●Please, Sir.

●Please, Sir                                             June2010


You instructed me earlier to put myself in 4-point slipknot                 rope restraint prior to your arrival. I am so aroused at the            thought of you looking at me naked and spread for you, Sir             Now you stand at the foot of the bed just staring and smiling,            and ask me if I had something to say to you.., . Yes I do.

‘Please, Sir, touch me, please’. You don’t answer, but move to
the side of the bed. You are naked as well with a monster erection..
oh god. You tell me to state my request again.

‘Please Sir, please touch me.. please, will you Sir?’
You do, trailing your fingers down from my breasts slowly ,
and with the lightest of touch run your fingers along
my damp pussy to the clit, barely touching.. it’s a jolt.
God I want you so bad!

You hover your face near mine and tell me to say what I want.
”I want you, Sir, I want your cock’.
What do I want with your cock? you ask…
‘I want you to fuck me, Sir ‘
What was that again ?

‘I want you to fuck me, Sir’.
Say it again.
‘I want your cock to fuck me, Sir’…
You are now kneeling between my spread legs in a push-up
position and without use of hands slide the tip of your wet
cock to my clit. . . sliding. . . pulling back, then repeating..
Oh godgodgod. .  I’m going to cum any second!

You will cum for me– but not yet. Tell me the reason you are here,
you say. ..
‘I am here to please you and serve you under your command’..
Yes.  But what does that mean?.
‘I shall do everything you request or demand of me in grateful
service to you, Sir.’
Very good. So beg me again, you say, laughing. . .

‘Sir, I do beg of you, please please allow me your cock.  I need it,
I want it so badly. . . please – I beg to your kindness. Please, Sir.’..
As I said this you pressed the head of your cock to my clit,
lingered a bit, then pulled back.  
Very good. Now– tell me what you are.’
‘I’m a slut and a whore, Sir’.

As I stated this, again the cock’s wet touch and a slower retreat.
Say again what you are to me.
‘A slut and a whore, Sir’.
Again the pressure, harder, then . ithdrawl..I’m going crazy!
I want it all so badly! I don’t think I can hold it much longer..
Who’s dirty whore are you ?
‘Yours, Sir, I am your dirty whore, Sir’.                                                                                                     You kiss me as you press harder now, grinding…sweet jesus.                       

What do whores want? you say..
‘To be fucked, Sir’.                                                                                                                       Fucked how ?                                                                                                                                         Fucked like a whore, Sir’..

Is that what you are ? Do you need the fucking a whore gets? you say.
Tell me what my whore wants.

‘Please Sir, your whore wants you to fuck her like the whore she is..
And how is that? you whisper to my ear, while sliding your cock along
my pussy…
“Any way and every way Sir desires’…
Good answer!…Good Girl.. you say, and suddenly plunge deeply
into me with perfect aim.
Is this what you want, girl? – you say..Is it ??

I can’t even speak now, this is just too intense…
You will not cum until permitted, you state. … 
but to no avail, I cannot control it any longer! Oh god-in-heaven,
it has never so intense. . . –

‘Thank you, thank you, Sir !’

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