●Trust Me (fiction)

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Trust Me                                 
Sept 2010


 Testing my trust you say:   ‘Tell me some activities that are off-limits for you, refresh me.’
[facial hardware, suspension, ‘predicament’ bondage, being pissed on, fisting, electricity.]   . . this as you fondle me slowly, teasing the clit slightly in passing. 

‘You want to please me, it is your meaningful purpose in life, is it not? – to please me and keep me happy. You are happy as well when you please me. I can see your true desire in your  heartfelt efforts as a new submissive,  so fresh and  so very earnest.’
‘Yes, Sir – your pleasure is my pleasure.’

You say : ‘I get hard just thinking about the power you have given freely to me, in trust, and love—the control of you for my use and pleasure! That you want me to take your power, your will, makes me hard right now. You love my cock. Look at my big hard cock, slut!’

Continuing a slow meandering tease,  you kiss my neck and state:   ‘You trust me’.
‘Yes, Sir. I do’. . and you blindfold me, whispering,

‘I want you to please me tonight. I shall have whatever I want from you, either given or taken, make no mistake. But you want to give to me whatever I want, whenever and whatever it is—because you need to, you need me. You cannot imagine even one day with your head not ruled by dreams of me, in your hunger.  Do you want to be Mine?’
‘Yes, Sir, oh yes– I will, I do.’’

You quickly pinch my nipples, sharply. I hope my pain doesn’t show because that hurts like hell! I don’t want to be whiney about a little discomfort, it goes with a sub’s reality. Then in a swift move you straddle my chest and feed me your cock..
‘Open wide now. . take it, love it. . .good girl.’

I enjoy your cock in my mouth, for the biggest reason of it bringing you pleasure. That gets me so hot. You fuck it so deeply that I gag, although I am using the cock-sucking  ‘survival tricks’.  The  gagging  excites  you  even more, reinforcing your power.

“Take it, love my cock, slut. Worship my cock, you fucking whore, MY whore. MINE! I know  you want my cumload down your throat,  but you haven’t earned the privilege yet’,   you say.
You pull out not quite all the way, and order me to lick your cock clean as you withdraw. . . it’s hot and wet, dripping with my drool.

‘You will beg me before we are done today. You will beg me for something that repulses you, and you will be saying the honest truth as you beg– that you want it desperately.’  

I say nothing;  I will not say– No  Sir, you  are wrong—so I say nothing.

I am sat upright on the edge of the bed as you spread my legs apart, my pussy silently screaming for your touch as you lean in to kiss me. Again you pinch my nipples hard–but the pinch doesn’t let up. I realize you have clamped me and it hurts like fucking hell!   As I squirm a bit,  I realize also that the clamps are weighted.

‘How do you like that?’, you say. I don’t want to complain so I say nothing, but force a smile.
I don’t know what gave you the idea that I would like this ! I come to realize you control the weight on the chain, letting it drop, or relieving the knifing pain by holding the weights, slackening the chain.  Behind me you tug lightly on the chain so that my torso arches and my head hangs, attempting to keep a slack chain.  You see that I can’t hold  that unnatural pose, so you position yourself before me and yank sharply so that I  jolt forward.  You grunt  your pleasure  in  manipulating  me.

‘Open up, slut’, you say with your fat cock to my mouth,  but you back up so slightly, and my precarious balance is toppled from the bed until I am on my knees. You snap the chains with their fiery clamps burning, so sharply that I gasp as I lift my head up, and back, as if trying to lighten myself from the floor.

‘Now– open wide. . . wider. . good girl’ as you thrust your cock in deeply and hold it there, choking me with your mass.
‘Do you love my cock,  do you want my cum?  I know you do, say it.’  I nod my head yes but really don’t even know what I’m doing now; the pain is huge and red,  fire.

‘You have not earned it yet, slut’.
You withdraw and order me to stand. With the  blindfold  I don’t even know which way I’m facing or what’s happening. You have knelt in front of me now and start teasing my throbbing clit with your fingers, then expert flicks of your tongue. Oh good god !

You release the nipple clamps and the fiery pain is now amplified as it spreads out in sharp pointy waves– and at the same time your talent with tongue rolls me to the edge of cumming, but you pull me back from the edge– you won’t allow it yet..

‘You took the clamping like a champ—no complaints. I’m proud of my Good Girl !’
I love you calling me Good Girl. This combined with the exquisite torture of teasing me made me flush hot and feel dizzy. You held me steady but continued up, then back, to and from that edge, then gently pulled me to my knees again.

You say :
‘You want me so much right now, you would do anything. Anything. Wouldn’t you?’

‘Yes, Sir.’ . . ‘Anything?’. . .’Yes, Sir.’
‘I could  piss on you, and you’d still  want my cock.  Wouldn’t  you,  whore?’

I said nothing, trying to translate the meaning, as  you stroked your cock along  my face.
‘You crave me so much this instant you can’t think. Do you want me to piss on you, my good little girl?  You  want my  piss, don’t you — don’t you, dirty girl? You want it badly. Don’t you?’     You twirled your finger on my clit.
A  silence. . . . ’Yes, Sir.’
‘Yes Sir what?’
‘Yes,  Sir,  I want you to piss on me,  please Sir.’

‘I don’t believe you. Say it again. Tell me. . . Tell me now. . . Say it.’ You pressed harder on my clit, grinding slowly, flooding me with a blinding desire. I was dripping wet now.

‘Yes, Sir, please Sir. . please, will you piss on me?   Please, Sir!   I  do  want  your  piss.
I want it— I do !  I need it. . oh god I beg of you,  please, Sir– piss on me now!’
I was near tears and also about to cum with no touch and barely knew where I was, still  blindfolded,  but I knew I spoke the absolute truth. .

‘Open wide, slut’,  and I readied myself as much as I could in my altered state.  (In my head-—‘here it comes, I’m ready for your beautiful cock,  with your hot piss right into my mouth.
I love you, I love you, I love you. . I’m ready.’)

You had been so aroused by your power over me that you could not hold it any longer, and shot your sweet load of cum, spurting vigorously into my mouth, down my throat. It was so fucking sexy that I knew I was about to explode without a touch.
You chuckled at my helplessness as you sensed my pending orgasm and shoved three fingers into my pussy,  then squeezed,  bringing a scream of ecstasy from me.

You never had any intention of pissing on me; you wanted to test how far you could take me— if in my loyalty and trust in you, in my love, I would actually beg you to piss on me. My devotion compelled me in my loving service, to accept it, for you,  then I came to crave it as you’d said I would,  as your gift.
I  would  do  anything  for  you.  Anything.   Anything  and  Everything. 

You  are  pleased.

{ ‘partly truth, partly  fiction’}

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