●Primally Yours.

Primally Yours.                              (‘ once upon a time’ . 9-13-11)


It is difficult to describe the sensation in my body. I feel almost like pinpoints
of light come from me. I feel like there are sparkles, brightly bouncing along
as the blood pumps. A different, buoyant excitement, sustained,  that I have
recently defined as my body’s sign that it needs to sink into a total and loving
submission. Unfamiliar sensations but of a giddy excitement.  It is the sexual
attraction, longing for what I see beyond my reach, I want it all so badly.
I am helpless of choice, the primal longing owns me.

I must and I will surrender without thought– all of me, to you and for you.
I crave to have my whole being as yours to take your pleasures from, to use in
whatever ways you may, and as a visual demonstration to the mental domination
you impose. I may kneel, be prone, or bound, gagged; restrained, implemented,
caressed, then struck, or cornered in confinement in hand with any manner of
control and humiliation, in carnal and mental manipulation.
I don’t know all there is…but you do.
I want to be used by you, I need to be used,  to please and pleasure you,  Sir.  I am Yours.               ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’

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