●On the Wall (fiction)

On The Wall                                                          {an early effort} Feb2010 – for RN                                               

You press your hand to my stomach and push me, my back to the wall, as your knee forces my legs wide. Your other hand goes under my skirt to my ass, trailing it slowly forward along my pussy until it reaches my clit –which you purposely avoid.
Already I am wet down there. You lean in for a kiss…but instead whisper…
‘Fucking Slut.’

With rope ready, you quickly bind my wrists and raise my arms overhead, pressing down with your forearm as your knee grinds my pussy.
‘You are My fucking slut, Mine! ‘ you say, inches from my face, as your other hand squeezes a breast and administers a hard pinch to the nipple.
‘Yes Sir, I am Yours, Sir.’ I am so excited I can barely stand.

Knowing I will not move you leave my arms as they are, over my head, and order me to shut my eyes. You drop down and begin your torment,  circling my clit with your fingers through my panties, but not touching it. You slowly peel off my wet panties to my ankles and your breath is hot on my screaming clit.. .but still you will not touch it. I hate you !

I hear movement, then you raise my skirt to the waist as you move a hand to my ass and  slide a finger inside. At the same time I recognize a familiar sound–the super-powered Extreme Vibrator. You barely touch it to my clit, then immediately back off. I moan loudly, and I think it delights you to put me in such agony !
‘You know what I want to hear – say it! ‘
“Yes Sir, may I have it please, Sir?’
‘What was that again?’
‘Please, Sir… Please will you give it to me.. I beg you, Sir.’
‘That’s better, you whore. Now, what are you?
‘I’m a whore, Sir. Your whore.’
‘Yes, you are, and never forget that.’ You touched the tip of the vibrator to my clit and left it there, as I practically screamed ‘ oh god OhGod’…

‘Does my slut like that ? Does she love what I give her?” 
‘Yes Sir, yes ohgod Thank You, Sir!’
You smiled, although you knew it was exactly what you would hear. You withdrew the vibrator, and waited for the next certain response.

‘Sir, please may I have it, Sir? Please!’
You stand  to  put your face  to mine and say,
‘You’re demanding, so greedy for being a dirty slut, aren’t you?
‘Yes  Sir, I am.  Forgive me please, I am a dirty slut, Sir…’ As I speak you push two fingers into my wet pussy and thrust deep and hard.
“Dirty sluts want this too, don’t they ?”
“Yes, Sir..Yes!…”
“That’s my dirty whore–that’s my Good Girl.’

You know that those words -‘my good girl’- always affect me, and involuntarily my lip begins to quiver slightly. You have seen this reaction before but are always a bit surprized at how true and real is my submission. While understanding that we play a complex ‘game’, it can also transcend into something above that– rooted to the blood and soul. You possess the best qualities that a good Dom must have — responsibility, caring, and affection.
”You’re always my Good Girl’ you say  as you kiss me deeply. The tears are flowing now;  at the same time I’m laughing as you touch my nose to wiggle it.

You stand back to simply take in what is yours–the grown woman of sensibilities, intelligence, and talents, who has surrendered  herself totally to you in trust and affection. The reality of this has your cock hard and huge, bringing more insistence to continuing this scene. You pick up the super- vibrator, buzzing idly all this time and quickly apply it to my clit, so that it comes as a surprize.

‘OhGod Yes, Sir, thank You, yes, Sir’…it is difficult to get the words out as I feel dizzy  with desire to cum, and pure lust for you to fuck me– to be possessed and consumed.

“On your knees, bitch!’ you say as you quickly withdraw the toy. Still I feel on the verge of cumming, with no stimulation.
“Yes, Sir. On my knees to You, Sir’, with no attempt to hide my smile. You are smiling as well as you untie my hands, so that they will be bound again behind my back. You unzip to free that glorious part of you, huge and throbbing, aching for what is to come.

Without being told, I ask. ‘Please Sir, may I have your cock, Sir?’ 
”You’re a good slutty whore today.. you may…”  as you guide it to my open, hungry mouth.
‘Thank you, Sir…’ comes out muffled, since my mouth is now full of cock.

‘Aaaahhh yes, take it deep, baby.. good whore’–but after a short time you withdraw and order me to face the wall.  I am confused- – did I do something wrong?

‘Walk backwards six steps on your knees, then stop.’
I do as instructed, then you say,
‘Face down–Ass up, you whore.’
‘Yes, Sir!’ and quickly obey… I am extremely excited.
‘You’ve been a very good slut, the best whore today, and your efforts shall be rewarded.’
‘Oh thank You, Sir. I want to be the best-ever for You, always.’
 At the moment my last word is spoken, your throbbing cock slides hard and  deep into my burning pussy, as I gasp. It is simply heaven, how good this feels!

‘Because you have been so good today, I have saved my cum for your pussy, since that is your favorite….my sweet little bunny…’ and you pull my head back by my hair, kissing my neck in such a way l feel I am melting. I cannot even speak now; I am overwhelmed in the moment. You slide it long and deep, then almost withdrawing, but holding your position so that I make a whining sound, begging for more.

“Please Sir, give all of it to me, I want it all, Please Sir, please!’
You know exactly how to tease and taunt me until I want to scream for it…
You assert your dominance with a powerful, deep thrust, which you hold–I can feel the head of your cock twitching slightly inside me… and when you apply the vibrator tip to my clit, I do scream, involuntarily.
“Oh my God, oh God Thank You, Sir. Please may I cum for you now, Sir, please, Sir !’
I can barely speak. 

You realize that denying me would be useless, since I have already started to tremble noticeably. Your own release is so near, and you say-
‘Yes..cum for me…’ Immediately it explodes as I call out for you, sending you over the cliff, shooting your hot load deep into me. You arch your back in a total ecstasy as we cum together for what seems forever. .
‘Good Girl!– that’s my best Good Girl!’
‘Thank you… Master’.
o=========o=========o=========o=========o     { for RN-‘first & best’}

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