●Consider This – {fiction}

   Consider This           {as imagined from the male point  of view}     2010                                            

The two of us are together at last in your apartment. I am totally dressed,  seated on your couch. You have been ordered to strip naked in front of me. Piece by piece you disrobe.
I then order you to bring me a drink and to dim the lights and turn on some soft music. 

When you have done all that and you are totally naked I have you stand before me so I can inspect you. . I start with your head, your hair, your eyes, then your lips, your mouth and tongue, as if you are livestock.
You must subject yourself to my every command. I make you jiggle your tits for me, squeeze them, then I make you kiss and suck on your own nipples. I then make you put your hands above your head and spread your legs wide,  thrusting your bare pussy forward towards me     as  I sit comfortably on your couch sipping my wine. 

I make you hold that position for what must seem like forever. You are not allowed to speak unless spoken to. The longer you stand there the further you push your pussy towards me, silently begging me to touch you there.  I just sit back and enjoy you exposing your precious pussy to a man, like a whore.. 

Just when you don’t think you can stand it any longer, I reach out and touch and rub your soft skin.  I slide my fingers down over your clit to your pussy lips and find your pussy wet–soaking actually.  I whisper loud enough for you to hear “My slut loves this doesn’t she,  she loves being controlled, she loves putting her pussy on display for a man, she loves the feeling of total vulnerability, she loves the release that comes with letting go and being  the slut. And what a slut you are !”

I slide a couple of fingers into you one at a time…you moan. The faster I put them in,  the more you moan, the more pressure I apply the louder you become. Too loud. I  put a ball gag in your mouth–and then blindfold you. I leave you standing there like that for 10 minutes. You can’t see anything but you hear me moving around.  

Then I whisper in your ear  that I have brought with me a video camera and have filmed the pictures of you on your wall and filmed you in your present condition, including extreme close ups of your wet dripping pussy.  I tell you that if you do everything I say for the rest of the day, the video will remain with you when I leave, but if you do not follow my commands then the video goes with me and what I choose to do with it, whom I chose to show it to is my decision.  I tell you that there will be no question among anybody who sees the video  that the naked, blindfolded and gagged slut is you.

 I ask you if you understand what I have told you.  You nod and mumble through the ball gag what seems to be a “yes sir.” I ask you if you shall be doing everything I ask of you today–your response was a quick “yes sir”.  

I then remove the blindfold and ball gag. I slide my fingers back into your pussy. I ask you to tell the camera if you are wet. You look at the camera and tell it your are wet. I make you tell the camera why you are wet and you do, as embarrassing as it is for you.

 You tell the camera how bad you wanted and craved this–to be treated like the slut you have always known you were, to be forced to comply with all of a man’s desires, no matter what they are, or at what cost it comes to you. And it is you knowing and hoping that that when all is said and done today,  your wet pussy gets fucked long and hard and filled with cum. 

  I then slide my wet fingers from your pussy around to your ass and rest my fingers on your asshole. You look into my eyes wondering what next, how far will I go with this.    

I untie you and tell  you to turn around and bend over.  I order you to reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart. Your ass is just inches from my face, and the camera lens. There is no part of you or your body that I or the camera has not seen. 

I order you to look back at me through your legs.  You bend over as far as you can without losing your balance.  I tell you to look directly into the camera lens. Then  I press my finger against your asshole and slowly apply pressure as I violate your ass.  I push my finger inside you. You moan of pleasure despite the awkwardness, the embarrassment of being so exposed to another person and to whomever may see this video.  As I push my finger in, then two, in and out of your ass, I look into your eyes and ask you if you have something to say to me.

You respond  “Thank you Sir for fucking my ass.”                                                                               .        “You are welcome my slut.”

Then – I bind your hands together above your head and to a hook in the ceiling. Your ankles are bound to the leg posts on your bed. I insert remote controlled vibrating  bullets in both your pussy and your ass. Then I tease your clit with your vibrator. Your whole body feels like it is on fire, vibrating out of control.  As you near orgasm I back off letting the coming orgasm subside a bit…then start teasing all over again.  When you are almost there I back off again and this time apply a good hard spanking..

 You are not supposed to speak but you can’t help it. “Fuck Me please Fuck  me.” 
I continue to tease you for 30 more minutes–bringing you to the edge then backing off, sometimes with pain – like slapping your ass or your swollen clit. 

Finally you can’t take it anymore…tears have fallen down your cheeks– not because of the pain but   because of the humiliation and embarrassment of being filmed,  being exposed  and  tormented by a fully dressed man.  A man who has  brought you to the point of tears, begging  like a wanton whore  to be fucked hard, fast, and long,  for no other reason that  you crave it.  It is what your very soul needs  to make you complete. 

Through the tears  you beg me over and over to let you cum.   I tell you that before I finish using you  that you will  need to look into the camera and tell whomever may watch  this video exactly who you are and that this is of your own free will. Tell them what it is you want done to you, in detailed and graphic terms, and if your description pleases me I will allow you to cum.   If it does not, it will be a very long night. 

And I  tell you to “open wide”- so that I can shove my  big fat cock  down your throat. . .                  for starters .    Good Girl.                                                                                                      ………………………………………………


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