●On sexual submission & Symbiotic

  21Nov12  –

The true gift of a woman’s sexual submission is of value beyond measure.

It is not about the ill-informed clichés of inconsequential porn.  It is not about the feeble wet dreams of pimply schoolboys.  It is not about the vivid imaginings of hungry women in need of better sex. It is not about the testosterone-fueled wishful fantasies of adult men who will never become mentally fully grown.
It is not another excuse for self-titled dominants to bully, humiliate, disrespect, brutalize or subjugate purely to satisfy their own misogynist needs.

The gift of submission is more than corporeal, greater than physical.
It is the conscious yielding up of sexual free will to serve another.  It is given because the ache, the longing, the overwhelming desire to submit is in her soul.  It is given because, bestowed upon the right man, she knows she will be excited, enlightened, satisfied and sexually aroused and deeply fulfilled.

In return the Dominant will respect and nurture her.  He will give her protection. He will be her guide, mentor, and master.  He will provide discipline and strength. He will create a framework in which she can grow, flourish and explore her own sexuality.
He will throw a secure and safe cloak about her shoulders.
He will make her proud and happy– and blessed– that she has given herself to him

Symbiotic                                 Feb2013   re-blogged

It is beyond compatibility. 

She is made safe by his control, made secure by his discipline, made confident by his admiration.
She is aroused by his desire, consumed by his instruction, inflamed by his respect.
She is awed by his domination, excited by his authority, enchanted by his poetry. 

He is honoured by her beauty,  enthralled by her sensuality, thrilled by her curves.
He is delighted beyond words by her complete and unquestioning submission.
Her body is his kingdom.  She is proud to be his slave.
It is beyond compatibility.  It is perfectly symbiotic

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