A Train Ride (fiction)

 A Train Ride . . .. .                                         { “the first” } © 5/09





The morning commute train was packed to capacity. I rode in the last
car, holding the overhead rail for balance as my mind wandered,
directionless. I felt a pressure behind me; someone must be making
his way towards the door. Then again–this time no mistaking it —
there was a hand on my ass! I turned my head to meet the gaze of
a man’s eyes most intense, almost hypnotic. I held his gaze for what
seemed forever but was closer to 15 seconds -volumes were spoken,
and yet unspoken in those seconds.
I turned my head to the front again.

The unspoken promise began to blossom as I felt my skirt being lifted
in a sly manner and immmediately his hand slipped under my panties,
sliding down the valley between my cheeks, to rest on my now damp
pussy. I began to quiver; his hand pressed my arm and he whispered
..”be still”. As I stared straight ahead he pressed on my clit, sliding his
thumb into my pussy as I almost jumped.

Then in one swift motion his cock was suddenly pressed against the
divide of my ass, the tip wet and hot.. I widened my stance a bit to
welcome that throbbing cock into my hot wet pussy. He pressed his
hand harder on my arm partly to steady me, but also to keep me still
and unobvious.

It took all resolve to keep still and quiet, all the while staring ahead
as his cock thrust further and deeper and harder…I ached for it –
craving to push my ass back to grind him! I began to feel dizzy and
squeezed his arm.   I felt my legs weaken as I began to cum,
trembling and shaking. and a heavenly sparkly warmth rushed in me.

At the same time, I felt his hot sweet liquid filling me as his thick cock
jerked violently upwards several times and he moaned a whispered
secret. I felt the thick cum spilling and running down my leg and ass.
We remained still, apparently yet unobserved by other passengers less
than two feet away !

After a few moments his still half-hard cock slid from my pussy; I was still
throbbing madly, concentrating on holding still. I turned my head half-way
around to look at the stranger as he leaned in to kiss me.

I began to gather myself, straightening my skirt and such, when I felt his
hand swiftly move under the back of my skirt again, his fingers going right
to my hot pulsing clit, wet with cum. Again I felt the thick hot cock pressing
on my ass, then lowering, to insistently seek my pussy.

There became a sense of a change, in the way his cock pushed its way
inside me without finesse, as his hands clenched my arms. I was startled
to see the man was now off to one side of me– it was another man now
shoving his cock into me hard and fast! Grunting lowly, he let go of my
arm with one hand, to place it on my abdomen for support as he thrust
forcefully, animal-like..

I was angry at the deception, and annoyed at his lack of finesse, but my
pussy, still alive from the first man, now began to throb harder yet,
involuntarily, as he pressed his thumb into my clit in a grinding motion.
I was helpless now, as the exquisite sharp heat shot through my body
and I shuddered without control..

At the next station I exited the train without looking back.

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