●The Special Box {fiction}

The Special Box                                                                                  Feb2012 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I  have been instructed to bring my special box of accessories when I report to your house, and prepare myself for you. In the box are a blindfold, handcuffs, clamps, wrist and ankle cuffs for restraint, several gags, a dildo vibrator, an ass plug, flogger, and rope.

I am to choose one item, and you will choose two more. Whichever item is chosen is to be applied or in use when you arrive, and I am to have a certain locked box of your own fetched and ready for you..

I am to be wearing a particular dress, black stockings, and panties, but no bra. The dress is your favorite, a long and gauzy one in deep red and black, with a low squared neckline and criss-cross laced in the front for closure.

I’m having trouble deciding which item of the box to choose, and trying to guess which you will choose in response.  I decide it doesn’t much matter which ones either of us choose. . .it will all be part of a fine and anticipated adventure. I select the ball-gag, and wait for you.

Presently you arrive, and take in with approval what awaits you.
‘An appropriate selection, as you will have no need – nor permission – to speak,
my dear, only to listen –listen well,  and obey.’ I nod.

‘Hmmm, what to do, what to do.. If I use the blindfold  you won’t see what I will be doing to you,  and I want you to see it all. I want you to see me. ‘

You pick up the ass plug, never used, and examine it while leaning in close. I feel a slight panic, nervous about its use, which you know. I’m aware that you are trying to access my fear as a domination technique, but it is effective all the same. Then you quickly select the rope and the set of cuffs.

I am led to your bedroom and stood against the wall. Although not restrained yet, I am directed not to move until told.

‘Yes, Sir’, I mumble through the gag.

‘If you were blindfolded, you couldn’t see me do this’, you say, methodically removing your clothing, until you are naked before me. An impressive erection is in place already, and you.stroke it lovingly several times and ask me if I want it.

I nod – yes, yes, yes… 
‘Good to know’, you say, laughing, and you press yourself to me with an insistence, flip-flopping my stomach butterflies in instant arousal. Then you feel and squeeze my breasts, barely contained in the lowcut dress.

‘Oh, what fun we will have!’ you say, as you begin unlacing the ribbon of the dress closure. You proceed very slowly, a ploy to increase my excitement, and it works. I want you to tear off the dress and just take me, right now !

When at last I am unlaced and the dress is opened to fully expose me, you leave the room.          Wait- no! I say to myself. You take your time, in a calculated action, and when you return you have both ‘special boxes’ with you, and a drink. You tell me to close my eyes, I do. From each box you extract one item. The nipple clamps are attached to me, with you flicking at them a few times.          It hurts, but in the ‘good way’.

‘Oh, you like that, don’t you, you slutty little tart?’ I nod and mumble in the gag. Then you press your cock to me again, grinding. I am already wet, my panties damp, and I press back to you. You pick up the item from your personal box, the scissors, and cut away my panties from my body. 
I feel close to cumming in anticipation !

‘Oh my, my. . .don’t you look delicious, so ripe for my consumption!’–you say, as you peel the dress from me, dropping it to the floor.

You instruct me to put my arms forward to have the restraint cuffs attached, and kneel down to spread my legs to attach the ankle cuffs. While kneeling you tease my pussy, just enough to make me want to grab you and pull you to me. But I know better than to move unless told. I so much want to please you, and following your instructions is part of that.

‘Yes, yes, my lady, I shall be greatly enjoying my captive slut, the damsel in distress. . .’ you say, in your corny but endearing Englishman way. Being a captive to your sexual whims is so exciting to me !

You order me to lie face down on your bed, hands behind my back, and slap my ass sharply several times. Yes, I like it as much as you do. Then you thread the rope through the rings of the cuffs, manipulating it in such a way that the shortened rope pulls my knees into a bent position, and you secured the rope to the rings of the wrist cuffs . Now I’m restrained in a face-down- ass-up position. I can barely tolerate my huge arousal.

‘I think you know what I’m going to do to you now, don’t you? And you want it badly, don’t you ? Don’t you ??’
‘Yes, Sir, yes, Sir’, I say, muffled in the ball-gag.

You position yourself and enthusiastically make a rear entry, ‘doggy-style’. Your huge hot cock shows me what nature means it to do, claiming its right in me. I have been so very excited that almost immediately I cum for you. Your cock responds by fucking deeper and harder, but you withdraw before your release. You stand at the side of the bed, your magnificent cock actually throbbing, jumping a bit. You roll me to my side, still hog-tied, and remove my gag.

‘Open your mouth, you’re taking my cock’, you say, the head already at my lips. Happily and gladly  I open wide and you slide that lovely cock in deeply as I move my tongue in such a way that your cock slides on it as you thrust.

I try a little trick I’ve thought of but never tried… as you are withdrawn almost all the way,                  I close down on the head to keep it, running my tongue around it, favoring that certain hot-spot. {Who is control now, Sir?–I think to myself with a smile.) It doesn’t take but a moment to bring you to the point of no return, and you vigorously squirt your huge load to my mouth while holding my head firmly. 

I swallow it and smile at you. After you withdraw, your cock is shiny with cum and my drool, still semi-hard. I love just looking at it !

You roll me back to the face-down-ass-up position and begin working the lubed ass-plug.                   I am nervous it will hurt, but you go slow, telling me what a good slut I am for you, how obedient to your desires I am. This is my desire as well, you inform me, and slowly work the object deeper.

And you knew what you were doing.. because I do like it, it is so primal and makes me feel so, so nasty and dirty for you…just as you knew it would, just as you wanted. I  need to cum again.  . .soon.

‘I am going to untie you now, but you will keep that plug in place, is that understood? Do not allow it slip out, I want your ass ready for my cock if I wish to fuck it. Tell me you understand.’
‘I understand, Sir.’

‘Now roll over on your back, legs spread so I can see your wet pussy displayed for me. Keep that plug in place.’
‘Yes, Sir.’

You sit at the foot of the bed and stare at your wanton slut. I like it! I am offered some of your drink, which triggers my need to piss. I tell you I must piss, and may I have permission? You grasp my wrist, leading me to the bathroom, and tell me to piss for you. I’m really embarrassed but the need is great, and I piss as you watch. Then you take me by the hand, kiss it, and guide me into the shower.

“I need to piss too, my dear, and you will take my piss.. I am going to piss on you and you are going to love it. You will take it for your honour in submissiveness to my natural dominance. Get to your knees, now.’

‘Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir.’ A strong stream of hot piss showered upon my breasts and face. It was absolutely heavenly ! I knew this was your first time pissing on a woman, and I could see that it touched that darkly sexual part of you– so taboo, but a compulsion as well. . .a dark calling you can no longer deny. And it is the same for me–so forbidden and ‘wrong’– but felt so right! My lord, it was so very erotic—your commanding will consuming me in debauchery. It was over much too quickly !

You turned on the shower to wash us off, the sweat and cum and piss. You pulled me close and kissed me deeply, it was sweet and hot. You checked the position of the ass-plug, and manipulated it a little. I think you sensed enough was enough for now, and slowly extracted it, to wash it in the shower.

You gently wrapped me in a towel and got me something cool to drink.
‘I shall allow you  to rest and recuperate. . .before I fuck you again.   And again.’

‘Yes, Sir. To your pleasure, always, Sir.’
(written for someone who didn’t deserve my efforts!)

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