●Boys’ Night Out {fiction.}

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You have me blindfolded and naked outside at night and I don’t know where I am.  It  has been  a  long day  of intense  play  for me,  for us,  at the  Pavillion  concert,  and I’m exhausted.  You  push  me  against  a wall,  kissing my neck,  squeezing my boobs.  You  tell  me  we  are  at  your  friend’s  house.

‘You did great tonight,  worshipping my cock and doing all that was demanded of you. I’m very, very pleased  with my slut, and you  have earned your reward.’
‘Thank you, Sir. Your pleasure is my pleasure !’ 

As I spoke you forced  my legs  apart with your knee.  I feel your massive hard-on through your pants as you press into me.  Then you grind your thumb on my clit, and shove three fingers into me for a slow finger-fuck.  Oh. . god!
“You like that, don’t you?  You love it that your fucked pussy is still full of my cum from earlier, don’t you ?  You’re such a dirty slut.’
‘Yes,  Sir !  Thank you,  I  do love it.  I  love your cum, Sir.’

You continue kissing me and finger-fucking me,  slowly  and  sensuously .  
“Such a cum-whore,  a slutty cum-whore and cock-whore, and  piss-whore as well.’ 
‘Yes, Sir, I can’t deny that.”  (After all, I am those things !)
You laugh as you withdraw your fingers, slick with your  cum  from an hour earlier, to lubricate my clit, then resumed  finger-fucking me and working your thumb, biting my neck now.      (Oh god, I want to climb him, I want his cock so bad, I need to cum! . . .please, please, please Sir! . .} I hook a leg around yours, for leverage, to join our bodies. . .

“There’s  plenty more cum for you tonight, slut. When I decide the  time is right I will fuck you senseless and allow you to have my cum.  After you earn it again.’
“Yes, Sir, Master.”  My need to cum is acute, making it hard to concentrate. You see that and start ramming your fingers fast and deep.

“You may cum at will, my pet.  Cum for me, show me love.  Cum.’
I explode like a bomb,  screaming oh my fucking god  oh god oh my god— a gush of cum running down my legs.
“That’s my Girl ! . . you dirty whore!   You skanky fucking slut. .  Good Girl!’  
You know I get  so hot when you call me slut, whore and pisswhore, and the rest,  it’s the same when  I’m  called your Good Girl,  so that just kept me cumming longer!  You are laughing.

As I come back to earth you instruct me to stand back to the wall, hands behind me and ankles crossed–and to not move. 
“Be perfectly still now, no movement or sound.  Understand me,  whore?’  
I nod yes. 
‘I let you have your fun,  you earned your reward tonigt, the guys at the concert pissing on you, and then I gave you my fuck-cum.  Now we start over, to earn your next reward.  That means doing whatever I demand, as always, so that I am pleased.  You know the consequences for failure to obey me or  to please me.”
I nod yes.      ( usually a whipping,  then isolation for punishment.)

Suddenly you are on me,  biting my neck again and twirling  your finger on my clit. . . and then with the tip of your cock, sliding easily in the cum all around my pussy. (Oh hell ! . . .  you sure enjoy torturing my  obedience–and self-control ! I know you are trying to make me cum again while I ‘m still throbbing down there.)
‘Oh your pussy is steaming, you hot little whore.  You cum-whore, all you want is cock and cum.  Just a fuckhole.  Isn’t that right– you fuckhole ?’  
I nod yes, smiling.

You continue sliding the wet tip of your cock over my clit–testing me hard  to be still and silent.  But my deep need to obey your authority prevails, I can’t be any other way.  I want what you want–my loving  and absolute obedience.  You are my Master.

“You’re doing very well, my little fuck slut.  I expect nothing less from you.  Good Girl.’  You put the tip of your cock to my wet pussy and press hard–oh god– but my legs are locked as ordered. Still you persist,  forcefully penetrating me about 3 inches. . .god help me !
Then suddenly you are off me , and gone. 

A few minutes later you return. “Whore, I have something for you!’
I’m startled by a rush of your hot piss directed to my clit– oh god in heaven,  I can’t bear this. You know I crave the gift of your piss and am helpless against it. Beyond the reach of my control or mind-set, my body is in charge now.  I panic,  feeling the telltale  sparkly beginning of an orgasm.  I stiffen my body to not move, and mentally gag myself for silence—it was going to happen.  Still the glorious piss keeps coming. . .and coming.

Being totally  immobile seems to drive my  involuntary response with added intensity.
I push back against the wall, imagining myself tightly bound  to it so I can not move.  That also keeps me from stumbling in my dizziness  as I cum with a force surprizing to me.  But I do not move !
If you are  watching closely  you can see the outward signs of contractions.  If so, you don’t say,  and after all,  you had not forbidden me to cum.

 “Oh what a Good Girl  piss-whore you  are!  I know that was a rough test for you.
I  am very, very  pleased !  Good  Girl, Good Girl!’  

Your praise always has a certain effect in me, making me instantly hot.  You knew that,  and used it  to prolong  this  terrible test.  You can be so cleverly diabolical !   My body  continued its  response, with a smaller orgasm after the last.  And   you keep on pushing me with praise, so that I cum yet again,  smaller now.  

‘At  ease, soldier. My nasty little  slutty soldier.’  As I relax at last, you  hand  me  a  cold beer and towels to clean and dry myself, as I  dripped cum and piss.   I  hear mens’ voices nearby but can’t get the words.

”Good Girl, my best Good Girl whore.   I want you to be a Good Girl for me now.’
“Yes, Master. I’m your Good Girl’. . but I’m puzzled as to what you mean.
Again you whispered for me to be your Good Girl, then said :

‘I have some friends here who want to see for themselves my gem of a submissive .
They watched you cum for me  but they  don’t believe my  claim of your devotion to me as your Master- -your single-minded  eagerness  and need to please me,  to keep me happy. I know your devotion is real,  that you need for me to be proud of you.  I am  proud of you,  when you  obey me in submission and  do as  I say,  at all times,  always.
You  will  please me now  by  servicing  my friends,  doing  whatever they want you to do.  I will be watching– no one will hurt you.  But know that you are here to be used.  You will  take it all, doing anything and everything expected and demanded of you.  I require this,    I demand your obedience on this,  make no mistake.
This is how my  Good Girl will  please me now– by being  a whore for my friends.  Do not   embarrass me.  Do not disappoint me.’

‘Yes, Master.  I am your Good Girl.’ { I never want to disappoint you !}

I’m led into the building. I hear mens’ animated voices, getting  louder when they see me presented.  You tell me to drink something before beginning, handing me a beer and ordering me to chug it.  I do as told.  Then you secured my wrist and  ankle cuffs in  4-point  restraint and the  O-ring gag is strapped on,  forcing my mouth open.  The men waiting for me were clearly excited,  obvious from their comments.

The first customer didn’t speak to me.   He straddled my chest  to tentatively feed  his cock into the O-ring.  Judging by the sounds he made  I doubt if he had ever experienced anything at all close to this,  having a  restrained, gagged whore a prisoner for his  cock and  sexual whims, there for the taking.  Unexpectantly that thought aroused me,  with a strong desire to suck his cock good,  to give him an unforgettable experience.  In the gag  all  I could do was to play with my tongue a bit –he responded by growing his cock  bigger and harder, with sounds of totally aroused pleasure.
At your service, mister!  . (I’ll bet his wife never sucked his cock, never.)

He withdrew to rub the head of his cock at my pussy, but quickly recalled the rule of condom use for penetration. He frantically fumbled with it, the head still close to its target, until the moment of no return was upon him.  Abandoning the condom, he forcefully entered me just in time to unload his cum. . and plenty of it !
The other men cheered him.  I know you are watching, and wonder what you are thinking.

He kept saying ‘oh god–oh god–oh god’, as if he hadn’t been laid in ten tears. His cock was slow to deflate and he moaned his pleasure, fucking me after cumming, hard and fast, grunting, then slowly, as if he was making love. He didn’t want it to end. I later learned it was his birthday –you wanted him to have what he wanted and never got–that was the thought that evolved into tonight’s activities.

The next guy straddled me for his mouthfuck indulgence  while making those overblown statements a man with an  overly inflated opinion of himself says. . ‘Here’s a REAL man, here’s a REAL cock for you, whore–you should be begging me for my big cock’–the kind of guy who thinks of women as only fuck-hole cunts.
‘I’ll show you how a real man fucks a cunt, how a real man rules a skank whore with his cock’, he said.   He pressed a hand to my throat and his other bunched my hair to yank my head up and forward.  He vigorously fucked my throat as I gurgled for breath –it was an absolute hostility sparking from him.
As he sprayed his sour cum on my hair and face, up my nose– he informed me loudly  what a worthless pile of stinking shit I am –just a stinking fuckhole  cunt.
{ oh, how sweet!  Every woman’s dream! . . Master ?!  Is this creature a friend of yours?  Why ? . . I wonder. } .


You call ‘break’ and the men are directed to another room. Once gone, you remove my blindfold and gag, release the restraints and clean the sour cum from my face.  I see that we’ve been in someone’s garage.  You have planned and prepared for this with your friends. The mattress for my fucking is on a platform with eye-bolts for restraint anchored in the corners,  made just for this occasion. 

Not really a fun experience overall for me so far, but no matter.  I’m not here for my fun, only yours.  The goal and purpose is your satisfaction and happiness in your use of me, with every desire indulged and fulfilled for your pleasure — whatever form it might take.  Right now it is being used by other men.  This is my purpose,  and any personal pleasure I may derive is merely a by-product of my function.
You laughed, and twisted my nipples . . .

“Now you know for sure  you’re a whore, being fucked by strange men!  You’re not done yet,  we’ve just begun.  You’re gonna be used all night long, for the cumdump whore you are.
All night,  for whatever we want,  for as long as we want.” 

“Yes, Master, anything to please you.”

You handcuffed me and led me outside to a patio.
‘Now you are going to piss for us. You can’t see them,  but they all will see you, my whore pissing in humiliation for everyone to see. ‘
You order me to squat on the patio, and hold my piss until your permission is given. I try my very best to hold it but fail, as you knew I would.  I’m kept in the squat, my feet in the pool of my piss, as you retrieve your flogger.  You command me to stand and bend over.

‘You do as I say, at all times, always, or suffer the consequences. This is for your disobedience‘  you say, landing blows to my ass—but your voice was not harsh.
“Yes, Master, please forgive me.” .

‘You are forgiven, you have weaknesses. But disobedience earns punishment.’
‘‘Yes, Sir, thank you, Master.’

For show you administer several strikes with the small whip, reddening my ass. It arouses you, and me as well.  I don’t seek out pain like some, but gladly accept any you put on me in your judgment, because it shows me who’s boss and it makes me feel closer to you– useful;  a clear and direct way to please you in my service.

‘Kneel down to me and suck my cock, bitch.  I want to show off my whore.’
‘Yes, Master, thank you!’
I hear your friends laughing. They have been watching all behind the dark windows in the garage.  Comments, raw and lewd,  are made about my cock-sucking, as when they watched me piss.  They are greatly enjoying this unique experience of debauchery in all its aspects–their own actions, as well as vocalizing their approval in seeing  you  Be The Man,  dominating your bitch.

I lick the head slowly, very slowly, to tease you. The guys like that–it’s obvious each wishes it was his own cock, getting what I’m giving.  I must admit that I am now enjoying  ‘performing’, knowing it fuels their arousal,  and yours.
I’m surprized that it turns me on to be watched.  I like it– it makes me feel like a Dirty Slut, and
I like it. They want me. They all want to fuck me,  to use me in their depravity,  and I  want  them  to  use  me –to  please you. 
 I know you are enjoying their envy, that I belong  to you,  and  shall do anything that you want me to do. . . anything.

I think I hear one of the guys jacking off as I slide my tongue down your stiff cock, down to your throbbing balls. Enough with the teasing– you hold my head and fuck my mouth fast and hard, with the loud encouragement of the guys. Then you pull out, and spray your hot cum on my breasts, marking your property, calling me your  dirty cum-whore.  The guys like that—I do too!
‘Thank you, thank you, Master!’

‘Oh, I’m not even close to being done with you– this is just the beginning,  you slut!’
“Yes, Sir.’

‘Hey guys– this one’s a piss-whore on top of being a cock-whore and cum-slut.  While  we are all outside,  anyone want to unload their piss on her ?’
 . .’Fuck, yeah! ‘ – ‘Let me at her! ‘ – ‘I’ll be first !’- ‘Oh hell yes!’ – ‘Piss on it then fuck it!’. . 
‘Oh  you’d  love  that,  wouldn’t  you,  piss-whore?’
‘I  would, yes, Sir ! Please, Master !’

‘Beg  me, bitch.’
I assume the position of forehead to the ground from my kneeling position.
‘Sir, I  beg of you to  please allow me  this gift.  I beg of you, Master.  Please, Master.’
There is a  long silence from you,  as your friends urge you on. It’s clear to see they are wound up tight about this,  so ready  for  fresh  debauchery! 

 ‘No.  You haven’t earned the privilege yet. You have a long road ahead of you still. ‘
‘Sorry  guys, but next time for sure.’  That didn’t go over well with any of us, but He is the Boss.
“Yes, Sir,  thank you,  Master.’
I guess you weren’t kidding before when you said you could go all night. I’m guessing it must be around 2:00 am by now!  You order me to stand, legs spread, to face the dark window that shields your friends—you want me seen naked in humiliation for strangers, with your cum dripping down my body.  I don’t think you realize that I am now immersed in this depravity, that I am enjoying ‘performing’ for your friends, enjoying their staring at me and their crude comments.  But aside from my own twisted satisfaction,  the strongest reason that I know it is bringing you pleasure,  and  that is what is most important to me!  Success in pleasuring you  is my reward and fulfillment.

You leave me in my displayed position and disappear into the garage for a few minutes without speaking to me.  When you return I am blindfolded again, then told to open wide.  But instead of the O-ring gag, you shove a rubber cock-dildo deep in my mouth,  to the point of gagging in my throat.  You say  ‘take it, take it’  as you  push it in and out a few times, leaving it in my throat as you tease me with the tip of your cock.
{I want you so bad this instant ! . .Oh god, please, please Fuck me. . ‘}
our friends are laughing,  you are as well, in that slightly sadistic way that  I  have come to know.

I am pulled backwards by the handcuff chain into the garage again.  I know better than to move from where you leave me.   A door opens and  the guys come back in.  I still don’t know  how many of them  are here.  You attach the  handcuff chain to something solid and begin  fucking my throat deeply with the dildo, harder,  and ferociously,  delighting in your dark power.  I’m struggling to catch my  breath. You say nothing.
I know the gagging excites you. I want nothing more than to please you despite my discomfort,  but it’s not easy for me.  
I understand it logically, that it’s a loud and clear way to enjoy imposing your  power over me.  It shows that you can make me choke on your cock but still I want it—that you can do anything you want to me in your darkest whims, and I will take it all in my obedient submission.

You’ve signaled the guys to come close for a good look at  what you’re doing.  Someone pinches my clit a few times, hard.  I can’t help but  open my legs more and  push my pussy forward, inviting the pinches. Laughter. Someone else slides two twisting fingers into my ass. Everyone here wants to do something dramatic and outrageous to me, the slut and whore, showing off  for the others, yet anonymous to me.
You remove the dildo from my mouth, wet with my drool, and replace the O-ring gag, then you
 pinch my nipples good and hard, repeatedly with both hands. Anonymous fingers pinch my clit again. then stroke it, teasing it.  I try not to flinch when you attach the clamps. I don’t like the clamps,  but I know it’s fun for you,  so I endure the pain for your pleasure– because you want me to.
You like it that I make that personal sacrifice for my obedience–it pleases you– and pleasing you  makes me happy,  aside from  it  being my  duty. My clit is throbbing,  hungry for more attention.

I am positioned again in the 4-point restraint, spread and exposed–helpless. Immediately a stiff cock is  forced into my  opened mouth  and  I’m  used as  a cum- dump.  Another cock, rather large,  is shoved forcefully up my pussy.  It is wearing a condom and the previous deposit of cum lubricates the pounding.  He fucks with no finesse, just pounding like a neanderthal.  The one in my mouth sprays cum on my face as the owner grunts like a hog.
In quick succession another cock assaults my pussy, another man straddles me for a facefuck,  and yet another cock sprays its load over my belly as its owner kneels to jack off on me.  I am an object to be used.

Through all this I’m aware of almost complete silence.  It’s unsettling.  The one sound I do hear is that of a camera shutter, numerous times–mementos of the  Big Night, I suppose.  Unknown to me you have instructed your friends to  maintain silence,  to add to my sense of  shock,  or anticipation,  or fear of the unknown- -of whatever may come.

Break time again–for them. I remain helpless in restraint as their footsteps leave the room.
A door closes, then total silence. I don’t know why I suddenly feel frightened. I want Master. I’m so fucking exhausted from the long and rigorous submission and quickly sink into sleep.

I’m awakened by an anonymous hot wet tongue on my clit.  Oh good god! –he sure knew his way around down there!  You and the others were laughing,  and you said
“You do not have permission to cum,  you dirty slut.  Understood?”
“Yes, Master.”. . (oh hell!)

I figured out that you  put this guy on me,  licking me, to  test and  demonstrate  my total obedience. You are well aware how difficult it would be for me to resist the over-whelming need to cum.  It was so, so difficult! — but I succeeded in keeping myself at a certain level, below the danger zone. The man had  exceptional talent and seemed  intent of making me cum, perhaps on  your order,  but my extreme drive to obey my Master prevailed.  I‘m  your  Good  Girl . 

My restraints are released and the clamps are undone– causing knife-like pains as the blood rushes back into the area.  I am then forced into a bend-over position  on a simple wooden chair.  My ankles are tied to the legs,  my  wrists to the front legs.  Without delay my head is raised by pulling my hair, and a not-very-big cock slides into the O. “. . . oh yeah, fuck yeah, oh fuck yes ! ” said too loud, almost  shouting.  The owner is so excited by his turn with the whore that he shoots his load almost immediately into my throat.
I spit it out.  I  was  told later he was the teenage  son  of one  of the men. He and his father think  that  this  tonight  makes  him  a  Man.
I’m startled when an unknown object  slides into my ass,  maybe a pen or  utensil handle. It’s wiggled deeper into me and left there.  It’s a discomfort and I moan a little,  then feel the sharp sting of the flogger across my ass.  The strikes are  bearable, and  become constant  at a steady, rhythmic pace,  continuing for 20 or 30 minutes, I’m guessing.  I don’t even know who is manning the flogger,  but I  think Master  would  not allow  anyone else  to have the flogger.

It doesn’t hurt in the same way it has in the past,  in fact it feels  oddly good, and with increasing pleasure as it continues on and on.  I’m feeling a little giddy and light-headed, kind of like I’m floating.  This is great!   I feel high,  and just very incredibly happy serving him,  under his control and command.  I want this forever!   I honor him as a Man and Master,  with an absolute  purity of heart in service to  his  needs and desires, his pleasures.   It  is  my  joy.
I‘m feeling  dizzy.  { yes Master yes Master .  . um. . pure heart. . . sure,  the joy, yes.  . . yes Master yes Master yes Master. . love Master my Master yes. . . I’m  so dizzy. . what time is it . . .}

I’m vaguely aware of the group now gathered in close, but still  the spooky silence. The flogging has stopped and now a huge hot cock slides along my ass—-oh yes ! then claims its rightful home in a rear entry, ‘doggy style’.  There is no mistaking it — this is Master !   This is my earned reward, at last,  for being  cumslut whore  to all,  for being submissive to his every dark desire, and  obedient  at  all times,  always.
 {  yes yes thank you Master  yes Master thank you Master yes Master.}

The silence is broken. You say: .
‘Watch me fuck my whore, she does anything  I want,  does everything  I tell her to do!  Watch me fuck my whore !’

You pound your throbbing cock deep and hard., claiming me. You are at your best when owning your dominance, and you were making  a statement to each man here : I allowed you to use my whore, but she belongs to me.  I Take it,  it’s MINE. I Own  her ass !.

You continue your use of me, fucking me relentlessly with your dominant strength and force,  as I raise up to your cock as best I can, while tied down. I  want to never let your cock go !  If I were not restrained  I know I would float to the ceiling!

Still powered by the Viagra, you keep hard and keep fucking vigorously for what feels like a long, long time.  Your friends are vocal again, with lewd encouragement.  One grunts—he’s jacking off and shoots his slimy load to the side of my face.  You keep pounding your cock, ferociously,  as far as you can push it,  not letting up. From far away I hear you say  —  I own your ass slut you fucking whore it’s mine  mine whore I own you you’re mine you’re mine
{ . yours yes Master . . own me yes Master . . I love your cock  yes thank you Master yes Master.}

You pull my head up and bite my neck when you finally explode your enormous load of sweet cum into me, squirting over and over until it oozes from me and runs down my legs.
Just seeing your cum ooze and drip never fails to greatly excite you. Your friends cheer the performance.   Someone says- I wanna fuck it now — there is laughter.
My body feels so strange, as if there were electric current surging through me–like ‘pop-rocks’ traveling my veins.  I’m dizzy.  { . . What time is it, I wonder . . My Master. . I am yours . . .yours . .  thank you yes Master all for you yes Master . . I’m thirsty}

My arms and legs are released from the restraints and you push me down to my knees. You’ve ordered me to finger myself then suck your cum from my fingers. That excites the men and several are pumping their cocks to jack off again.  You remove the O-ring,  a huge relief,  and  put your cock to my mouth,  it’s understood that I am to lick the cum from it.  Then you slap my face once, to signal  ‘open wide’  and take your semi-hard cock.   You go down as far as possible, holding steady there, well into my throat.  
{ yes Master thank you  for your Cock  yes Master }

“You love my cock, you crave my cock, you worship my perfect cock.” A statement of  fact.
“Tell me.”
“Yes Master, yes.  I love your cock. Yes. I  love your cock.  I love your cock. . I worship your cock. as holy.  Yes  Sir. . Yes  Sir Master, worship your cock, . . thank you Master. .  worship Master’s cock,  I want it. . . I want it , yes  Sir Master. ”

You say something to me that  I don’t understand,  it seems  distorted and muffled and far away. You’ve noticed that I’m rambling almost incoherently when speaking  and  acting  somewhat strangely.  I start to giggle.
I feel a sensation of floating and  my head is spinning.  I’m so dizzy and feel like I’m in outer space, bouncing and twirling  in the blackness.   { I wonder what time  it is .  . I love your cock Sir . . .yes Sir Master worship your cock  love Master yes Sir. . I’m hungry . . yes Master yes Master}.  . 

You’ve told your friend  the birthday-boy  to get behind me, to steady me with his arms around my waist. He sweetly kissed my neck and  whispered  that he wished I was his girl. 
More words I don’t understand,  as if in a different language.  His cock is stiff as can be–
I feel him throbbing  hot and wet now,  as he slides it  along my ass to below, back and forth, from behind.  He can’t help it, he says,  whispering. . . he wants me so badly, he says.   I hear words but can’t comprehend their meaning. 

Master sees  what his  friend is doing.
“Sure, keep on, dude !  It’s your birthday,  go for it,  take what you want now , before it’s gone. You  wanna fuck her again or take her ass?  Do whatever you want to.  That’s what she’s here for !’

Your friend says nothing,  but  slides his cock into me  from the rear.   He moans, kissing my neck,  whispering  intimately   ‘I need you so bad,  I  want you forever. . .’
{ cock oh yes  cock  hard  cock . .  I love your hard cock  Master thank you Master. . yes Sir Master your gift. .  thank you, yes, yes Master}  . . . I’m so spaced out  that  I can’t realize  another man is  behind me now,  fucking me. 

’Guys –watch this now — she cums on demand,  and only for me !   Here we go !’
I’m startled by a  powerful vibrator applied to my pussy, and Master commanding me to cum.

“Now.  Cum  now, whore.  CUM FOR ME. ”

I  hear your voice, muffled and distant as I  spin and tumble through space, streaks of color swirling around me,  with a sound like  the wind  through the pines — a   spectacular immensely intense experience.  It seemed to go on forever, the electric sparking,  spinning through the stars, riding an endless wave.  {YES Master YES Master YES oh god YES  YES  Master YES }

I was told later that I was unresponsive for about 20 minutes. I had tried to speak, nothing came out.  Then I forgot what I wanted to say.  I  was  so deep in  the altered reality of subspace that I didn’t even realize until later that I‘d had the longest, most extreme orgasm of my life.

                                                                                              ~~~~~  revised  April 2014   —-

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