●A Memorable First Date {fiction}

 ● A  Memorable  First  Date                    . . . © Quinn 2011/2015
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . .  blindfold    

I  am  dressed to meet  you in the manner you require-–appropriate for an elegant  public place but with ease of access for you, at your whim. I am excited to be with you and  greatly anticipating  the evening !
I‘m wearing a nice black Evan Picone blazer over a collarless, scooped-necked, buttoned red blouse which shows a hint of my ample cleavage. My black skirt is a modest enough length–4″ above the knee, buttons up one side and a generous slit concealed in the back. For you I wear black suede heels, simple with a flower of studded black leather.  They are  uncomfortable–I do not  like  wearing  heels–but 
they look good and I know that you will like that I wore them for you. Under it all, black thigh-highs [as always] and a corset-thong set in red and black.

I see your obvious approval  of my clothing when you first lay eyes on me and that in itself  excites me–a good start to the evening.  During dinner you tell me in a low voice to un-do  three buttons of the skirt, unseen under the table, as well as the top two buttons of the blouse. We are in a secluded booth away from other diners, but you will not embarrass me or yourself by taking my compliance too far in public. 

Instead you progress verbally, telling me that you would un-do another two blouse buttons, exposing my pushed-up breasts for your visual consumption. Then you tell me you would have me spread my legs in their black thigh-highs, as I un-do more buttons, exposing my barely-covered pussy area. And you state what you would do with the exposed whore  before you–fucking it senseless–were we not in a public place. I am quite excited–I just want to leave from the restaurant right now and be taken and claimed by your dominance !
But you take your sweet time, dawdling over dessert and coffee.  You are making me crazy, Sir! Of course it’s all calculated on your part, secure in your authority over me and delighting  in your ability to provoke reactions in me. 

After what seems like forever we are at last in your room. You circle me with your strong arms and kiss me deeply. I am already wet from my arousal at dinner. The kiss arouses me further yet, with butterfly flip-flops in my  stomach. You pull away, taking in the whole picture visually, then order me to sit on the bed and do as you’d said at dinner, undoing more buttons. I happily comply, four more on the blouse and six on the skirt, with my legs spread, to expose my assets for your approval.

Slut–you say, smiling.  Again:  You slut whore.  Are you a slut whore–my slut whore?
Yes, Sir.’
  I like it when  he says that, it gets me hot !

You remove your jacket and tie, loosen your collar, remove your belt. A hard-on is obvious in your pants. You know I am staring there and you smile to yourself; a sly smile, as if thinking of a private joke.  You are aware of my desire to please you with a dedicated cock-sucking, but you have made it clear beforehand that I must earn the privilege of  pleasing  you in  that way,  as a preface to earning the privilege of you fucking me.

You delight in the thought of creating difficulty for me, to test my resolve.  Because you have taken me as your submissive, I know and have implicitly agreed to the reality that you can,  and probably will, throw any number of challenges my  way–just  because  you  can  and  it  amuses  you.
I feel that you can see into my head when you tell me that you sense a particular fear that I have–a fear and desire in darkness at the same time–to experience anal. You seem to know  already  that  I  am an  ‘ass-virgin’,  and run with it.

You  say:  Remove your clothing –except for the thigh-highs and corset, and  lay face down on  my bed.  Do  not  look  at  me. Do  as  told. 

I comply, of course, with growing anticipating mixed with a definite anxiety, almost a dread. I trust in my deepest heart he would never want to harm me—I know it. But still I am afraid of anal, I’ve always been somewhat repulsed by the thought of  it. And I am afraid it will hurt more than I can take, and not be at all erotic to me–disappointing him. I realize many men want this, for the tightness as well as it being the ultimate domination act.  For these reasons, wanting to please him, I want to be able to do this for him. 

I lie there, legs spread, waiting . .and waiting. You are silent, but I hear you removing  your clothing. You pour a drink, you put  on some music. I do not look your way or  speak but I wish you would just get on with it, get it over with.
I am ordered to  ‘assume  the  position –face – down–ass -up’.
I hear you behind me on the bed, at the vee between my spread legs. I am both excited and scared, anxious. You lean over me, your knees spreading my thighs further and the tip of your cock in contact with a cheek.
You whisper to my ear, lowly:

Do you truly want to please me, to surrender and submit to me?– will you do whatever I want  of  you?
A whispered answer :  ‘Yes  Sir.’
Say it out loud,  you say.
Yes, Sir,  I do, I will,  Sir.’
Good Girl.  You want to be my Good Girl, don’t you?  My Good Girl who earns what she wants from me ?
 ‘Yes, Sir, I’m  a Good Girl !’ 

You sit back, playing with my ass cheeks, spreading them some, then slapping my ass  a  few times.
You like that,  don’t you, slut ?
‘Yes,  Sir.’
Tell me truthfully,  you do not really want me to fuck your ass, do you?
‘No, Sir. ‘ You strike my ass sharply several times.. . it hurt !

Then you were dishonest when you agreed that you would do whatever I wanted of you. Is  that a correct statement?
‘No, it’s not. I very much want to please you. I answered honestly, Sir. You make it seem like I am lying to you. S I R.’

A hand is placed to the small of my back for restraint and the other hand spanks me hard  and fast.  Not an erotic spank, but stinging, burning punishing strikes. 
You know the consequences for running that sassy mouth, slut- (the strikes continue). . I will not tolerate your disrespect or lying, this goes without saying. 

Silent tears are streaking my face at the punishing pain, and that you are displeased with  me.
‘Yes, Sir. Thank you. Sir. .I’m sorry, Sir, for insolence and disrespect. I’m sorry, please  forgive me,  Sir.’
It matters little to me if you say you are sorry–words are easy. Understand that your integrity is damaged from your disrespect of me.  You shall take a lesson from this. Now turn over  and sit up.

The strikes have stopped; my skin is on fire. I sit up, the tears still flowing.  You hold me close and whisper :
No more tears.  Be a Good Girl.  We move on now.
‘Yes, Sir, thank you,  Sir. Thank you.’
You kiss me again,  a real ‘make-out’ kiss that fuels a new surge in my  arousal.  

‘Sir,  permission to speak freely?’
Yes, tell me what you want me to know.
‘Sir, may I pleasure you now by sucking your cock? Sir?’
You reply : Oh, you will – I require it, to be sure, but you’re not there yet. 

[Fuck !  what do I have to do for that ??— but it stays in my head this time.
I almost sassed again as a reflex, but managed to hold my tongue. I learn! ]

You say :  I wanted to test your resolve of sincerity with a commitment to submit to an anal fuck. We will address that later, be assured. There is something else that presents a barrier of  fear for you.  I believe I know what it is, but you are to tell me. What do you  think I will require and demand of you, for you to earn my approval?  You are to tell me. Now. 

I don’t know what to do.  I do not want to say it,  that will guarantee it  happening.
I’m starting to rethink this whole thing– why in hell does he need to make it all so difficult  and dramatic?  I just want to suck his beautiful cock to bring him pleasure, and to have  him fuck me however he wishes.  That’s a good deal to me !

I  am waiting:  you  say.  Tell me. Now.
I’m  trying to decide yay or nay,  with your pressure on me muddling my  head.
Stand  up:  you say, taking my arm to lead me to a short hallway.
Do you refuse to comply with my order to tell me?
‘I  just can’t, Sir.’  I feel like I’m near tears again, fighting hard to control it. 

With your grip firm on my arm and your gaze  straight,  excluding me, I am led down the  hall and told  to put my face to the wall.  Your tone of voice is even, a measured  control  in  your displeasure. You release your grip and speak softly to me, your face inches from  mine as you apply a blindfold.  I love blindfolds but this is different.  It is not erotic now– in fact it starts a fear bouncing wildly in my head.  I don’t dare speak.

You say:  You made an agreement to surrender your will to me-voluntarily and by consent. I accepted, and it is mine now,  mine— if you are to be my submissive.  You trust me in my knowledge and judgment to make all decisions, in that I know best what to  do,  always.  Is  this an accurate statement?
‘Yes, Sir.’
Say  that  again.
‘Yes  Sir,  that is accurate.’
Do you wish to have me as your Dom –your Master?
‘Yes, Sir,  please.  I do.’
Very well then,  you will accept my decisions.
‘Yes, Sir,  I will.’
And you acknowledge the disrespect of not complying  with my order?
‘Yes, Sir,  I admit that.’

You command me to turn around. I’m startled by a quick, sharp slap to my face . . followed by a deep kiss and your hard cock grinding on me. . .oh god. Another harder slap, then a quick but skillful tease of my clit. . . oh god please, fuck me now !

You say: 
Disrespect requires a price be paid. It is necessary that you learn the lessons of your mistakes.  So listen closely to me now.  Lace your fingers together behind your head, like a cop would tell you. You are not to speak until spoken to, nor move from that position until I am done with the punishment and I permit you to move and speak. Tell me you understand.
‘Yes, Sir,  I understand,  Sir.’   I am led into a room off the hall. 

I am a little frightened,  and suddenly aroused as well !  I can hear you moving about, then nothing for what seems a long time. I am becoming uncomfortable holding the assigned pose but determined to keep to your order, not from fear but in my absolute need to please you.

.  .  .  then  it   happens .  .  .
You say :  You know you needed for this to happen,  you have earned this punishment.
You are feeling very humiliated now–good, I want that! Yet this arouses you in a confusing way.  You need this.  You know you need it and you want  it.  You love it and crave it, don’t you!  Tell me. Tell me the truth. 

‘Oh  god–Yes,  Sir ! Yes,  Sir! . . oh god  yes, yes, I do need  it,  I do love it ! I need it , I do. .. please, I’m helpless in my surrender to you, Sir.  Yes, thank you, thank you !’ 

I know as truth there is no hiding from you. You know me. I am Yours. You knew that I  needed this, you knew it when I myself did not. I crave your approval,  your touch–I need you above all that I know. I tremble before your rightful dominance. I feel so intensely close to you now, one with you, totally  possessed  and  owned. . .  completed. 

‘Thank you,  thank you.  Sir.’
You kiss me and say you are so proud of  your Good Girl.
I’m glowing . ‘Thank you,  Sir!’
Good Girl– my best Good Girl. Yes. . yes, my sweet slut–my slut whore. You have earned the privilege to be Mine, to serve and please me. You belong to me now.  I own you.  You  are  Mine.  

As you pronounced your ownership of me, I watched your beautiful cock grow and point to heaven in response to what those words defined in you.  And those words shot me like a hot arrow, branding me to my core. . an immediate overwhelming explosion of pure and utter happiness.

You continued :
You will kneel to me now, to honor my rightful dominance with your glorious surrender and submission to me. Put your hands behind your neck, your fingers laced as before. Prove to me you are worthy to serve me– suck my cock, love my cock, worship my cock, the way I tell you – and  don’t stop until told. You want nothing more than to please me, to be my Good Girl, and do as I say at all times.

If you perform to my liking, as I trust you shall. then I will claim what is Mine–your pussy. I will fuck you as you have never known or imagined! . .and when I want it from you,  I will allow you to cum.  This is only the beginning !

 ‘Oh yes, Master ! Thank you for allowing me your cock. I want nothing more in this world,
this moment, than to please 
and serve you, to honor you. Thank you, Master. My  Master.’                                                                                          Q===================================================================Q  

author’s note :  What ‘it’ was – her fear &  her experience  —
is intentionally not specified and not neccesarily what may be assumed.
The reader can use her/his 
own point of  reference.

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