● Pavillion {fiction}


 A dedicated submissive’s love of  ‘watersports’                               ………………………………………………..                                                              concord pavillion

We’re on our way to the Concord Pavillion for the George Thorogood concert. I’m so excited about it, practically bouncing in my seat. You’ve been smiling to yourself,  as if  enjoying a private joke.

‘Thank you Sir, for bringing me’.
‘You’re welcome, whore.. now raise your skirt to your hips and spread your legs, and stay that way until it’s time to get out of my truck’.
‘Yes, Sir, as you wish’.

 After all our time together I still get such  a thrill from you looking at me as a nasty sexual object — I love to know that  I am your whore.  Yours,  and only yours.

At a red light, you reach over and quickly finger-fuck me, hard and fast.
‘Thank you, Master!’
‘You are with me for my use and pleasure, and my pleasure is in using you,don’t forget it!’
‘Yes Master. Your pleasure is my pleasure.’

After you have parked in a far end of the venue’s lot, you command me to suck your cock before we head to the concert. You pop open a beer and take a few good slugs and lean back towards your open window, waiting.
You say nothing.  I know the drill– I pull up my top, scooting over to unzip you. Your most glorious cock pops out, already pointing up, as I lower my mouth to it. I love your cock and  feel privileged that it is mine to pleasure, whenever you demand it—which is often.

I tease the head lightly with my tongue, swirling it around and licking your cum hole until the drop appears. You are moaning, starting to thrust. I slide my tongue all the way down and back up, slowly, then stop. You hook your free hand under my chin, raising my face so I am looking in your eyes.

‘Whore–sit up a moment.’
When I do you tell me to chug the rest of your beer without stopping. I do as told then belch, just like a guy, giggling. You pop another cold one, pinching  my exposed nipples as I chug down most of the beer. You finish off the can then shove my head down, back to my duty.  I’m feeling floaty and giddy.. I want to climb onto your cock!

‘Suck it, slut. .  .do your job!’
I’ve positioned myself so I can take you deeper without much gagging.. I squeeze the base of your cock while intentionally coughing a few times, to constrict on the head. You quickly pull me off and squirt your cum vigorously over my bare breasts, so hot and gooey, while vocalizing loudly.
‘Leave my cum as it is–do not clean yourself off– I want you marked as my property.’
‘Yes Sir.’

I hear laughter close by. I see we have an audience! Three young men walking  into the concert had observed our activity, happily looking on from a prime vantage point on a slight rise above the front of the truck.
‘Hey man, can I be next.. . my buddies too?’  More laughter…but they were not leaving.   Two  of them were rubbing their crotches.

‘Yeah, she’d love it, she’s a whore alright–but she’s mine. I own her ass. Isn’t that right, slut?‘
‘Yes Master’.

The men appeared to be in awe of what they had heard.  They seemed displaced, looking at one another for a moment before ducking behind some trees to relieve their obvious arousal, one stroking his exposed cock before even reaching privacy . We both laughed.
You spit on your finger and tease my clit — I instantly raise myself to your hand. But you stop the tease, giving me ‘the look’. I know that look and quickly set to licking your cock clean.

‘Good Girl ! Such a good whore.’
‘Thank you, Master !’

We quickly make history of  another beer, then you tell me to cover up my slut ass,  and order me to exit the truck by crawling hands-and-knees over you.
Once inside the Pavillion you get us each of us a beer  and we locate a spot at the front edge of the far right end of the lawn– so far over that we have a partial view into the backstage wing. I think I see George Thorogood !
The beer drunk in the truck has caught up with me.

‘Sir, I need to piss.’ You don’t respond,  but just  smile.
‘Master  please, permission to piss?’   I begin to stand.

‘Raise up your skirt and piss where you are sitting, here on the grass.  Do it.’

‘Thank you Master, for permission.’  Instantly I realize you had planned this.  Actually I am embarrassed, mortified.. but I have to go!   We watch my copious piss roll down the grass, some  of it pooling on the concrete edging of the lawn.   It is almost dark and those closest to us have their attention elsewhere.
And now you have to piss as well.  You get to your knees and lean in like you are going to kiss me…a cover for you aiming your hot piss directly to my pussy.

‘You deserve to be pissed on, whore!’ you  whisper, and lightly bite my neck as your cock streams your beautiful hot piss on me.
I’m going to need to cum, and real soon ! 
‘Oh god, thank you Master, thank you!’
I whisper.
‘Now drink down that beer, slut, because you will be pissing for me again.’                                                 ————————————————————–

The concert is underway at last. As the lights are dimmed and  George Thorogood is spotlit  to near-deafening cheers– you command that I suck your cock. I wish you would allow me to simply enjoy the music–you know how much I like George.  {Maybe you forgot the saying. . .  ‘a happy sub makes a happy Master’}

But you are Master and my function and joyful duty is to please and pleasure you, in whatever ways you may want or demand at any time. I unzip over your bulge and free your cock again, your impressive beautiful cock.  Our location provides a reasonable privacy, although should someone look over,  they could likely see what is happening. That is not my concern.

You’re going to be a busy little whore tonight—I took a Viagra.  So suck it good  to get me off  again, and  hurry  up  about it.  Do  as  you’re  told.  Now.’
‘Yes Sir, Master—thank you for your cock, Master.’
‘Get busy.  That’s what you’re here for, do your job.’

I set to my task. I love your cock beyond words, and I can hear the music even if I can’t see George at the moment. I tease the head  as you like, then deep throat you and hold it. You hold my head and begin to thrust in an enthusiastic mouthfuck.  Then you push me off quickly, so that you can watch your cum shoot out in an impressive arc.

You have always been fascinated with seeing your cum, and why not? It is lovely to see, certainly, and there is plenty of it !  You have more cum than any man I’ve ever fucked or blown!  You have such a smile, watching it.  It is my reward to know that  I made you cum, that  I have brought you pleasure!  I get to work  finishing up,  licking your cock clean.
‘Good Girl, good job, slut.  Now get back to work, suck me off again.’

‘Yes Master.” {Geez Louise, this is going to be a long night !}
After  that  round of cocksucking, no cum this time,  I advise you that I need to piss again from the beer, and ask your permission. You say nothing, but you need  to let it loose  as well, and you grasp my wrist, leading me up the grass hill to the concourse level where the restrooms are.
The building is at the far end, directly above where we had been sitting. I’m  ordered to the side of it,  a  space about  five feet wide with a chain-link fence at the property border.

‘Lift your skirt and squat, whore. Piss for me here. Now.’
I’m buzzed enough to not give reign to my embarrassment like before, and
I really have to go bad. I do as  I’m told.

‘Good Girl. Such an obedient whore! You like to be humiliated, you need it, don’t you?’

‘Yes, Sir’, I mumble.   
I don’t like to think of myself like that, but he is right, of course. He is my Master and knows what I need– which might not always be the same things as what I may want.
‘You  please me in taking your humiliation like a big girl, you want nothing more than to please me with your total obedient submission to  whatever I want. Good!   You know  I’d never demand that you serve me in any way that would harm you– because how would that benefit me?’

‘Thank you, Master!’  I feel warm and sparkly inside, that he said he was pleased.
I know that  I please him with any service I give to him, but he doesn’t say it a lot. I think it is because he wants to  keep me on my toes, so that I will continue to strive for  perfection in my submissive service to him.

‘Now my fun  starts. Assume the position.’
I face the wall with head bowed, waiting to be handcuffed. After cuffing one wrist you pull me back to the chain link fence, securing the other cuff to it, in addition to my wrist.  I am ordered to spread my legs as you raise my skirt to my waist, exposing me naked.

‘Yes, now my fun begins, such  fun to use and humiliate you in public, where anyone might see you,  like the dirty whore you are.  I think you want to be seen. You will thank me for it.’
‘Yes, Master,  anything to please you, Master.’
You free your still-erect cock and stand close in front of me, pissing onto my exposed pussy.. The hot  liquid  running down my legs feels glorious. . oh  god  god  yes, yes, yes. 
‘Cum for me. Now. Cum!’

You know me so well, certain that would push me to the edge, and I am thankful your whim was not to deny me, as I don’t think verbal denial could have stopped me !  I moan in heavenly ecstasy of cumming as you continue to piss, then leave me dripping.
‘Now don’t go anywhere!’ you say, laughing, and disappear around the building’s corner.
You duck into the men’s restroom, scanning the room to find what you want. Your target is spotted, a handsome young man beginning to unzip his fly at a urinal. You quickly state your unusual proposition, to which he enthusiastically agrees.  His two buddies  have overheard and want in as well–-all the better, you tell them. The group  exits the room and rounds the corner where I am handcuffed to the fence, exposed, wet,  my skirt bunched at the waist.

The three men are highly excited at what they see and what it means for them—they can hardly believe their right-time-right-place  good fortune !  I was  very  excited  as  well as I quickly  realized  what  their  presence  meant.
‘There she is–my piss-whore. She gets off on men pissing on her, so go for it, guys!’

One man was already pissing on my legs and pussy, with the second man joining in quickly, muttering ‘oh  yeah, yeah,  shit  yeah’.
Their piss was strong and copious after serious beer-drinking and the sounds they made were animalistic grunts, like sounds made when cumming; they were deep in their debauchery. I  loved watching  their cocks unload on me–the sight of piss from any cock  just gets me so hot!   No man other than Master had ever pissed on me,  but Master knows my heart,  he knows that I would revel in any man’s piss in my own debauchery.

So  yes, I  am  a  piss-whore !

The man first approached was standing back, waiting for his friends to finish up. When they were done, he came at me with his cock out and ready, positioning himself very close, directly in front of me.  He whispered ‘Who’s your daddy, who’s the best?’ as he aimed his cock to my pussy and flew a vigorous stream of hot piss right to my clit. Oh my god. . I looked over to you, observing from a short distance. You gave me a nod of approval, signaling that it was permissible for me to cum.

And  . .did I ever ! That really excited the man and he whispered intimately –’I’d love to piss on you every day, then fuck you endlessly…you’d be begging me for my cock and piss ! You would beg me, on your knees!’. ..{yes, I bet I would !}
You could hear what he said and as soon as his piss was spent you told him —‘ok, you’re done here, time to go.’  The three men were still animated, excited, reluctant to put their cocks back behind zippers, laughing among themselves as they headed out.  I heard one of them refer to me as  ‘the whore’.

The one who considered himself the best  held back from the exit, and held my gaze as he stroked his stiff cock to jack off his load into the dark corner.. He smiled at me and winked,  then stared at my wet pussy  as he finally tucked his glory back into his pants and left.  He had a  good bragging tale  now  to  tell  other guys, who  most likely would not believe him.

You were laughing as you unlatched the handcuffs from the fence  and refastened them behind my back to guide me to the darkest far back corner of the space. You positioned me against the wall, ordering me to spread my legs. You slid your cock up and down my pussy, still slick with piss, giving attention to pausing at my clit. I was trembling.

‘You’ve been a Good Girl tonight, a very Good Girl for me, and here is your reward, whore.  Now tell me what I want to hear… ‘ as you shoved your hot  stiff cock deep in to me,  with the force and authority that is your right as Master.

‘Thank you, thank you, Master. I love your cock,  I need your cock,  I want your cock, thank you for your cock, Master.’
‘And. . . ?’ {You are fucking me.}
 ‘May I have your cum, Sir? Please ! I want it, I need it ! Thank you for your cock, Master !’

‘And. . . ? What are you, say  what  I want to hear..’ . .You continue to fuck me deep, now harder and faster.
‘I am your piss-whore  and  your cock-whore, Master.’

‘Yes,  you are, and  you’re  all mine.  My  fuckhole whore.’
Your hands are on my ass for leverage as you fuck me hard and fast, ferociously fucking your piss-covered whore  until your hot  sweet  load erupts  in me, spilling out from the copious amount.
I can’t wait for permission to cum, I am beyond control, helpless, trembling and shaking, and my pussy grabs your cock as tight as a fist as I feel my gush.  I’m in heaven! 

‘Good Girl,  Good Girl–my  best  nasty Good Girl.’
‘Thank you, Master !’

As I came back to earth, I saw that a group of about 9 or 10 men had gathered by the entrance to the side space, quietly staring in disbelief at what they had just witnessed.


…… ⇒ ⇒  The following story  “Boy’s Night Out’  is a sequel to ‘Pavillion 

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