●Thank You For Everything.

 Thank You for Everything                                                                          July’10

You told me to wait in the dark for you, naked and upright on my knees.

I will take you. I will have you. I will fuck you like a dog – you had said. Be ready to be fucked and fucked good, but ready or not ready, it will be done.
Yes, Sir!

I’m waiting on my knees; they are beginning to stiffen at the joints and hurt.
When I hear you come in the room there are sounds of clothes coming off but you say nothing as you stand behind me. I can see nothing. Then you give a quick, sharp shove to my bare back, and my hands instinctively break the forward fall. A light downward pressure is applied to my neck until my face is to the floor…’face down –ass up’.

You had told me earlier that, for this, I was not to speak unless to a direct question, nor make any sounds or noises. Understood?
Yes, Sir.
You have said not a word to me yet. I can feel you behind me but cannot see you.

I’m startled by several stinging slaps to my ass that are painful enough to notice. While on your knees behind me you lean over me to say-
I’m going to fuck the living shit out of you, and you will love it. You are mine. You belong to me, body and soul.. you are MINE.
I say nothing, but I am quite excited.. hugely aroused !

Now closer, in an intimate whisper you say – Show me you want my cock. Show me !
I walk my knees forward so that my ass and pussy are raised more prominently. I must bite my tongue to keep from begging outloud.

Good girl- you say, then proceed to tease me by rubbing the tip of your cock to my clit. You say – you want my cock – here is my cock; this what you want. This is a factual statement, not a question, so I do not speak. I have to picture my mouth taped or gagged because it’s quite difficult not to make any sound now- – I want your cock in me so so badly, and you know it! Equally I desire to please you, always.. and tonight by keeping to your orders of no speaking or sound.

Your hands grasp the front of my hips, your nails digging slightly as you pull me up higher.    In one motion you quickly plunge deep and hard into my pussy. It is so extremely difficult to be silent, to stop the – oh god yes yes – but surprizingly I succeed. Slowly, so sensuously, you slide in and out, over and again; sliding in and out and in, keeping your slow pace. . .

Do you have something to say to your Dom? – you say.
Yes, Thank You, Sir! I have craved your cock..thank you for your gift.. thank you!

You say– You’re welcome, enjoy my generosity. But it’s no gift to you. It is my given right to have your pussy at any time, and the rest of you as well. You belong to me, it is as simple as that.
Yes, Sir. I am yours.

Still you keep your slow pace and I sense you are doing this to purposely tease me.                    .If  so, it’s working ! Then you stop, your cock barely inside me.
Do you have something to tell me?   – you say, knowing what you will hear next from me.. 

Please Sir, please, will you cum in me?
What was that? -you say. I can sense you are smiling, almost laughing, as you toy with me so that you may hear it again.
Sir, please ! May I have your cock and your cum. . please, Sir?
Yes, you may -you say- and I will have yours.

And ‘without further ado’ you shove yourself deeply forward, and hold your position.
At the same time you reach to my clit to work your quick magic with your fingers. I feel the head twitching and your cock suddenly expands, then jerks up strongly several times, rushing that hot sweetness into me.. .oh god-in-heaven..yes ! I love that sensation beyond words  and   I am already cumming.. my head feels like sparks are shooting from it and my body is spinning…then slowly lowers back to earth.

You say -Very good girl. I told you to show me that you wanted my cock and you were quite successful in your effort ! Yes, yes — you are my Best Good Girl…
I am so incredibly happy at this moment.
Thank you, Sir. Thank you for everything.


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