●’Yes, Sir’ & ●Here I Am

Yes, Sir’  (‘ Do you..?’ )                             14July10

As I come into the room, you step from behind the door,
circling my waist with your arm and kiss me.
I love your affection. You say –

This is what will happen–you will do as I tell you…you will
obey my commands. Until I tell you otherwise, the only
words from you will be ‘Yes, Sir’. You will say nothing else
but that. This is what shall please me for the moment.
=Yes, Sir.=
You want me very badly. You desire so much to please me.
=Yes, Sir.=
Remove your clothes down to your panties, then kiss me.
=Yes, Sir.=
After stripping, I lean in to kiss you where you are seated
on the edge of the bed. You run your hands along my inner
thighs as our tongues explore passion. I am highly aroused!

You stand and turn me around to fondle my ass, partially
pulling down the panties. Then quickly and expertly, you click
a handcufff on one wrist, then the other. Spikes of adrenaline
energize me and flip-flop my stomach.

Go stand against the wall, and spread your legs for me.
=Yes, Sir.= Good.
You stand before me with an expression that reminds me of
a dirty old man..leering. I stifle a giggle but you say-
Yes, smile.. it will be fun, and plenty of it.
=Yes, Sir.=

You position yourself directly in front of me, very close.
You unzip your pants and free your hard, hot cock, instantly
pressing and grinding my pussy through the undies ..Oh, God!

Do you like that–do you? Do you want that?
=Yes, Sir!=
I am already very aroused but I know any relief that may
be granted is not near, but purposely far. I feel dampness
in my panties. I know you are enjoying teasing me —it is
one of your favorite dominant methods to control me.

You stop and back off from me, to get the drink you’d made.
You seem momentarily distracted, looking around the room
until your face suddenly brightens. You open the door to
the outside, leaving it wide, so that anyone could easily
see me, and us, at the wall or on the bed..

I think it’s time to show the world how much you want me.
=Yes, Sir.==
Go stand at the open door with your legs apart. Now.
=Yes, Sir.=
You come up behind me with your body now naked,
poking me with your rock-hard cock as you reach one
hand around to my pussy. In your other hand is a vibrator
known for its strength.

Are you mine? =Yes, Sir,=
Do you surrender yourself to me ? =Yes, Sir.
Do you want what I give you ? =Yes, Sir.=

With each affirmative response you touch the buzzing
vibrator to my clit for a moment, then retreat. It is
making me crazy– I want you so bad right now.!

Do you want my cock ? =Yes, Sir!=
Do you want my cock to fuck you? =Yes, Sir.=
Do you want to cum for me? =Yes, Sir.=
Good to know, but not now. You want anyone who
may be watching to see how much you want my cock.
=Yes, Sir.=…..more touches from the vibrator…
Do you want it more than anything you can remember?
=Yes, Sir.=
You want me so bad that you don’t care if strangers
watch me fuck you right here.
=Yes, Sir.=
You are mine. A non-returnable Gift…(smiling)
=Yes, Sir.=

Do you love your Dom ? =Yes, Sir.=
Do you surrender power and authority to your Dom?
=Yes, Sir.=
Because I know best for you. =Yes, Sir.=

The electrifying touches from the vibrator to my clit are
becoming deeper and longer with each ‘Yes,Sir’.
I’m so dizzy with such a craving, screaming desire that
I feel strange, almost high. You have pulled down my
panties and you slide your cock towards the front.
I’m trembling now.

Do you want your Dom ? =Yes, Sir.=
Do you want your Dom to fuck you ?
=Yes, Sir.=
There is no time to ask — a tidal wave of
an orgasm consumes me. . oh god-in-heaven…
and you continue with the vibrator!
Do you want your Dom..do you want me?
=Yes, Sir !=
Do you love your Dom.. do you love me ?
==Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir ! ==


●Here I Am                                                                                                   10Dec10

You hold an enormous power, Sir.
I am totally and most willingly under your control..as it should be.
At your command I am stripped naked and have assumed the position on the wall,  not permitted   to move. You stand before me, slowly and deliberately removing your clothes, then caressing your cock, never breaking your stare.

‘Tell me why you are here now, naked before me. If what you say pleases or amuses me, you may receive the restraints  you desire so much.  It is now  a privilege to be earned, as with the others.’

‘Thank you Sir. I stand naked before you because I am your fucktoy, your property.  My desire is that you use me any way you wish, for your pleasure. I am here only to  please you. I am here to service you, Sir …’

You like that and reward me by locking my ankles to the spreader bar.

‘I am here because  I want to make you happy, in  whatever  ways  I may. If you will be happy in spanking my ass, it is yours.  If you are happy to fuck   my ass, I offer it gladly.  It is yours to take by right anyway but I want  you  to use it to pleasure yourself  as you desire. If you want to fuck my throat, I offer it happily. I am here only to please and  serve you, Sir.’

Your face is now inches from mine..

‘I am here because I want your Cock.  I need your Cock, Sir. I need  it to use me and fuck me as you take  your pleasure from me. I hope with my whole  heart that I am able to please you to your satisfaction, Sir.’

I feel the beginnings of tears, in the intense purity of my purpose.

‘Be assured that  I will  fuck you and I will  use you. That is your function, slut. Give me your hand.’

You place your pulsing cock into my hand, not breaking eye contact, and  very lightly twirl your finger around  my clit.

I have been so intent with  conveying my heart to you that  I was only vaguely aware of  my body’s increasing arousal and readiness. I instantly succombed to the gift of your touch…totally and thoroughly under your spell…
‘Thank you, Sir!!’

‘Mmmm –that’s my Good Girl !.’
‘Thank you, Sir, thank you.’

‘We’re just getting started..Now open wide and say aaaaahhh–whore’.


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