●Office Politics (short fiction. w/a twist}

   Office Politics     (fiction)                                                         ©  April2010 

I am on my way to the boss’s office.  I’m the final  interview of  the five female employees–one of us must be be laid off.  It’s been difficult to read the other women after their meetings with the boss. Two were very quiet and  seemed  rather upset, and the other two came out with smiles.  I  feel confident,  as I have been recognized a number of times by the boss for my ‘above-and-beyond’  attitude and approach to the work.  We  have a good professional relationship  that  is also relaxed, with some light-weight flirting  now and then, nothing serious.  He’s a fine-looking man,  I’ll say that! 

But today I intend to prevail in keeping  my job from the cutback, so I have dressed for this occasion with deliberation.  I’m business-like but sexy at the same time, in a red blouse stretched somewhat tight across my breasts, with the top three buttons undone,  a black skirt of modest above-the-knee length, but with a back slit halfway to my ass, black thigh-high stockings, and  black spike high-heels.   Like so many men, he should be  vulnerable to manipulation once he starts thinking with his cock.  A cliche’ perhaps, but  so often true. 

In the office  he welcomed me warmly, perched on the corner of his desk. 
‘I’ll tell you what I’ve told the others–this is not a  popularity contest.  I will make  my  decision based on pertinent facts of employee evaluations.  I must comment that you have been a stand-out employee,always willing to do whatever a particular situation requires,  to get the job done.’ 

As he spoke, I slyly dropped my pen to the floor and leaned to retrieve it, knowing he would look down my blouse to see cleavage and my black bra. I re-crossed my  legs  a little higher, so that  he could  now see that I wore the thigh-high stockings.  He made no attempt to disguise the fact that he was staring. 

‘Well,  I appreciate the recognition for my assuming  extra  responsibilities.  I’m more than happy to help wherever help is needed.’
‘Will you help me with something  right now?’  he said.  
I could see a hard-on growing in his pants.  I knew what he  was after, but gave no clue.  ‘Certainly, what is it?’

He was now  directly in front of me,  with a definite hard-on poking at his pants.
‘Will you help me decide who keeps her job?’. . he chuckled,  as he unzipped.
His quite large  cock  popped out and pointed to me. (oh my!  delicious !)

‘I know that you have always wanted my cock,  don’t deny it.  I know that  you want it right now, don’t you. . don’t you ?”
He was correct– I have always wanted his cock, and frequently daydreamed about it  here on  the  job.

I  know that  you want to keep  your job– what will you do to save it?’
‘I don’t know. .’  I said,  playing dumb and coy. I  positioned  myself and reached for it, but he grabbed my wrist to stop me.  
‘Will you do as I say,  just because  I’m your boss?’ 
‘Yes, Sir’.  
He unbuckled his belt  to drop his pants,  silently  staring at me. 

‘Go open the office door halfway, then remove your blouse and your bra, and drop them to the floor–then come here, in front of me’.
I knew this was his attempt to humiliate me and flex his control, but being aware of that,
I wasn’t intimidated.

‘Good, good– now pinch your nipples for me’,  he said.
He ordered me to lift my skirt.   I did as told,  and he shoved  two fingers  roughly into my pussy,  squeezing  it  with force.  

I knew that he thought he was using his power status  as an abuse,  just because could  ‘get away with it’ under these circumstances. But he didn’t realize yet that I was not traumatized or shocked  by his behavior,  but rather welcomed his sexual attention.  Yes, he had been correct,  I had always wanted his cock, and indeed  wanted it now,  but I let him think he was in charge,  believing he was humiliating me for his own amusement. 
My motto of the moment is–‘suck a cock, keep a job’.   No big deal ! 

He told me to drop my skirt to the floor then turn around and bend over.
‘Yes, Sir.’ 
Jerks like him get off on the “Sir”, but I found it hard to keep a serious face when saying  it.  I was now naked, but for my little panties, the thigh-high stockings and spike heels.  As I faced away from him he slid his cock up and down my ass division a few times.

“You’re no stranger to getting your ass fucked, I’ll bet’, he said in a tone I’d never heard from him.  I didn’t let on that  indeed he was right, and the feel of his cock, wet with pre-cum, made me want to spread my cheeks and take him deep.

He ordered me to turn around to face him,  and get to my knees. The spot he indicated  was in view from the open door.  He shoved his  thick cock at my mouth, as if to force it in. While looking up at his face, I licked  the head with its pre-cum oozing, twirling my tongue  down, then  down  further,  as he gasped loudly and moaned. 

‘You love sucking cock, don’t you?  Yes,  yes you do.  Cock-sucker.  And you’re so much better at it  than the other women.  One of them  just cried the whole time–she was useless.   But you, you love this cock,  you’ will  tell me.’

I took him deep down and coughed a few times so he would feel the contractions from my throat.  I felt the cock grow bigger yet,  and he closed his eyes and began mumbling lowly to himself –‘Yes,  please, please. . thank you ma’am,  thank you. .’ 

This  was the moment I’d been waiting for. I  disengaged  and stood to face him.
‘What the hell !  You’re not done– get down  there and suck it good!’
‘I   know  about  you.   I   know  your  secret.’
‘What  the hell are you talking about ! ‘ 

Again I said  ‘I know your secret.  If you want it kept a secret, be at this address  tonight at the time indicated, ready for me and my friends.’
I  scribbled  the information on a paper and handed it  to him.  He said nothing for a long minute, then I could see the pieces were falling into place in his consciousness. He recognized there had been an abrupt shift of power.

‘I’m the only one in the office who knows, never mind how. You wouldn’t want it open knowledge that you have that ‘other life’, would you?– that on frequent occasions you wear a spiked leather collar and leash in shame to your Mistress.  .  the one  who orders you to crawl  and  to lick her boots?’ 

‘No, ma’am.’  
‘I  didn’t think so.  Now before I take  an extended lunch today,  you will make me cum  with your tongue.  Now.  Get down.’
‘Yes, ma’am.’  He dutifully dropped to his knees and pulled down my panties, all the while looking up at me.  He was really quite talented with that tongue, after having acted like such a  jerk earlier.  In quick time  I was moaning,  my head spinning,  pulling him closer. . more,  more . . . like that, that’s  right.
‘Such  a Good Boy,  Good Boy! ‘  

As I dressed to leave his office, he remained on his knees in the same spot,  cum dribbling from his cock.
‘You may get up now. Get yourself together, and go tell the other women  that you have made your choice.  Pick one of the two who felt violated by your sexual bullying. Maybe she won’t sue your ass.  You be at that address tonight, ready for anything–if  you want  to  keep your  job.’ 

‘Yes, ma’am,  yes, ma’am.’
‘Good Boy.’

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