● A Little Game {fiction}

● A Little Game                                          Oct2010
{ An insecure but loving  Dom and his devoted submissive}


In  our hotel room  I am in restraints in the doorframe  of the
closet, wrists to the corners and legs wide on 
a spreader bar.
After locking me down you slowly 
torment  me by running your
fingers slowly up my legs 
from ankles to  my pussy, but don’t
touch me there.
You kiss me long and sensuously, then slide your
so slowly along my pussy to the clit, circle it, press on it until
I am positively squirming and pleading for your Cock.

Then you back up to sit on the edge of the bed and just watch me
in my agony.
You can be so cruel sometimes, I say.

Be thankful for what you do get, whore.
I’ll tell you what- I’ll allow you to have my Cock if you will play a little game with me…, you say, smiling.
It’s called ‘Free-for-All’, where you must do whatever I demand of you for two hours– no  limits, no safeword, and no talking unless I allow it, except to hear ‘Yes Master’.
Do you still want my Cock, whore?  you say, with a strange grin.

Yes Master.
What are you?
Master’s whore.
Who am I?
My Master.
who am I?  louder.
Who are you?
I thank you for the honor, Master

You are welcome, you nasty slut.You should be grateful and you show
me that you are. A happy whore benefits Me, that is what 
is important here…you say, now very close to my face..then you squeeze my pussy,
pinch my clit,  and you’re out the door.

You are gone for half an hour and I’m beginning to be agitated.
I don’t know what’s going on or what will be commanded to me.
And, I have to piss real bad and sure as hell don’t want to piss
myself here in restraints !

When you return you are pumped up and laughing to yourself.
Your wallet drops from one hand as you offer me some soda
in a cup from the 7-11.

Oh yes, you have no hands at the moment, you say, and hold the
drink to my mouth. Then you extract an ice cube and press it to
my clit. Maybe this will cool off that hot pussy of yours, whore..
would take any cock right about now, you say, laughing.
I’m concentrating on holding my piss.

Yes Master, and permission to speak, I say with urgency.
Please Master, I must piss, badly.

You quickly unhook my wrists and ankles and twist one arm behind
my back as you lead me to the bathroom. I wait for you to leave but
you don’t. I’m embarrassed to piss in front of you but now that’s
secondary. I just have to piss so bad and right now . .aahhh, relief!

Wipe good then wash yourself with the washcloth, you say.
Yes Master, thank you.
And what are you?
Your whore, Master.
What kind of whore are you?
I am a disgusting dirty whore, Master.
Yes, you are, remember that always.
Yes Master.
You are one lucky whore to have me as your Master.
Yes I am, Master.
What is a whore good for?
Sucking and fucking, Master.
And what else?
Nothing, Master.
The correct answer, slut. Good for you !
Thank you, Master.

You know, whore, Master in his power could have demanded that
you piss yourself, like a baby. Maybe you would cry over that, just
like a helpless baby.
Yes Master.
Are you a helpless baby or a helpless whore.?
I am a helpless whore, Master.
And what does that mean for Master?

‘A helpless whore is totally under Master’s power and command,
and Master shall do anything and everything He desires and pleases–
with me, to me, on me, or in me, as His Right.’

Very well done. You please me in recalling a past lesson. Master is
pleased with your skanky whore ass – for the moment.

I don’t believe I will ever forget the exact wording to recite, after
the punishments I’d taken when first failing to memorize it as
commanded. Master can be very strict when necessary !

You give me a sweet and sexy kiss, a long one, and it spikes my arousal.
You spit on your finger and tease my clit with it. God I want you to fuck
me so bad, and you know it !

The whore wants Master’s Cock, yes?
Oh yes, Master ! Please, Master, may I have your Cock?
When Master decides you may, a whore does not decide when.
Is that 
understood, you fucking cunt ?? This is about Me, Me and
only Me – –
and he gave me a sharp slap to the face. He laughed.

Yes Master. Thank you, Master.
Bitch likes that, doesn’t she?
The slap really stung, but it excited me as well.
Yes Master.
He slapped me again and harder–this one hurt!

Bitch loves Master. Bitch loves Master’s Cock and will do
anything to get Master’s Cock.. Anything.
It was not a question but a statement of fact, understood.

Yes Master, yes.
Then bend over and stick a finger in your ass.
I did as commanded.
If Master demands it, you will piss yourself for him.
Yes Master.

It pleases and delights me me that you will debase yourself at my whim,
to earn the honor of Master’s Cock.   I  own  you,  body and soul.
You are mine– fucking MINE!

You were aroused yourself by this, I could see, as you unzipped and
dropped your pants to reveal your Perfect Cock, wet at the tip and
rock-solid – pointing straight up.

You want Master to fuck you. You love Master’s Cock. You crave Master’s
Cock. You beg for Master to fuck you like a dirty dog, you said..
Again, a statement of pure fact.
Yes, yes Master.!

Now- let the game begin. Do you want my Cock, bitch?
Yes Master.
Do you want it real bad, like a whore does?
Yes Master.
Are you agreed to earn that privilege?
Yes Master.
Are you my whore?
Yes Master.
Are you my filthy whore?
Yes Master.

Do you trust Master?
Yes Master.
Do you love Master?
Yes Master.
Good Girl. You may respond, slut.

Thank you Master. I desire only to please you in whatever ways I may.
Your pleasure is my pleasure– always, I say.
I feel a little light-headed and high from being called your Good Girl-
that does it every time.
You kiss me long and passionately and it arouses me so much when
you press your hard Cock to me….I want you to fuck me so badly !

Kneel to me and suck my Cock, whore.

You are hard, throbbing, fucking my mouth and pulling me in by my hair,
but withdraw before cumming. You tell me your Cum will be a privilege
withheld for a later reward. I try to hide my disappointment.
You order me to stand to tell you what I am thinking that instant.
I tell you that I crave to have your Cum in me, Master. It is a high honor
that makes me feel loved.

I can see how that is true for a fucking cunt like you are. It IS an honor
and don’t forget that, you say, while pinching my nipples, hard.
Yes, Master.

You then blindfold me and spin me around and around 5 times, so that
I am dizzy. You hold me steady, your arm at my waist, as you open the door
and push me out. I hear metal clinking on metal, and wonder what’s going on.

I know I’m outside of the room now, and naked! Luckily we are in a secluded
part of the hotel. I can’t imagine going anywhere like this and can’t even
guess what you have in mind.

Do you love Master?
Yes Master.
Do you love Master’s Cock, whore?
Yes Master.
You will do anything to get Master’s Cock, won’t you, slut?
Yes Master.
Anything I command you to do?
Yes Master.
Do you trust Master?
Yes Master.
Do you love Master and desire to please him?
Yes Master.
Do you love Master? Respond.

Yes Master, very very much, I want only to give you happiness and pleasure
by doing 
anything and everything you want and demand of me. I love you.

Good answer, now tell me –loudly- who am I?
And — loudly– who am I and what are you?

In the distance I hear voices of several men, some laughing. I hope they
can’t see me ! I feel embarrassed but Master knows what he’s doing.

Tell me again, bitch, good and loud..

Aaahh, music to my ears. Very good. . and don’t forget that, ever.
Give me both of your hands.

As I do, handcuffs are quickly snapped onto both wrists –this is the metal sound I heard. Each cuff is snapped onto a rope loop secured at the top
of the walkway, apparently installed for this occasion.
I can’t 
believe I’m outside like this, naked and restrained !

Your Cock is free from your zipper and so hard as you move behind me and
slide it along my pussy a few times. Oh god, he’s gonna fuck me out in public,
I say to myself. . . yet  the thought is strangely exciting.  I can’t help the high arousal overtaking me.

You click a handcuff to each ankle, fastening one to an eyebolt you discreetly
installed earlier in the door frame, and the other to the bottom rail of the
walkway. This spreads my legs as wide as they go and I’m quite wet now.
I hear footsteps diminishing–you’ve walked away !
Then–scuffling sounds and voices heard but I can’t make out the words.
I’m confused about what is happening– I was thinking you would fuck me, but you’ve walked off somewhere.

Suddenly the mens’ voices I heard are close and now I do hear the words, 
crude and vulgar comments— about me !

-She’s a whore, allright, look at her.
-I’d love to fuck that ass !
-Check it out, her pussy is dripping !
-Hey cunt- I got something for ya, right here !
-Bitch will call me daddy when I’m done with her !

Laughter. Oh my god, I have a very bad feeling. Where is Master,
he will save me from this….

Master had been keeping silent, and right beside me, it turned out..
He whispered to me –Relax baby, I’m right here. He put his hand
to my pussy and shoved two fingers in, then three; a  vigorous invasion. .                                  . then forcefully thrust his Cock deep into me.

He said in a low voice, Who am I ? Who am I ?

You are My Master.
I felt I was about to cry.

I am your Master, whore. Who am I ? I am your fucking Master!

The men were hooting and encouraging Master as he fucked me in
front of them. Being blindfolded I could only hear them. I wanted to
crawl away and hide forever. But my body had ideas of its own. . .
it was glorious to have Master’s Cock in me at last..yes!

Master growled to me – whore loves Master’s Cock. You worship it
as a holy thing, as you should. Tell me now how much you love
Master’s Cock. . .
As he spoke he increased the thrusting, really fucking me but good !

Oh Master yes, yes , yes, I love your Cock ! Thank you ! I love you Master.
I know you do, you fucking whore, you piece of shit cumslut.

The men laughed, and continued with their lewd remarks. What the
hell were they doing here anyway, for Master to fuck me in front
of them? But my focus was elsewhere at the moment,  Master giving
me the supreme gift of his Cock.

Master said, My rule stands – you will not cum until I command it.
He stopped his thrusting cold to say, You heard me, say it.

I will not cum without Master’s permission.
I will not cum without Master’s permission.
I will not cum without Master’s permission.
That’s right, you dirty nasty slut.

But Master answers to no one – and with that he thrust his fat Cock
deep into me and made a sound of primal pleasure as he shot his
hot, sweet river of Cum into me. God it felt so, so good– I was having
trouble not to cum, but I was able to control myself, barely.
I did not want to suffer his displeasure and its consequences as I did
the last time I could not obey that command !
He slid a finger in my ass and with his other hand twirled a finger on my
clit to taunt me as he withdrew. I needed to cum so bad !

I felt the thick Cum dripping from me as I heard a scraping sound.
Master had dragged a chair to me and stood on it, shoving his Cock to
my mouth and ordered me to lick him clean. I never did like that part
but he is Master.

Lick it, whore. Lick your nasty juice back into yourself, you fucking cunt.
Yes Master.
You need to cum, don’t you, slut?
Yes Master.
Too fucking bad, whore. I decide when you will cum. Master says when.
And if. Not the filthy whore– you have no decisions.
Yes Master.
Do you wish to say something to Master?
Yes Master. Thank you for fucking me, thank you for your Cock.

Of course, whore . I deem you worthy of my gift. You show the proper
respect and reverence that is My Right. You’re a good whore, and
today a very Good Girl.
Oh Master, thank you. Thank you.

I could feel those tears inching up.

I heard him talking in a low voice to the men, still there with eyes wide
and  crotches bulging. Some laughter and their voices raising. . they were
quite excited by watching Master fuck his whore in public.

Then Master was at my ear, saying – I love my dirty whore. Master loves
his whore. . .and he kissed me deeply.
You are my Good Girl, he said. My best Good Girl. Be my Good Girl now.

Yes Master. Thank you, Master.
I was floating after hearing him name me his best Good Girl !

Suddenly, hands grabbed my ass and a cock was roughly shoved into me.
It was not Master ! what the fuck. … A voice said, I got 10 minutes on her,
right? She’s gonna beg me for more at 10 minutes, man !

Master said, don’t leave any marks, the clock is running…
It came to me like a punch in the face– Master had arranged this !
I couldn’t believe he would do this !

The man shoving his cock in me said,
The skank wants me bad, I want her to see who’s fucking her now,
get that blindfold.

Master removed it and when I looked to him, there was no expression,
a blank look. I went into a limbo state, a trance of sorts, just waiting for
this asshole to finish his so-called fucking.

The man said, I know you want to cum for me, don’t you? You fucking
skanky whore, you cumslut piece of garbage… He was pounding me
hard, his venom concentrated in his cock, a weapon.

Master grabbed his arm, saying– She don’t answer to you , asshole,
finish up and get the fuck out of here. . . The man thrust into me so hard
he lifted me off my feet and finally shot his load. I hated having that
pig’s cum in me.

Master. .
You do not have permission to speak, whore.

For the first time I saw that the four men had been lined up in folding
chairs, as an audience for a performance…one that was not over yet.
The next two men were not much different, each somehow believing
they were god’s gift with their clumsy, vulgar sex. It was pathetic.

Time out, Master said, after the third..
He came close to whisper again.

Baby, I’m sorry. I had planned to fuck you out here, just me, with
you restrained naked outside as a show of your devotion to me.
These guys were at the 7-11, talking about where to find a hooker,
that they were so damn horny. I saw the opportunity to make us
a little money.. they each gave me $75. I thought you could handle
it ok.. you seem to be. I do love you, my little whore.. my very best
Good Girl.. only one more, baby.. then he kissed me again sweetly.

I was never really mad at him, how could I be? I knew that as Master,
he knew best, and I had given my honor word to do anything and
everything he asked and demanded of me. I am his Good Girl.

Yes Master, thank you Master..

With the exception of the first man, those who had finished their
10 minutes worth of publicly fucking a restrained whore, remained
to watch the others Be The Man. It was now the final man’s turn
with me, the dirty nasty disgusting slut. Just fucking get it done
with, I said to myself.

Master wandered off  to smoke, keeping an eye on things
from a short distance. .

The  man  seemed uncomfortable, as if he were embarrassed to be
a part of this debaucery.  He couldn’t be more than 20 years old.
He came behind me and kissed my neck slowly. It surprized me how
sexy it felt. The man said softly,  so only I could hear- I’m sorry
but you are so sexy. I can picture you as my girlfriend, if I ever get
one. I’ve never been  with a woman yet and I want you to be my first.
Please? Will you let me?

Oh.  what do you know, a virgin, and polite too. As he spoke his
hands carressed my breasts and he continued kissing my neck.
I could feel his virgin cock hardening and growing as he stood close
behind me.   It was beginning to excite me, in spite of myself. .
that fresh hard cock beginning to probe its way around a woman
for the very first time.  I whispered to him – I’ll help you as much
as I can in this position, I can’t move much.  Use your fingers
first to see where things are..

I don’t want to hurt you, he said in a whisper. I almost laughed.
He should be worried about me hurting him !
He said, would you mind talking dirty to me? But I can’t do it back,
I’m self-conscious.

That won’t last long, I say. But sure. Stick your fingers in my pussy,
it’s already wet for you. Fuck me with your fingers. Fuck me.

He did as told and seemed delighted with what he felt. His cock was
now huge and hard, pointing its way towards my pussy from behind.
I raised my ass up as high as I could to invite him in. He was breathing
heavily now and almost trembling.
I whispered, Baby, I want you to call me a whore and a slut. Please.
It’s a good thing for this. But just don’t say that to every woman, they
don’t all care for it !

He did as told, saying -whore – softly. Again, I said.
You whore, you slut.
Like you mean it, I said.
Louder and stronger he called me a whore.
What am I? I said.
You’re a whore, a dirty whore!
I could feel that virgin cock throbbing on the outside of my pussy
and the tip just happened to rest against my clit. Oh god.

I told him, feel with your finger where the tip of your cock is now,
and leave your finger there. Memorize this place- it’s the magic key
to making any woman happy, and hot for you.

You’re a whore, he said, this time whispered in sweetness.
A slut and a whore and I’m gonna fuck you like a dirty whore.

The way he whispered it  was sweet and intimate, really quite touching,
and I could tell he didn’t want to call me that. I persisted.

What am I to you? Am I the nastiest fucking slut you ever saw?

Yes, he said, fucking right you are…you’re a whore good for one thing,
fucking. Whore! Whore!
As I had guessed, the words made him more aroused.

I said, it’s time to be a man, slide your cock into me now, slow at first.
Really feel it, nice and slow.
Again, he did as told, and said -oh my god my god- when he was in.
His first pussy!
Just do what comes natural, I tell him.
His finger was still at my clit and he began to make little circles as he
began his first thrusts. Just go slow baby, make it last, I say.

Master had been watching from a distance but was now back on close
guard. Even though against orders, I said to him ‘first-timer’–and he
chuckled. He’d seen what the boy was doing with his finger and knew
what was coming down the road, and not far.

He whispered to me, I want you to cum for the boy on his first time.
You will do as I tell you, and cum for him.. . he was laughing now.

Well, if you absolutely insist, I said to myself                                                                                            Yes Master.

That hard virgin cock sliding slow and sensuously and his fingers
swirling my clit pulled me and pulled me until I finally exploded in
a long, hard orgasm. At first he was startled but that flipped his
switch and he was fucking me so good, one of the best fucks ever.
He went off like a bomb! He was truly grateful, and I was glad to
set him on his lifelong journey with a proper start.
After the men had left finally, Master came to me and pulled me to
him with his hands on my ass. My god, no one gets me hot like Master !

Do you want Master’s Cock, he said with a wide smile.
Did my whore get enough cock today or must you have more?
Whose Cock do you beg for, bitch?

Yours Master, and only yours, Master. There is no other for me.
Please Master, may I have your Cock.?

Where does the whore want it, mouth, pussy, or ass? How bad does
my bitch want me?
Master, I crave your Cock so much I can’t think. I just want it and need it
so, so bad, please Master.

You’ll have to do better than that, slut.

Master, I beg of you in your fairness and kindness to allow me the honor
and privilege of having your Cock, in whatever way my Master might
desire. I am yours totally, ,to do with what you will.

Good for you–right answer.

He began to let me loose from the restraints, when suddenly I said,
No Master – fuck me out here, naked and helpless in public.

Well, he said, isn’t my bitch full of surprizes! Whore, I’m going to fuck
the shit out of you for any and all to see! And you want everyone to
see, don’t you, you whore ? But first, tell me again how much you want
My Cock. Tell Master you love His Cock.

Yes, Master. I love Master’s Cock.
Are you willing to do anything to get it?
I want Master’s Cock. Please, Master. Yes.

You will do anything and everything I ask and command of you?
Yes, Master. Yes I will.

Good Girl. Always my Good Girl. But prove it to me.
. . . let’s play a little game. .
Yes, Master…


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