cum from earlier, don’t you ?  You’re such a dirty slut.’
‘Yes,  Sir !  Thank you,  I  do love it.  I  love your cum, Sir.’

You continue kissing me and finger-fucking me,  slowly  and  sensuously .  
“Such a cum-whore,  a slutty cum-whore and cock-whore, and  piss-whore as well.’ 
‘Yes, Sir, I can’t deny that.”  (After all, I am those things !)
You laugh as you withdraw your fingers, slick with your  cum  from an hour earlier, to lubricate my clit, then resumed  finger-fucking me and working your thumb, biting my neck now.      (Oh god, I want to climb him, I want his cock so bad, I need to cum! . . .please, please, please Sir! . .} I hook a leg around yours, for leverage, to join our bodies. . .

“There’s  plenty more cum for you tonight, slut. When I decide the  time is right I will fuck you senseless and allow you to have my cum.  After you earn it again.’
“Yes, Sir, Master.”  My need to cum is acute, making it hard to concentrate. You see that and start ramming your fingers fast and deep.

“You may cum at will, my pet.  Cum for me, show me love.  Cum.’
I explode like a bomb,  screaming oh my fucking god  oh god oh my god— a gush of cum running down my legs.
“That’s my Girl ! . . you dirty whore!   You skanky fucking slut. .  Good Girl!’  
You know I get  so hot when you call me slut, whore and pisswhore, and the rest,  it’s the same when  I’m  called your Good Girl,  so that just kept me cumming longer!  You are laughing.

As I come back to earth you instruct me to stand back to the wall, hands behind me and ankles crossed–and to not move. 
“Be perfectly still now, no movement or sound.  Understand me,  whore?’  
I nod yes. 
‘I let you have your fun,  you earned your reward tonigt, the guys at the concert pissing on you, and then I gave you my fuck-cum.  Now we start over, to earn your next reward.  That means doing whatever I demand, as always, so that I am pleased.  You know the consequences for failure to obey me or  to please me.”
I nod yes.      ( usually a whipping,  then isolation for punishment.)

Suddenly you are on me,  biting my neck again and twirling  your finger on my clit. . . and then with the tip of your cock, sliding easily in the cum all around my pussy. (Oh hell ! . . .  you sure enjoy torturing my  obedience–and self-control ! I know you are trying to make me cum again while I ‘m still throbbing down there.)
‘Oh your pussy is steaming, you hot little whore.  You cum-whore, all you want is cock and cum.  Just a fuckhole.  Isn’t that right– you fuckhole ?’  
I nod yes, smiling.

You continue sliding the wet tip of your cock over my clit–testing me hard  to be still and silent.  But my deep need to obey your authority prevails, I can’t be any other way.  I want what you want–my loving  and absolute obedience.  You are my Master.

“You’re doing very well, my little fuck slut.  I expect nothing less from you.  Good Girl.’  You put the tip of your cock to my wet pussy and press hard–oh god– but my legs are locked as ordered. Still you persist,  forcefully penetrating me about 3 inches. . .god help me !
Then suddenly you are off me , and gone. 

A few minutes later you return. “Whore, I have something for you!’
I’m startled by a rush of your hot piss directed to my clit– oh god in heaven,  I can’t bear this. You know I crave the gift of your piss and am helpless against it. Beyond the reach of my control or mind-set, my body is in charge now.  I panic,  feeling the telltale  sparkly beginning of an orgasm.  I stiffen my body to not move, and mentally gag myself for silence—it was going to happen.  Still the glorious piss keeps coming. . .and coming.

Being totally  immobile seems to drive my  involuntary response with added intensity.
I push back against the wall, imagining myself tightly bound  to it so I can not move.  That also keeps me from stumbling in my dizziness  as I cum with a force surprizing to me.  But I do not move !
If you are  watching closely  you can see the outward signs of contractions.  If so, you don’t say,  and after all,  you had not forbidden me to cum.

 “Oh what a Good Girl  piss-whore you  are!  I know that was a rough test for you.
I  am very, very  pleased !  Good  Girl, Good Girl!’  

Your praise always has a certain effect in me, making me instantly hot.  You knew that,  and used it  to prolong  this  terrible test.  You can be so cleverly diabolical !   My body  continued its  response, with a smaller orgasm after the last.  And   you keep on pushing me with praise, so that I cum yet again,  smaller now.  

‘At  ease, soldier. My nasty little  slutty soldier.’  As I relax at last, you  hand  me  a  cold beer and towels to clean and dry myself, as I  dripped cum and piss.   I  hear mens’ voices nearby but can’t get the words.

”Good Girl, my best Good Girl whore.   I want you to be a Good Girl for me now.’
“Yes, Master. I’m your Good Girl’. . but I’m puzzled as to what you mean.
Again you whispered for me to be your Good Girl, then said :

‘I have some friends here who want to see for themselves my gem of a submissive .
They watched you cum for me  but they  don’t believe my  claim of your devotion to me as your Master- -your single-minded  eagerness  and need to please me,  to keep me happy. I know your devotion is real,  that you need for me to be proud of you.  I am  proud of you,  when you  obey me in submission and  do as  I say,  at all times,  always.
You  will  please me now  by  servicing  my friends,  doing  whatever they want you to do.  I will be watching– no one will hurt you.  But know that you are here to be used.  You will  take it all, doing anything and everything expected and demanded of you.  I require this,    I demand your obedience on this,  make no mistake.
This is how my  Good Girl will  please me now– by being  a whore for my friends.  Do not   embarrass me.  Do not disappoint me.’

‘Yes, Master.  I am your Good Girl.’ { I never want to disappoint you !}

I’m led into the building. I hear mens’ animated voices, getting  louder when they see me presented.  You tell me to drink something before beginning, handing me a beer and ordering me to chug it.  I do as told.  Then you secured my wrist and  ankle cuffs in  4-point  restraint and the  O-ring gag is strapped on,  forcing my mouth open.  The men waiting for me were clearly excited,  obvious from their comments.

The first customer didn’t speak to me.   He straddled my chest  to tentatively feed  his cock into the O-ring.  Judging by the sounds he made  I doubt if he had ever experienced anything at all close to this,  having a  restrained, gagged whore a prisoner for his  cock and  sexual whims, there for the taking.  Unexpectantly that thought aroused me,  with a strong desire to suck his cock good,  to give him an unforgettable experience.  In the gag  all  I could do was to play with my tongue a bit –he responded by growing his cock  bigger and harder, with sounds of totally aroused pleasure.
At your service, mister!  . (I’ll bet his wife never sucked his cock, never.)

He withdrew to rub the head of his cock at my pussy, but quickly recalled the rule of condom use for penetration. He frantically fumbled with it, the head still close to its target, until the moment of no return was upon him.  Abandoning the condom, he forcefully entered me just in time to unload his cum. . and plenty of it !
The other men cheered him.  I know you are watching, and wonder what you are thinking.

He kept saying ‘oh god–oh god–oh god’, as if he hadn’t been laid in ten tears. His cock was slow to deflate and he moaned his pleasure, fucking me after cumming, hard and fast, grunting, then slowly, as if he was making love. He didn’t want it to end. I later learned it was his birthday –you wanted him to have what he wanted and never got–that was the thought that evolved into tonight’s activities.

The next guy straddled me for his mouthfuck indulgence  while making those overblown statements a man with an  overly inflated opinion of himself says. . ‘Here’s a REAL man, here’s a REAL cock for you, whore–you should be begging me for my big cock’–the kind of guy who thinks of women as only fuck-hole cunts.
‘I’ll show you how a real man fucks a cunt, how a real man rules a skank whore with his cock’, he said.   He pressed a hand to my throat and his other bunched my hair to yank my head up and forward.  He vigorously fucked my throat as I gurgled for breath –it was an absolute hostility sparking from him.
As he sprayed his sour cum on my hair and face, up my nose– he informed me loudly  what a worthless pile of stinking shit I am –just a stinking fuckhole  cunt.
{ oh, how sweet!  Every woman’s dream! . . Master ?!  Is this creature a friend of yours?  Why ? . . I wonder. } .


You call ‘break’ and the men are directed to another room. Once gone, you remove my blindfold and gag, release the restraints and clean the sour cum from my face.  I see that we’ve been in someone’s garage.  You have planned and prepared for this with your friends. The mattress for my fucking is on a platform with eye-bolts for restraint anchored in the corners,  made just for this occasion. 

Not really a fun experience overall for me so far, but no matter.  I’m not here for my fun, only yours.  The goal and purpose is your satisfaction and happiness in your use of me, with every desire indulged and fulfilled for your pleasure — whatever form it might take.  Right now it is being used by other men.  This is my purpose,  and any personal pleasure I may derive is merely a by-product of my function.
You laughed, and twisted my nipples . . .

“Now you know for sure  you’re a whore, being fucked by strange men!  You’re not done yet,  we’ve just begun.  You’re gonna be used all night long, for the cumdump whore you are.
All night,  for whatever we want,  for as long as we want.” 

“Yes, Master, anything to please you.”

You handcuffed me and led me outside to a patio.
‘Now you are going to piss for us. You can’t see them,  but they all will see you, my whore pissing in humiliation for everyone to see. ‘
You order me to squat on the patio, and hold my piss until your permission is given. I try my very best to hold it but fail, as you knew I would.  I’m kept in the squat, my feet in the pool of my piss, as you retrieve your flogger.  You command me to stand and bend over.

‘You do as I say, at all times, always, or suffer the consequences. This is for your disobedience‘  you say, landing blows to my ass—but your voice was not harsh.
“Yes, Master, please forgive me.” .

‘You are forgiven, you have weaknesses. But disobedience earns punishment.’
‘‘Yes, Sir, thank you, Master.’

For show you administer several strikes with the small whip, reddening my ass. It arouses you, and me as well.  I don’t seek out pain like some, but gladly accept any you put on me in your judgment, because it shows me who’s boss and it makes me feel closer to you– useful;  a clear and direct way to please you in my service.

‘Kneel down to me and suck my cock, bitch.  I want to show off my whore.’
‘Yes, Master, thank you!’
I hear your friends laughing. They have been watching all behind the dark windows in the garage.  Comments, raw and lewd,  are made about my cock-sucking, as when they watched me piss.  They are greatly enjoying this unique experience of debauchery in all its aspects–their own actions, as well as vocalizing their approval in seeing  you  Be The Man,  dominating your bitch.

I lick the head slowly, very slowly, to tease you. The guys like that–it’s obvious each wishes it was his own cock, getting what I’m giving.  I must admit that I am now enjoying  ‘performing’, knowing it fuels their arousal,  and yours.
I’m surprized that it turns me on to be watched.  I like it– it makes me feel like a Dirty Slut, and
I like it. They want me. They all want to fuck me,  to use me in their depravity,  and I  want  them  to  use  me –to  please you. 
 I know you are enjoying their envy, that I belong  to you,  and  shall do anything that you want me to do. . . anything.

I think I hear one of the guys jacking off as I slide my tongue down your stiff cock, down to your throbbing balls. Enough with the teasing– you hold my head and fuck my mouth fast and hard, with the loud encouragement of the guys. Then you pull out, and spray your hot cum on my breasts, marking your property, calling me your  dirty cum-whore.  The guys like that—I do too!
‘Thank you, thank you, Master!’

‘Oh, I’m not even close to being done with you– this is just the beginning,  you slut!’
“Yes, Sir.’

‘Hey guys– this one’s a piss-whore on top of being a cock-whore and cum-slut.  While  we are all outside,  anyone want to unload their piss on her ?’
 . .’Fuck, yeah! ‘ – ‘Let me at her! ‘ – ‘I’ll be first !’- ‘Oh hell yes!’ – ‘Piss on it then fuck it!’. . 
‘Oh  you’d  love  that,  wouldn’t  you,  piss-whore?’
‘I  would, yes, Sir ! Please, Master !’

‘Beg  me, bitch.’
I assume the position of forehead to the ground from my kneeling position.
‘Sir, I  beg of you to  please allow me  this gift.  I beg of you, Master.  Please, Master.’
There is a  long silence from you,  as your friends urge you on. It’s clear to see they are wound up tight about this,  so ready  for  fresh  debauchery! 

 ‘No.  You haven’t earned the privilege yet. You have a long road ahead of you still. ‘
‘Sorry  guys, but next time for sure.’  That didn’t go over well with any of us, but He is the Boss.
“Yes, Sir,  thank you,  Master.’
I guess you weren’t kidding before when you said you could go all night. I’m guessing it must be around 2:00 am by now!  You order me to stand, legs spread, to face the dark window that shields your friends—you want me seen naked in humiliation for strangers, with your cum dripping down my body.  I don’t think you realize that I am now immersed in this depravity, that I am enjoying ‘performing’ for your friends, enjoying their staring at me and their crude comments.  But aside from my own twisted satisfaction,  the strongest reason that I know it is bringing you pleasure,  and  that is what is most important to me!  Success in pleasuring you  is my reward and fulfillment.

You leave me in my displayed position and disappear into the garage for a few minutes without speaking to me.  When you return I am blindfolded again, then told to open wide.  But instead of the O-ring gag, you shove a rubber cock-dildo deep in my mouth,  to the point of gagging in my throat.  You say  ‘take it, take it’  as you  push it in and out a few times, leaving it in my throat as you tease me with the tip of your cock.
{I want you so bad this instant ! . .Oh god, please, please Fuck me. . ‘}
our friends are laughing,  you are as well, in that slightly sadistic way that  I  have come to know.

I am pulled backwards by the handcuff chain into the garage again.  I know better than to move from where you leave me.   A door opens and  the guys come back in.  I still don’t know  how many of them  are here.  You attach the  handcuff chain to something solid and begin  fucking my throat deeply with the dildo, harder,  and ferociously,  delighting in your dark power.  I’m struggling to catch my  breath. You say nothing.
I know the gagging excites you. I want nothing more than to please you despite my discomfort,  but it’s not easy for me.  
I understand it logically, that it’s a loud and clear way to enjoy imposing your  power over me.  It shows that you can make me choke on your cock but still I want it—that you can do anything you want to me in your darkest whims, and I will take it all in my obedient submission.

You’ve signaled the guys to come close for a good look at  what you’re doing.  Someone pinches my clit a few times, hard.  I can’t help but  open my legs more and  push my pussy forward, inviting the pinches. Laughter. Someone else slides two twisting fingers into my ass. Everyone here wants to do something dramatic and outrageous to me, the slut and whore, showing off  for the others, yet anonymous to me.
You remove the dildo from my mouth, wet with my drool, and replace the O-ring gag, then you
 pinch my nipples good and hard, repeatedly with both hands. Anonymous fingers pinch my clit again. then stroke it, teasing it.  I try not to flinch when you attach the clamps. I don’t like the clamps,  but I know it’s fun for you,  so I endure the pain for your pleasure– because you want me to.
You like it that I make that personal sacrifice for my obedience–it pleases you– and pleasing you  makes me happy,  aside from  it  being my  duty. My clit is throbbing,  hungry for more attention.

I am positioned again in the 4-point restraint, spread and exposed–helpless. Immediately a stiff cock is  forced into my  opened mouth  and  I’m  used as  a cum- dump.  Another cock, rather large,  is shoved forcefully up my pussy.  It is wearing a condom and the previous deposit of cum lubricates the pounding.  He fucks with no finesse, just pounding like a neanderthal.  The one in my mouth sprays cum on my face as the owner grunts like a hog.
In quick succession another cock assaults my pussy, another man straddles me for a facefuck,  and yet another cock sprays its load over my belly as its owner kneels to jack off on me.  I am an object to be used.

Through all this I’m aware of almost complete silence.  It’s unsettling.  The one sound I do hear is that of a camera shutter, numerous times–mementos of the  Big Night, I suppose.  Unknown to me you have instructed your friends to  maintain silence,  to add to my sense of  shock,  or anticipation,  or fear of the unknown- -of whatever may come.

Break time again–for them. I remain helpless in restraint as their footsteps leave the room.
A door closes, then total silence. I don’t know why I suddenly feel frightened. I want Master. I’m so fucking exhausted from the long and rigorous submission and quickly sink into sleep.

I’m awakened by an anonymous hot wet tongue on my clit.  Oh good god! –he sure knew his way around down there!  You and the others were laughing,  and you said
“You do not have permission to cum,  you dirty slut.  Understood?”
“Yes, Master.”. . (oh hell!)

I figured out that you  put this guy on me,  licking me, to  test and  demonstrate  my total obedience. You are well aware how difficult it would be for me to resist the over-whelming need to cum.  It was so, so difficult! — but I succeeded in keeping myself at a certain level, below the danger zone. The man had  exceptional talent and seemed  intent of making me cum, perhaps on  your order,  but my extreme drive to obey my Master prevailed.  I‘m  your  Good  Girl . 

My restraints are released and the clamps are undone– causing knife-like pains as the blood rushes back into the area.  I am then forced into a bend-over position  on a simple wooden chair.  My ankles are tied to the legs,  my  wrists to the front legs.  Without delay my head is raised by pulling my hair, and a not-very-big cock slides into the O. “. . . oh yeah, fuck yeah, oh fuck yes ! ” said too loud, almost  shouting.  The owner is so excited by his turn with the whore that he shoots his load almost immediately into my throat.
I spit it out.  I  was  told later he was the teenage  son  of one  of the men. He and his father think  that  this  tonight  makes  him  a  Man.
I’m startled when an unknown object  slides into my ass,  maybe a pen or  utensil handle. It’s wiggled deeper into me and left there.  It’s a discomfort and I moan a little,  then feel the sharp sting of the flogger across my ass.  The strikes are  bearable, and  become constant  at a steady, rhythmic pace,  continuing for 20 or 30 minutes, I’m guessing.  I don’t even know who is manning the flogger,  but I  think Master  would  not allow  anyone else  to have the flogger.

It doesn’t hurt in the same way it has in the past,  in fact it feels  oddly good, and with increasing pleasure as it continues on and on.  I’m feeling a little giddy and light-headed, kind of like I’m floating.  This is great!   I feel high,  and just very incredibly happy serving him,  under his control and command.  I want this forever!   I honor him as a Man and Master,  with an absolute  purity of heart in service to  his  needs and desires, his pleasures.   It  is  my  joy.
I‘m feeling  dizzy.  { yes Master yes Master .  . um. . pure heart. . . sure,  the joy, yes.  . . yes Master yes Master yes Master. . love Master my Master yes. . . I’m  so dizzy. . what time is it . . .}

I’m vaguely aware of the group now gathered in close, but still  the spooky silence. The flogging has stopped and now a huge hot cock slides along my ass—-oh yes ! then claims its rightful home in a rear entry, ‘doggy style’.  There is no mistaking it — this is Master !   This is my earned reward, at last,  for being  cumslut whore  to all,  for being submissive to his every dark desire, and  obedient  at  all times,  always.
 {  yes yes thank you Master  yes Master thank you Master yes Master.}

The silence is broken. You say: .
‘Watch me fuck my whore, she does anything  I want,  does everything  I tell her to do!  Watch me fuck my whore !’

You pound your throbbing cock deep and hard., claiming me. You are at your best when owning your dominance, and you were making  a statement to each man here : I allowed you to use my whore, but she belongs to me.  I Take it,  it’s MINE. I Own  her ass !.

You continue your use of me, fucking me relentlessly with your dominant strength and force,  as I raise up to your cock as best I can, while tied down. I  want to never let your cock go !  If I were not restrained  I know I would float to the ceiling!

Still powered by the Viagra, you keep hard and keep fucking vigorously for what feels like a long, long time.  Your friends are vocal again, with lewd encouragement.  One grunts—he’s jacking off and shoots his slimy load to the side of my face.  You keep pounding your cock, ferociously,  as far as you can push it,  not letting up. From far away I hear you say  —  I own your ass slut you fucking whore it’s mine  mine whore I own you you’re mine you’re mine
{ . yours yes Master . . own me yes Master . . I love your cock  yes thank you Master yes Master.}

You pull my head up and bite my neck when you finally explode your enormous load of sweet cum into me, squirting over and over until it oozes from me and runs down my legs.
Just seeing your cum ooze and drip never fails to greatly excite you. Your friends cheer the performance.   Someone says- I wanna fuck it now — there is laughter.
My body feels so strange, as if there were electric current surging through me–like ‘pop-rocks’ traveling my veins.  I’m dizzy.  { . . What time is it, I wonder . . My Master. . I am yours . . .yours . .  thank you yes Master all for you yes Master . . I’m thirsty}

My arms and legs are released from the restraints and you push me down to my knees. You’ve ordered me to finger myself then suck your cum from my fingers. That excites the men and several are pumping their cocks to jack off again.  You remove the O-ring,  a huge relief,  and  put your cock to my mouth,  it’s understood that I am to lick the cum from it.  Then you slap my face once, to signal  ‘open wide’  and take your semi-hard cock.   You go down as far as possible, holding steady there, well into my throat.  
{ yes Master thank you  for your Cock  yes Master }

“You love my cock, you crave my cock, you worship my perfect cock.” A statement of  fact.
“Tell me.”
“Yes Master, yes.  I love your cock. Yes. I  love your cock.  I love your cock. . I worship your cock. as holy.  Yes  Sir. . Yes  Sir Master, worship your cock, . . thank you Master. .  worship Master’s cock,  I want it. . . I want it , yes  Sir Master. ”

You say something to me that  I don’t understand,  it seems  distorted and muffled and far away. You’ve noticed that I’m rambling almost incoherently when speaking  and  acting  somewhat strangely.  I start to giggle.
I feel a sensation of floating and  my head is spinning.  I’m so dizzy and feel like I’m in outer space, bouncing and twirling  in the blackness.   { I wonder what time  it is .  . I love your cock Sir . . .yes Sir Master worship your cock  love Master yes Sir. . I’m hungry . . yes Master yes Master}.  . 

You’ve told your friend  the birthday-boy  to get behind me, to steady me with his arms around my waist. He sweetly kissed my neck and  whispered  that he wished I was his girl. 
More words I don’t understand,  as if in a different language.  His cock is stiff as can be–
I feel him throbbing  hot and wet now,  as he slides it  along my ass to below, back and forth, from behind.  He can’t help it, he says,  whispering. . . he wants me so badly, he says.   I hear words but can’t comprehend their meaning. 

Master sees  what his  friend is doing.
“Sure, keep on, dude !  It’s your birthday,  go for it,  take what you want now , before it’s gone. You  wanna fuck her again or take her ass?  Do whatever you want to.  That’s what she’s here for !’

Your friend says nothing,  but  slides his cock into me  from the rear.   He moans, kissing my neck,  whispering  intimately   ‘I need you so bad,  I  want you forever. . .’
{ cock oh yes  cock  hard  cock . .  I love your hard cock  Master thank you Master. . yes Sir Master your gift. .  thank you, yes, yes Master}  . . . I’m so spaced out  that  I can’t realize  another man is  behind me now,  fucking me. 

’Guys –watch this now — she cums on demand,  and only for me !   Here we go !’
I’m startled by a  powerful vibrator applied to my pussy, and Master commanding me to cum.

“Now.  Cum  now, whore.  CUM FOR ME. ”

I  hear your voice, muffled and distant as I  spin and tumble through space, streaks of color swirling around me,  with a sound like  the wind  through the pines — a   spectacular immensely intense experience.  It seemed to go on forever, the electric sparking,  spinning through the stars, riding an endless wave.  {YES Master YES Master YES oh god YES  YES  Master YES }

I was told later that I was unresponsive for about 20 minutes. I had tried to speak, nothing came out.  Then I forgot what I wanted to say.  I  was  so deep in  the altered reality of subspace that I didn’t even realize until later that I‘d had the longest, most extreme orgasm of my life.

                                                                                              ~~~~~  revised  April 2014   —-

●’Dungeon Girls’ ~ 6 video links ~ bdsm

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And-Stockings -Whipped-By-Master-In-The-Dungeon?utm_source=referrer&utm_medium=ref&utm_campaign=t1


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(be aware of  ‘livejasmine.com’  pop-under)

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5}    the Fucking Machine    9+ minutes. Tied down for forced orgasms
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●A Memorable First Date {fiction}

 ● A  Memorable  First  Date                    . . . © Quinn 2011/2015
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . .  blindfold    

I  am  dressed to meet  you in the manner you require-–appropriate for an elegant  public place but with ease of access for you, at your whim. I am excited to be with you and  greatly anticipating  the evening !
I‘m wearing a nice black Evan Picone blazer over a collarless, scooped-necked, buttoned red blouse which shows a hint of my ample cleavage. My black skirt is a modest enough length–4″ above the knee, buttons up one side and a generous slit concealed in the back. For you I wear black suede heels, simple with a flower of studded black leather.  They are  uncomfortable–I do not  like  wearing  heels–but 
they look good and I know that you will like that I wore them for you. Under it all, black thigh-highs [as always] and a corset-thong set in red and black.

I see your obvious approval  of my clothing when you first lay eyes on me and that in itself  excites me–a good start to the evening.  During dinner you tell me in a low voice to un-do  three buttons of the skirt, unseen under the table, as well as the top two buttons of the blouse. We are in a secluded booth away from other diners, but you will not embarrass me or yourself by taking my compliance too far in public. 

Instead you progress verbally, telling me that you would un-do another two blouse buttons, exposing my pushed-up breasts for your visual consumption. Then you tell me you would have me spread my legs in their black thigh-highs, as I un-do more buttons, exposing my barely-covered pussy area. And you state what you would do with the exposed whore  before you–fucking it senseless–were we not in a public place. I am quite excited–I just want to leave from the restaurant right now and be taken and claimed by your dominance !
But you take your sweet time, dawdling over dessert and coffee.  You are making me crazy, Sir! Of course it’s all calculated on your part, secure in your authority over me and delighting  in your ability to provoke reactions in me. 

After what seems like forever we are at last in your room. You circle me with your strong arms and kiss me deeply. I am already wet from my arousal at dinner. The kiss arouses me further yet, with butterfly flip-flops in my  stomach. You pull away, taking in the whole picture visually, then order me to sit on the bed and do as you’d said at dinner, undoing more buttons. I happily comply, four more on the blouse and six on the skirt, with my legs spread, to expose my assets for your approval.

Slut–you say, smiling.  Again:  You slut whore.  Are you a slut whore–my slut whore?
Yes, Sir.’
  I like it when  he says that, it gets me hot !

You remove your jacket and tie, loosen your collar, remove your belt. A hard-on is obvious in your pants. You know I am staring there and you smile to yourself; a sly smile, as if thinking of a private joke.  You are aware of my desire to please you with a dedicated cock-sucking, but you have made it clear beforehand that I must earn the privilege of  pleasing  you in  that way,  as a preface to earning the privilege of you fucking me.

You delight in the thought of creating difficulty for me, to test my resolve.  Because you have taken me as your submissive, I know and have implicitly agreed to the reality that you can,  and probably will, throw any number of challenges my  way–just  because  you  can  and  it  amuses  you.
I feel that you can see into my head when you tell me that you sense a particular fear that I have–a fear and desire in darkness at the same time–to experience anal. You seem to know  already  that  I  am an  ‘ass-virgin’,  and run with it.

You  say:  Remove your clothing –except for the thigh-highs and corset, and  lay face down on  my bed.  Do  not  look  at  me. Do  as  told. 

I comply, of course, with growing anticipating mixed with a definite anxiety, almost a dread. I trust in my deepest heart he would never want to harm me—I know it. But still I am afraid of anal, I’ve always been somewhat repulsed by the thought of  it. And I am afraid it will hurt more than I can take, and not be at all erotic to me–disappointing him. I realize many men want this, for the tightness as well as it being the ultimate domination act.  For these reasons, wanting to please him, I want to be able to do this for him. 

I lie there, legs spread, waiting . .and waiting. You are silent, but I hear you removing  your clothing. You pour a drink, you put  on some music. I do not look your way or  speak but I wish you would just get on with it, get it over with.
I am ordered to  ‘assume  the  position –face – down–ass -up’.
I hear you behind me on the bed, at the vee between my spread legs. I am both excited and scared, anxious. You lean over me, your knees spreading my thighs further and the tip of your cock in contact with a cheek.
You whisper to my ear, lowly:

Do you truly want to please me, to surrender and submit to me?– will you do whatever I want  of  you?
A whispered answer :  ‘Yes  Sir.’
Say it out loud,  you say.
Yes, Sir,  I do, I will,  Sir.’
Good Girl.  You want to be my Good Girl, don’t you?  My Good Girl who earns what she wants from me ?
 ‘Yes, Sir, I’m  a Good Girl !’ 

You sit back, playing with my ass cheeks, spreading them some, then slapping my ass  a  few times.
You like that,  don’t you, slut ?
‘Yes,  Sir.’
Tell me truthfully,  you do not really want me to fuck your ass, do you?
‘No, Sir. ‘ You strike my ass sharply several times.. . it hurt !

Then you were dishonest when you agreed that you would do whatever I wanted of you. Is  that a correct statement?
‘No, it’s not. I very much want to please you. I answered honestly, Sir. You make it seem like I am lying to you. S I R.’

A hand is placed to the small of my back for restraint and the other hand spanks me hard  and fast.  Not an erotic spank, but stinging, burning punishing strikes. 
You know the consequences for running that sassy mouth, slut- (the strikes continue). I will not tolerate your disrespect or lying, this goes without saying. 

Silent tears are streaking my face at the punishing pain, and that you are displeased with  me.
‘Yes, Sir. Thank you. Sir. .I’m sorry, Sir, for insolence and disrespect. I’m sorry, please  forgive me,  Sir.’
It matters little to me if you say you are sorry–words are easy. Understand that your integrity is damaged from your disrespect of me.  You shall take a lesson from this. Now turn over  and sit up.

The strikes have stopped; my skin is on fire. I sit up, the tears still flowing.  You hold me close and whisper :
No more tears.  Be a Good Girl.  We move on now.
‘Yes, Sir, thank you,  Sir. Thank you.’
You kiss me again,  a real ‘make-out’ kiss that fuels a new surge in my  arousal.  

‘Sir,  permission to speak freely?’
Yes, tell me what you want me to know.
‘Sir, may I pleasure you now by sucking your cock? Sir?’
You reply : Oh, you will – I require it, to be sure, but you’re not there yet. 

[Fuck !  what do I have to do for that ??— but it stays in my head this time.
I almost sassed again as a reflex, but managed to hold my tongue. I learn! ]

You say :  I wanted to test your resolve of sincerity with a commitment to submit to an anal fuck. We will address that later, be assured. There is something else that presents a barrier of  fear for you.  I believe I know what it is, but you are to tell me. What do you  think I will require and demand of you, for you to earn my approval?  You are to tell me. Now. 

I don’t know what to do.  I do not want to say it,  that will guarantee it  happening.
I’m starting to rethink this whole thing– why in hell does he need to make it all so difficult  and dramatic?  I just want to suck his beautiful cock to bring him pleasure, and to have  him fuck me however he wishes.  That’s a good deal to me !

I  am waiting:  you  say.  Tell me. Now.
I’m  trying to decide yay or nay,  with your pressure on me muddling my  head.
Stand  up:  you say, taking my arm to lead me to a short hallway.
Do you refuse to comply with my order to tell me?
‘I  just can’t, Sir.’  I feel like I’m near tears again, fighting hard to control it. 

With your grip firm on my arm and your gaze  straight,  excluding me, I am led down the  hall and told  to put my face to the wall.  Your tone of voice is even, a measured  control  in  your displeasure. You release your grip and speak softly to me, your face inches from  mine as you apply a blindfold.  I love blindfolds but this is different.  It is not erotic now– in fact it starts a fear bouncing wildly in my head.  I don’t dare speak.

You say:  You made an agreement to surrender your will to me-voluntarily and by consent. I accepted, and it is mine now,  mine— if you are to be my submissive.  You trust me in my knowledge and judgment to make all decisions, in that I know best what to  do,  always.  Is  this an accurate statement?
‘Yes, Sir.’
Say  that  again.
‘Yes  Sir,  that is accurate.’
Do you wish to have me as your Dom –your Master?
‘Yes, Sir,  please.  I do.’
Very well then,  you will accept my decisions.
‘Yes, Sir,  I will.’
And you acknowledge the disrespect of not complying  with my order?
‘Yes, Sir,  I admit that.’

You command me to turn around. I’m startled by a quick, sharp slap to my face . . followed by a deep kiss and your hard cock grinding on me. . .oh god. Another harder slap, then a quick but skillful tease of my clit. . . oh god please, fuck me now !

You say: 
Disrespect requires a price be paid. It is necessary that you learn the lessons of your mistakes.  So listen closely to me now.  Lace your fingers together behind your head, like a cop would tell you. You are not to speak until spoken to, nor move from that position until I am done with the punishment and I permit you to move and speak. Tell me you understand.
‘Yes, Sir,  I understand,  Sir.’   I am led into a room off the hall. 

I am a little frightened,  and suddenly aroused as well !  I can hear you moving about, then nothing for what seems a long time. I am becoming uncomfortable holding the assigned pose but determined to keep to your order, not from fear but in my absolute need to please you.

.  .  .  then  it   happens .  .  .
You say :  You know you needed for this to happen,  you have earned this punishment.
You are feeling very humiliated now–good, I want that! Yet this arouses you in a confusing way.  You need this.  You know you need it and you want  it.  You love it and crave it, don’t you!  Tell me. Tell me the truth. 

‘Oh  god–Yes,  Sir ! Yes,  Sir! . . oh god  yes, yes, I do need  it,  I do love it ! I need it , I do. .. please, I’m helpless in my surrender to you, Sir.  Yes, thank you, thank you !’ 

I know as truth there is no hiding from you. You know me. I am Yours. You knew that I  needed this, you knew it when I myself did not. I crave your approval,  your touch–I need you above all that I know. I tremble before your rightful dominance. I feel so intensely close to you now, one with you, totally  possessed  and  owned. . .  completed. 

‘Thank you,  thank you.  Sir.’
You kiss me and say you are so proud of  your Good Girl.
I’m glowing . ‘Thank you,  Sir!’
Good Girl– my best Good Girl. Yes. . yes, my sweet slut–my slut whore. You have earned the privilege to be Mine, to serve and please me. You belong to me now.  I own you.  You  are  Mine.  

As you pronounced your ownership of me, I watched your beautiful cock grow and point to heaven in response to what those words defined in you.  And those words shot me like a hot arrow, branding me to my core. . an immediate overwhelming explosion of pure and utter happiness.

You continued :
You will kneel to me now, to honor my rightful dominance with your glorious surrender and submission to me. Put your hands behind your neck, your fingers laced as before. Prove to me you are worthy to serve me– suck my cock, love my cock, worship my cock, the way I tell you – and  don’t stop until told. You want nothing more than to please me, to be my Good Girl, and do as I say at all times.

If you perform to my liking, as I trust you shall. then I will claim what is Mine–your pussy. I will fuck you as you have never known or imagined! . .and when I want it from you,  I will allow you to cum.  This is only the beginning !

 ‘Oh yes, Master ! Thank you for allowing me your cock. I want nothing more in this world,
this moment, than to please 
and serve you, to honor you. Thank you, Master. My  Master.’                                                                                          Q===================================================================Q  

author’s note :  What ‘it’ was – her fear &  her experience  —
is intentionally not specified and not neccesarily what may be assumed.
The reader can use her/his 
own point of  reference.

●Emergence Into Submission.

                                                                                              { I wish I could say I wrote this!}
. . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Emergence into Submission capture

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● A Little Game {fiction}

● A Little Game                                          Oct2010
{ An insecure but loving  Dom and his devoted submissive}


In  our hotel room  I am in restraints in the doorframe  of the
closet, wrists to the corners and legs wide on 
a spreader bar.
After locking me down you slowly 
torment  me by running your
fingers slowly up my legs 
from ankles to  my pussy, but don’t
touch me there.
You kiss me long and sensuously, then slide your
so slowly along my pussy to the clit, circle it, press on it until
I am positively squirming and pleading for your Cock.

Then you back up to sit on the edge of the bed and just watch me
in my agony.
You can be so cruel sometimes, I say.

Be thankful for what you do get, whore.
I’ll tell you what- I’ll allow you to have my Cock if you will play a little game with me…, you say, smiling.
It’s called ‘Free-for-All’, where you must do whatever I demand of you for two hours– no  limits, no safeword, and no talking unless I allow it, except to hear ‘Yes Master’.
Do you still want my Cock, whore?  you say, with a strange grin.

Yes Master.
What are you?
Master’s whore.
Who am I?
My Master.
who am I?  louder.
Who are you?
I thank you for the honor, Master

You are welcome, you nasty slut.You should be grateful and you show
me that you are. A happy whore benefits Me, that is what 
is important here…you say, now very close to my face..then you squeeze my pussy,
pinch my clit,  and you’re out the door.

You are gone for half an hour and I’m beginning to be agitated.
I don’t know what’s going on or what will be commanded to me.
And, I have to piss real bad and sure as hell don’t want to piss
myself here in restraints !

When you return you are pumped up and laughing to yourself.
Your wallet drops from one hand as you offer me some soda
in a cup from the 7-11.

Oh yes, you have no hands at the moment, you say, and hold the
drink to my mouth. Then you extract an ice cube and press it to
my clit. Maybe this will cool off that hot pussy of yours, whore..
would take any cock right about now, you say, laughing.
I’m concentrating on holding my piss.

Yes Master, and permission to speak, I say with urgency.
Please Master, I must piss, badly.

You quickly unhook my wrists and ankles and twist one arm behind
my back as you lead me to the bathroom. I wait for you to leave but
you don’t. I’m embarrassed to piss in front of you but now that’s
secondary. I just have to piss so bad and right now . .aahhh, relief!

Wipe good then wash yourself with the washcloth, you say.
Yes Master, thank you.
And what are you?
Your whore, Master.
What kind of whore are you?
I am a disgusting dirty whore, Master.
Yes, you are, remember that always.
Yes Master.
You are one lucky whore to have me as your Master.
Yes I am, Master.
What is a whore good for?
Sucking and fucking, Master.
And what else?
Nothing, Master.
The correct answer, slut. Good for you !
Thank you, Master.

You know, whore, Master in his power could have demanded that
you piss yourself, like a baby. Maybe you would cry over that, just
like a helpless baby.
Yes Master.
Are you a helpless baby or a helpless whore.?
I am a helpless whore, Master.
And what does that mean for Master?

‘A helpless whore is totally under Master’s power and command,
and Master shall do anything and everything He desires and pleases–
with me, to me, on me, or in me, as His Right.’

Very well done. You please me in recalling a past lesson. Master is
pleased with your skanky whore ass – for the moment.

I don’t believe I will ever forget the exact wording to recite, after
the punishments I’d taken when first failing to memorize it as
commanded. Master can be very strict when necessary !

You give me a sweet and sexy kiss, a long one, and it spikes my arousal.
You spit on your finger and tease my clit with it. God I want you to fuck
me so bad, and you know it !

The whore wants Master’s Cock, yes?
Oh yes, Master ! Please, Master, may I have your Cock?
When Master decides you may, a whore does not decide when.
Is that 
understood, you fucking cunt ?? This is about Me, Me and
only Me – –
and he gave me a sharp slap to the face. He laughed.

Yes Master. Thank you, Master.
Bitch likes that, doesn’t she?
The slap really stung, but it excited me as well.
Yes Master.
He slapped me again and harder–this one hurt!

Bitch loves Master. Bitch loves Master’s Cock and will do
anything to get Master’s Cock.. Anything.
It was not a question but a statement of fact, understood.

Yes Master, yes.
Then bend over and stick a finger in your ass.
I did as commanded.
If Master demands it, you will piss yourself for him.
Yes Master.

It pleases and delights me me that you will debase yourself at my whim,
to earn the honor of Master’s Cock.   I  own  you,  body and soul.
You are mine– fucking MINE!

You were aroused yourself by this, I could see, as you unzipped and
dropped your pants to reveal your Perfect Cock, wet at the tip and
rock-solid – pointing straight up.

You want Master to fuck you. You love Master’s Cock. You crave Master’s
Cock. You beg for Master to fuck you like a dirty dog, you said..
Again, a statement of pure fact.
Yes, yes Master.!

Now- let the game begin. Do you want my Cock, bitch?
Yes Master.
Do you want it real bad, like a whore does?
Yes Master.
Are you agreed to earn that privilege?
Yes Master.
Are you my whore?
Yes Master.
Are you my filthy whore?
Yes Master.

Do you trust Master?
Yes Master.
Do you love Master?
Yes Master.
Good Girl. You may respond, slut.

Thank you Master. I desire only to please you in whatever ways I may.
Your pleasure is my pleasure– always, I say.
I feel a little light-headed and high from being called your Good Girl-
that does it every time.
You kiss me long and passionately and it arouses me so much when
you press your hard Cock to me….I want you to fuck me so badly !

Kneel to me and suck my Cock, whore.

You are hard, throbbing, fucking my mouth and pulling me in by my hair,
but withdraw before cumming. You tell me your Cum will be a privilege
withheld for a later reward. I try to hide my disappointment.
You order me to stand to tell you what I am thinking that instant.
I tell you that I crave to have your Cum in me, Master. It is a high honor
that makes me feel loved.

I can see how that is true for a fucking cunt like you are. It IS an honor
and don’t forget that, you say, while pinching my nipples, hard.
Yes, Master.

You then blindfold me and spin me around and around 5 times, so that
I am dizzy. You hold me steady, your arm at my waist, as you open the door
and push me out. I hear metal clinking on metal, and wonder what’s going on.

I know I’m outside of the room now, and naked! Luckily we are in a secluded
part of the hotel. I can’t imagine going anywhere like this and can’t even
guess what you have in mind.

Do you love Master?
Yes Master.
Do you love Master’s Cock, whore?
Yes Master.
You will do anything to get Master’s Cock, won’t you, slut?
Yes Master.
Anything I command you to do?
Yes Master.
Do you trust Master?
Yes Master.
Do you love Master and desire to please him?
Yes Master.
Do you love Master? Respond.

Yes Master, very very much, I want only to give you happiness and pleasure
by doing 
anything and everything you want and demand of me. I love you.

Good answer, now tell me –loudly- who am I?
And — loudly– who am I and what are you?

In the distance I hear voices of several men, some laughing. I hope they
can’t see me ! I feel embarrassed but Master knows what he’s doing.

Tell me again, bitch, good and loud..

Aaahh, music to my ears. Very good. . and don’t forget that, ever.
Give me both of your hands.

As I do, handcuffs are quickly snapped onto both wrists –this is the metal sound I heard. Each cuff is snapped onto a rope loop secured at the top
of the walkway, apparently installed for this occasion.
I can’t 
believe I’m outside like this, naked and restrained !

Your Cock is free from your zipper and so hard as you move behind me and
slide it along my pussy a few times. Oh god, he’s gonna fuck me out in public,
I say to myself. . . yet  the thought is strangely exciting.  I can’t help the high arousal overtaking me.

You click a handcuff to each ankle, fastening one to an eyebolt you discreetly
installed earlier in the door frame, and the other to the bottom rail of the
walkway. This spreads my legs as wide as they go and I’m quite wet now.
I hear footsteps diminishing–you’ve walked away !
Then–scuffling sounds and voices heard but I can’t make out the words.
I’m confused about what is happening– I was thinking you would fuck me, but you’ve walked off somewhere.

Suddenly the mens’ voices I heard are close and now I do hear the words, 
crude and vulgar comments— about me !

-She’s a whore, allright, look at her.
-I’d love to fuck that ass !
-Check it out, her pussy is dripping !
-Hey cunt- I got something for ya, right here !
-Bitch will call me daddy when I’m done with her !

Laughter. Oh my god, I have a very bad feeling. Where is Master,
he will save me from this….

Master had been keeping silent, and right beside me, it turned out..
He whispered to me –Relax baby, I’m right here. He put his hand
to my pussy and shoved two fingers in, then three; a  vigorous invasion. .                                  . then forcefully thrust his Cock deep into me.

He said in a low voice, Who am I ? Who am I ?

You are My Master.
I felt I was about to cry.

I am your Master, whore. Who am I ? I am your fucking Master!

The men were hooting and encouraging Master as he fucked me in
front of them. Being blindfolded I could only hear them. I wanted to
crawl away and hide forever. But my body had ideas of its own. . .
it was glorious to have Master’s Cock in me at last..yes!

Master growled to me – whore loves Master’s Cock. You worship it
as a holy thing, as you should. Tell me now how much you love
Master’s Cock. . .
As he spoke he increased the thrusting, really fucking me but good !

Oh Master yes, yes , yes, I love your Cock ! Thank you ! I love you Master.
I know you do, you fucking whore, you piece of shit cumslut.

The men laughed, and continued with their lewd remarks. What the
hell were they doing here anyway, for Master to fuck me in front
of them? But my focus was elsewhere at the moment,  Master giving
me the supreme gift of his Cock.

Master said, My rule stands – you will not cum until I command it.
He stopped his thrusting cold to say, You heard me, say it.

I will not cum without Master’s permission.
I will not cum without Master’s permission.
I will not cum without Master’s permission.
That’s right, you dirty nasty slut.

But Master answers to no one – and with that he thrust his fat Cock
deep into me and made a sound of primal pleasure as he shot his
hot, sweet river of Cum into me. God it felt so, so good– I was having
trouble not to cum, but I was able to control myself, barely.
I did not want to suffer his displeasure and its consequences as I did
the last time I could not obey that command !
He slid a finger in my ass and with his other hand twirled a finger on my
clit to taunt me as he withdrew. I needed to cum so bad !

I felt the thick Cum dripping from me as I heard a scraping sound.
Master had dragged a chair to me and stood on it, shoving his Cock to
my mouth and ordered me to lick him clean. I never did like that part
but he is Master.

Lick it, whore. Lick your nasty juice back into yourself, you fucking cunt.
Yes Master.
You need to cum, don’t you, slut?
Yes Master.
Too fucking bad, whore. I decide when you will cum. Master says when.
And if. Not the filthy whore– you have no decisions.
Yes Master.
Do you wish to say something to Master?
Yes Master. Thank you for fucking me, thank you for your Cock.

Of course, whore . I deem you worthy of my gift. You show the proper
respect and reverence that is My Right. You’re a good whore, and
today a very Good Girl.
Oh Master, thank you. Thank you.

I could feel those tears inching up.

I heard him talking in a low voice to the men, still there with eyes wide
and  crotches bulging. Some laughter and their voices raising. . they were
quite excited by watching Master fuck his whore in public.

Then Master was at my ear, saying – I love my dirty whore. Master loves
his whore. . .and he kissed me deeply.
You are my Good Girl, he said. My best Good Girl. Be my Good Girl now.

Yes Master. Thank you, Master.
I was floating after hearing him name me his best Good Girl !

Suddenly, hands grabbed my ass and a cock was roughly shoved into me.
It was not Master ! what the fuck. … A voice said, I got 10 minutes on her,
right? She’s gonna beg me for more at 10 minutes, man !

Master said, don’t leave any marks, the clock is running…
It came to me like a punch in the face– Master had arranged this !
I couldn’t believe he would do this !

The man shoving his cock in me said,
The skank wants me bad, I want her to see who’s fucking her now,
get that blindfold.

Master removed it and when I looked to him, there was no expression,
a blank look. I went into a limbo state, a trance of sorts, just waiting for
this asshole to finish his so-called fucking.

The man said, I know you want to cum for me, don’t you? You fucking
skanky whore, you cumslut piece of garbage… He was pounding me
hard, his venom concentrated in his cock, a weapon.

Master grabbed his arm, saying– She don’t answer to you , asshole,
finish up and get the fuck out of here. . . The man thrust into me so hard
he lifted me off my feet and finally shot his load. I hated having that
pig’s cum in me.

Master. .
You do not have permission to speak, whore.

For the first time I saw that the four men had been lined up in folding
chairs, as an audience for a performance…one that was not over yet.
The next two men were not much different, each somehow believing
they were god’s gift with their clumsy, vulgar sex. It was pathetic.

Time out, Master said, after the third..
He came close to whisper again.

Baby, I’m sorry. I had planned to fuck you out here, just me, with
you restrained naked outside as a show of your devotion to me.
These guys were at the 7-11, talking about where to find a hooker,
that they were so damn horny. I saw the opportunity to make us
a little money.. they each gave me $75. I thought you could handle
it ok.. you seem to be. I do love you, my little whore.. my very best
Good Girl.. only one more, baby.. then he kissed me again sweetly.

I was never really mad at him, how could I be? I knew that as Master,
he knew best, and I had given my honor word to do anything and
everything he asked and demanded of me. I am his Good Girl.

Yes Master, thank you Master..

With the exception of the first man, those who had finished their
10 minutes worth of publicly fucking a restrained whore, remained
to watch the others Be The Man. It was now the final man’s turn
with me, the dirty nasty disgusting slut. Just fucking get it done
with, I said to myself.

Master wandered off  to smoke, keeping an eye on things
from a short distance. .

The  man  seemed uncomfortable, as if he were embarrassed to be
a part of this debaucery.  He couldn’t be more than 20 years old.
He came behind me and kissed my neck slowly. It surprized me how
sexy it felt. The man said softly,  so only I could hear- I’m sorry
but you are so sexy. I can picture you as my girlfriend, if I ever get
one. I’ve never been  with a woman yet and I want you to be my first.
Please? Will you let me?

Oh.  what do you know, a virgin, and polite too. As he spoke his
hands carressed my breasts and he continued kissing my neck.
I could feel his virgin cock hardening and growing as he stood close
behind me.   It was beginning to excite me, in spite of myself. .
that fresh hard cock beginning to probe its way around a woman
for the very first time.  I whispered to him – I’ll help you as much
as I can in this position, I can’t move much.  Use your fingers
first to see where things are..

I don’t want to hurt you, he said in a whisper. I almost laughed.
He should be worried about me hurting him !
He said, would you mind talking dirty to me? But I can’t do it back,
I’m self-conscious.

That won’t last long, I say. But sure. Stick your fingers in my pussy,
it’s already wet for you. Fuck me with your fingers. Fuck me.

He did as told and seemed delighted with what he felt. His cock was
now huge and hard, pointing its way towards my pussy from behind.
I raised my ass up as high as I could to invite him in. He was breathing
heavily now and almost trembling.
I whispered, Baby, I want you to call me a whore and a slut. Please.
It’s a good thing for this. But just don’t say that to every woman, they
don’t all care for it !

He did as told, saying -whore – softly. Again, I said.
You whore, you slut.
Like you mean it, I said.
Louder and stronger he called me a whore.
What am I? I said.
You’re a whore, a dirty whore!
I could feel that virgin cock throbbing on the outside of my pussy
and the tip just happened to rest against my clit. Oh god.

I told him, feel with your finger where the tip of your cock is now,
and leave your finger there. Memorize this place- it’s the magic key
to making any woman happy, and hot for you.

You’re a whore, he said, this time whispered in sweetness.
A slut and a whore and I’m gonna fuck you like a dirty whore.

The way he whispered it  was sweet and intimate, really quite touching,
and I could tell he didn’t want to call me that. I persisted.

What am I to you? Am I the nastiest fucking slut you ever saw?

Yes, he said, fucking right you are…you’re a whore good for one thing,
fucking. Whore! Whore!
As I had guessed, the words made him more aroused.

I said, it’s time to be a man, slide your cock into me now, slow at first.
Really feel it, nice and slow.
Again, he did as told, and said -oh my god my god- when he was in.
His first pussy!
Just do what comes natural, I tell him.
His finger was still at my clit and he began to make little circles as he
began his first thrusts. Just go slow baby, make it last, I say.

Master had been watching from a distance but was now back on close
guard. Even though against orders, I said to him ‘first-timer’–and he
chuckled. He’d seen what the boy was doing with his finger and knew
what was coming down the road, and not far.

He whispered to me, I want you to cum for the boy on his first time.
You will do as I tell you, and cum for him.. . he was laughing now.

Well, if you absolutely insist, I said to myself                                                                                            Yes Master.

That hard virgin cock sliding slow and sensuously and his fingers
swirling my clit pulled me and pulled me until I finally exploded in
a long, hard orgasm. At first he was startled but that flipped his
switch and he was fucking me so good, one of the best fucks ever.
He went off like a bomb! He was truly grateful, and I was glad to
set him on his lifelong journey with a proper start.
After the men had left finally, Master came to me and pulled me to
him with his hands on my ass. My god, no one gets me hot like Master !

Do you want Master’s Cock, he said with a wide smile.
Did my whore get enough cock today or must you have more?
Whose Cock do you beg for, bitch?

Yours Master, and only yours, Master. There is no other for me.
Please Master, may I have your Cock.?

Where does the whore want it, mouth, pussy, or ass? How bad does
my bitch want me?
Master, I crave your Cock so much I can’t think. I just want it and need it
so, so bad, please Master.

You’ll have to do better than that, slut.

Master, I beg of you in your fairness and kindness to allow me the honor
and privilege of having your Cock, in whatever way my Master might
desire. I am yours totally, ,to do with what you will.

Good for you–right answer.

He began to let me loose from the restraints, when suddenly I said,
No Master – fuck me out here, naked and helpless in public.

Well, he said, isn’t my bitch full of surprizes! Whore, I’m going to fuck
the shit out of you for any and all to see! And you want everyone to
see, don’t you, you whore ? But first, tell me again how much you want
My Cock. Tell Master you love His Cock.

Yes, Master. I love Master’s Cock.
Are you willing to do anything to get it?
I want Master’s Cock. Please, Master. Yes.

You will do anything and everything I ask and command of you?
Yes, Master. Yes I will.

Good Girl. Always my Good Girl. But prove it to me.
. . . let’s play a little game. .
Yes, Master…